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Sound Healing

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Sun Gazing

Sun Gazing

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You made a point recently that what appears to be a culture war going on in the world is actually a class war. In many ways it seems to be both. In some cases, the middle and poorer classes are actually voting to empower those who would take advantage of them, and not sup-porting those who are most motivated to uplift them. Please help us make sense of these “wars” and the forces driving them.

Well, the first thing that I’d say is, if it made sense it would not be happening, because people would catch on to it and start making changes. But people really don’t seem to be catching on.

Think about when you were a small child—and I put this into a hypothetical scenario since this isn’t accurate for every child—but a sibling or a friend comes over and you have these great toys. You love playing with your toys, and you even have toys that you’ve not played with in a long time because you have so many toys.

But the friend comes over and all of a sudden it’s “These are my toys! I don’t care if I haven’t played with it in a year. This is mine and you cannot have it.” That’s a pretty typical, human kind of thing—a scarcity mindset. “This is mine! It cannot be replaced. It’s all for me.” But whether you have a thousand dollars or a billion dollars, you’ve got to move out of that mindset.

What the humans want to do, be it a message from the ancient evolutionary self or the current self, is say, “This is mine and you can’t have it!” And the capitalistic society, which has ruled this earth for centuries now, says if you have it, you did things right. And if you do not have it, it’s because you’re doing things wrong. So the system is very set up for those who have to be thought of as the “good” and those who have not being the “bad.”

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Samuel says he only reminds us of what we already know, but the tools and insight he has provided over the years have been invaluable to me. The hugest gift I’ve received from Samuel is the reminder that I am not here to be the world’s greatest actor/artist/writer/fill-in-the-blank; I’m not here to be the next Martin Luther King, Jr. or Mother Theresa. I am here to be Source in form, so that no matter what I’m doing, no matter how long or short my to-accomplish list, I have value here. I am adding to the Greater Good by living the Love that I Am. That means, if my acting career finds me waiting tables (as it often has), I still go to work smiling because I know I am touching hearts, as I compacted to do. Every moment is sacred.

Dina S.

Participating in Samuel’s work over the last 20 years has been the most transformative experience of my life. It’s been the perfect method for me to discover, develop and be the best of what I am. I’ve gained the tools necessary for effective leadership, healthy relationships and emotional well-being. I’ve always been able to depend on getting pushed to the next level when I get too comfortable within my understanding of things, which has challenged me in all the right ways to expand my consciousness. I continue to participate in the work, because it gives me an outlet for my loving service and I get to use that service to fulfill my destiny.

Jeanean J.

Samuel has inspired me to explore many aspects of this beautiful life. Though he would say he simply reminds us what we already know, I know his teachings to be wise, resonant with my heart, making brilliant sense, and bringing truly remarkable results!

Susan R.