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Sound Healing

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Sun Gazing

Sun Gazing

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All right, darling, this should be fun.

We’ve had responses to the information in the last newsletter about the nature of reality.

Why do you think?

I think people would like to know whether they have the power to change reality. And whether it can make them better Guardians. One person asked, “What is reality? I see it as a con­struct that is superimposed on a neutral back­ground provided by the five elements and per­ceived through our limitations of understanding brought about by our beliefs, patterns and retained memories. Please comment.”

Well, that’s pretty good. Reality, like plant medicine, is two things. And it depends upon the conversation that I am having with you as to what I’m talking about, so it’s very contextual in that sense.

Reality is what you see when you look around you. It’s the objects you can put labels on. It’s the world as you know it. And the problem is that it is not reality. It’s fully perceptual, so there is that perceptual reality that I don’t really call reality, and then there is the reality of the Spirit self. Spirit is at the top of the mountain, looking down at the physical self, but from a much broader viewpoint. But even that is limited.

For a human, reality is very misunderstood, and there is no “reality.” However, out of the energetic presence of the creator of this universe, the Source Field, there is what your science is beginning to recognize as a consciousness of energetic fields on the quantum level. That is what I would call reality, and its power is the energy between quark and quark, the energy between revolution, movement and stillness. It is presence rather than perception.

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Samuel says he only reminds us of what we already know, but the tools and insight he has provided over the years have been invaluable to me. The hugest gift I’ve received from Samuel is the reminder that I am not here to be the world’s greatest actor/artist/writer/fill-in-the-blank; I’m not here to be the next Martin Luther King, Jr. or Mother Theresa. I am here to be Source in form, so that no matter what I’m doing, no matter how long or short my to-accomplish list, I have value here. I am adding to the Greater Good by living the Love that I Am. That means, if my acting career finds me waiting tables (as it often has), I still go to work smiling because I know I am touching hearts, as I compacted to do. Every moment is sacred.

Dina S.

Participating in Samuel’s work over the last 20 years has been the most transformative experience of my life. It’s been the perfect method for me to discover, develop and be the best of what I am. I’ve gained the tools necessary for effective leadership, healthy relationships and emotional well-being. I’ve always been able to depend on getting pushed to the next level when I get too comfortable within my understanding of things, which has challenged me in all the right ways to expand my consciousness. I continue to participate in the work, because it gives me an outlet for my loving service and I get to use that service to fulfill my destiny.

Jeanean J.

Samuel has inspired me to explore many aspects of this beautiful life. Though he would say he simply reminds us what we already know, I know his teachings to be wise, resonant with my heart, making brilliant sense, and bringing truly remarkable results!

Susan R.