At the June 6, 2020, Weekend Update with Samuel, he suggested Guardians give themselves a few minutes daily the next couple weeks to do this meditation/visualization. This was from Phoenix Institute Atlanta’s June Full Moon ritual written by Nancy Petersen. Thank you, Nancy for this beautiful intent!

June 5, 2020 Full Moon Intent

Close your eyes and settle yourself comfortably. Breathe in deeply and quietly, bringing fresh, warm air in through your nose and letting it circulate through your lungs and body; then breathe it out gently, letting any tension flow out with the breath.

Repeat this deep cleansing breath in; and on the out breath, let any worries or fears leave your body. Let your stomach relax, let your shoulders lower and your brows smooth. Focus in your heart and release the cares of the day.

Take one more deep breath, filling your body with comfort and peace, and breathe out with a smile, accepting the love you are and thinking of all the joy in your life.

Now center yourself, set your double anchors, and claim that you are now fully and intentionally present for this work.

Do a merging heart tone for 3 breaths with the intent to unite our loving hearts and shining spirits with each other in the Oneness we are, ever have been, and forever will be.

Our intent is to unite as Guardians to gather the energy that is flowing to earth at this time and direct it into peaceful, loving change in this world. We focus on releasing the fearfulness of ego and bringing clarity, wisdom, right use of power, and creativity in positive engagement with people of all perspectives and backgrounds to resolve our issues and live in harmony.

Now close your eyes and focus on the Love you are and see your own light beating with your heart, centering in your heart and growing brighter, then pulsing and glowing throughout your body. See it growing beyond your body as a golden mist, merging with the other Guardians doing this work. See us united as a glowing, pulsing light of Source energy as we drift up into space and see the earth below us.

See our shining light surrounding the planet, raining down love and abundance to the people of the earth, bringing clarity and courage and amplifying our loving frequencies to unite all in harmony. See our loving energy saturating the people, the plants, the animals, the minerals, soaking into the Earth herself to unite all in the great Oneness and Love that we are. See the light pulsing radiantly throughout all living things until all are embraced in the Love and Unity of the One.

And now open your eyes, slowly and gently. As we come back to this place and time, we claim that all the love and unity we have envisioned here is made manifest for the very best and highest good of the Plan, the Planet, and all life force upon her.

And we seal it by saying… “So Be It, So Be It, So Be It!

Prefer to listen to the visualization?

Our friend Saeeda Hafiz narrated this meditation for those who find it easier to listen rather than read it.