Awakening Your DNA

Along with the Activation of the twin StarGates of Arkansas and Brazil, Samuel says that a repatterning is occurring that will repattern the planet and all life force on it. As I’ve been thinking about this, Samuel’s Awakening Your DNA exercises come to mind. When Samuel originally gave us these exercises he said they would help activate [...]

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The Great American Eclipse: Now What?

A big thank you to Greg Stratton for generously sharing his eclipse photos with us for this post! The eclipse was full of miracles and certainly a day I won’t forget. I believe the biggest miracle was the powerful energy transmission itself surrounding the eclipse. This massive energetic download brought about a change in our [...]

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Sound Healing: Using the Power of Sound to Help Heal Core Issues [Oh, Ah, Hu]

Sound healing can be a powerful way to help release blockages, attachments, and obstacles in our life. This happens when we put conscious intent behind the sounds we’re experiencing. These might be sounds produced by a Tibetan or crystal singing bowl, a tuning fork, a drum, or our own voice. Samuel has used sound as [...]

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A Gift For Your Higher Self – Samuel’s Ceremony of Releasing and Claiming

Happy Birthday, Blessed Holidays, and Merry any other reason for a gift! Samuel recently gave us permission to share the statements from his 2017 retreat ritual that have already had a great impact on those who were present. Since they come from the “Releasing and Claiming” portion of his ritual, we don’t have a better [...]

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7 Steps to Release Fears and Core Issues

Samuel says fear keeps us from functioning effectively in our world—negatively affecting our relationships, our work, and many other aspects of our lives. In addition, he says fear prevents us from functioning at our highest frequencies and from reaching our potential. So, I want to share about the process of working to release fears and [...]

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Forgiveness: Samuel’s 3 Keys [A Guide to Happiness]

The ability to give and receive forgiveness is critically important to a happy and fulfilled life. In fact, letting go of grudges, resentments, and bitterness leads to feelings of joy and wellbeing. More and more people are realizing this and searching for effective ways of achieving the happiness and freedom that forgiveness can bring. In fact, [...]

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Densities—what does Samuel mean?

Have you been catching Samuel's teachings about and references to the different Densities lately, and wondered what the difference was between a "Density" and a "Dimension?" Maybe I can help with that. Sooooo, I went through my notes from Samuel's Lifescapes teachings as well as his Interviews and Responds in the newsletters in an attempt [...]

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