About Lea Schultz

I'm Lea and I channel Samuel, something I'm still amazed about after all of these years. I feel deeply fortunate to do the work I do because I get to be surrounded by people who are choosing to be their best and help this world in whatever way they can. I happily live with my boys, the two human ones—Frank and Stuart, and the one with four legs—Hapi Magic.

The Great American Eclipse: Now What?

A big thank you to Greg Stratton for generously sharing his eclipse photos with us for this post! The eclipse was full of miracles and certainly a day I won’t forget. I believe the biggest miracle was the powerful energy transmission itself surrounding the eclipse. This massive energetic download brought about a change in our [...]

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A Gift For Your Higher Self – Samuel’s Ceremony of Releasing and Claiming

Happy Birthday, Blessed Holidays, and Merry any other reason for a gift! Samuel recently gave us permission to share the statements from his 2017 retreat ritual that have already had a great impact on those who were present. Since they come from the “Releasing and Claiming” portion of his ritual, we don’t have a better [...]

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117 Questions for Knowing Yourself

Knowing yourself from the inside out, makes it easier to flow through life rather than just slog through it day-by-day. This list of questions really works to give you a boost on your journey of self-discovery now or anytime you want to learn more about the direction you want to go, your gifts, talents, relationships, and core beliefs surrounding [...]

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How to Communicate with Crystals

The summer solstice of 2015 brought some big changes into my life, and one of those was the ability to clearly and easily communicate with my crystals. This ability isn’t something available only to a chosen few; I’ve been able to teach many people how to successfully talk to their crystals in order to receive [...]

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