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This Season’s Four Lights Of Hope

December 3, 1995

The Festival of Light, Hanukkah, and the Christmas Star are celebrated around the planet during this season of recognizing light. But what’s the fourth light of hope? You! In this teaching, Samuel discusses each of these celebrations and explains its significance as it relates to the Light of Hope. Samuel’s holiday message is truly a gift for all of us as we celebrate the holiday season, and any other time of the year, as he encourages us to “claim the light you are—shine!”

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Don’t Be A Turkey This Season/Life

November 5, 1995

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Acts Make The Big Difference

October 1, 1995

In this truly inspirational teaching, Samuel likens the life-force of the planet to a newly born baby or a recently sick friend who needs our specific acts of love and kindness to grow stronger and more whole. “Look for ways to extend and give of yourself,” he prescribes, because each small act of love, unexpected and freely given, not only creates love in our lives but in the very heart of the planet itself—it changes the world! Samuel tells you how you can easily make a big difference!

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Personal Empowerment Heals The Planet

September 3, 1995

Samuel tells us we don’t have what we want in our lives for two reasons: we don’t know what we want, and we don’t feel we deserve what we do want. It’s only by accepting and then using our power and knowing we deserve its rewards that we can empower ourselves and heal the planet. Samuel used this meeting to urgently stress the need to work consciously to help heal the planet and those on it. By healing ourselves, by accepting the responsibility and the gift of our personal power, we can make a difference for others and for the planet—and that difference is desperately needed.

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The Importance Of Being In The World

August 6, 1995

One of the easiest things for us to neglect as we work to fulfill our spiritual potential is the need to be fully function-ing in the world. During this meeting Samuel stresses that we are here to serve the planet and those on it by being examples, risking and stretching so that others may take courage and follow. This is a powerful pep-talk from Samuel’s world-view.

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Questions And Answers

July 2, 1995

Accepting and claiming your power is the underlying theme of this evening of questions and answers with Samuel. Topics include threshold magic, portals and the effect of Earth’s realignment, Atlantean/Celtic sympathetic magic, toning, dreams as tools for growth, sacred service and much more.

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The ABCs Of Being Happy

May 21, 1995

Happiness can be as simple as ABC if you’re following Samuel’s teachings of life-long joy. In a remarkably concise lesson filled with laughter and love, Samuel teaches three keys that guarantee a “deep, heart-felt sense of completion that comes from doing what you enjoy.”

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From Cocoon To Empowerment

May 7, 1995

“Change requires action—not words.” As the planet experiences the powerful spiritual energy of change, humanity’s reaction is to fall back into a security mode. The challenge now becomes one of resisting the desire to “cocoon” ourselves away from the rest of the world. In this teaching Samuel encourages us to take action; he stresses the importance of reaching out to others with love and living a life that reflects our power.

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Jesus’ Final Teachings

April 2, 1995

Gain a deeper understanding of Jesus’ final days and experience his profound and masterful teachings in a new way. Learn more about this magnificent life of love, service, sacrifice and glory as Samuel shares his unique perspective of the events leading to the death and resurrection of the Christ.

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Healing The Rigid Heart

March 5, 1995

“Love is flexible.” One of the greatest healings you can offer yourself and the planet is the healing of the “dis-ease” of a rigid heart. Learn how you can become an example to others of a new way of thinking, an example of flexibility.

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’95 Portal Preparation Diet And Exercise

February 5, 1995

Give a gift of love to yourself and the planet by recreating your physical, mental and spiritual self. In preparation for the opening of seven major portals during the year, Samuel gives specific directions for the ritualistic observance of these gateways and reinstates the Warrior discipline for diet and exercise.

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Golf, A Metaphor For Life

January 1, 1995

Using the game of golf as a metaphor for the life experience, Samuel delights us with an amusing and enlightening look at life on Earth from the perspective of spirit. He gently teases as he reminds us that life is a game that takes practice to master, but is also one to be enjoyed and experienced to the fullest. Fore!

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How To Cope With The Holidays

December 4, 1994

Once again we are challenged to examine our feelings about the holiday season. Is it a time of love and joy or a time of feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do? If you are feeling the pressure of time and family or obligatory giving, you can choose this year to make a change, a gift to yourself that will allow you to experience the season in a way that is meaningful for you. Samuel offers some innovative communication and organization techniques that can help facilitate that change in the most effective and loving way.

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How To Live A Life You Will Be Thankful For

November 6, 1994

Samuel gives specific physical, mental and spiritual exercises that help you take charge of your life, allowing you to be “all you truly are” in your day-to-day living.

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How To Grow Friends

October 2, 1994

This teaching is for anyone who wants to learn how to move beyond mere acquaintances to meaningful friendships. Samuel explains how, as adults, we isolate ourselves, afraid to risk having deep, meaningful friendships. He teaches us how to create true friends by incorporating the easy-to-follow techniques children use to make friends. He metaphorically reminds us how to grow long-lasting friendships by nurturing them as we would nurture a growing plant.

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