Occasionally Samuel feels the need to pass along information that he feels we’ll need “between visits,” and that results in emails/posts in like this. This is sort of a continuation of his first-Sunday of January discussion about what we’d be seeing in 2021.

I believe this will be a magnificent year—with some hiccups here and there that we can prepare for with this information. I hope it encourages you as it did me.

2021, Samuel said, is going to be a year of clashes, releases, and challenges. We like our safe box of life-as-we-know-it, and are often uncomfortable when there are new rules—or the rules are thrown out altogether—but throwing out the rule book is going to be the crux of 2021.

We’ll be regularly faced with choices that the polarities of change bring: multiple opportunities to learn how to navigate between the old, practical, and conservative (safe) ways to think, act, and do, or the new, unfettered, awakened, and perhaps shocking changes showing up in our new world. For each of us, our choices will be made based on the individual timeline journey we’re living, and the frequencies we consistently fall back on as we experience our daily lives. Is one better than the other? No. And therefore, there should be no judgment to the paths others are taking as they work their own process.

Think about this image: what would it be like bringing your grandmother to a giant rave? (I had no idea Samuel even knew what a rave was!) You might end up pleasantly surprised, or you might really regret that decision. Either way, you have to know more than
what you, alone, want and like, you have to think about your grandmother and what she might like, too if you’re looking for the best possible experience at the party.

During 2021 we’ll be dealing with the tail-ends of karma, core issues, and projects left undone from 2020 (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually). Over the next few months opportunities will come up as a last chance to make these things right, whatever that will mean to each of us individually.

As you can imagine, there will be some serious clashes with authority as old societal structures continue to crumble. Those who prefer the “old rules” (likely more to do with political and societal change) will continue to fight for their comfort—because what is known is sometimes better than the unknown, even if the unknown has been shown to work better. Samuel calls that stupid human tricks—and unfortunately we all fall prey to them now and again. But divisions and divisiveness are likely to (continue to) be uncomfortable as societal issues, such as racial equity and healing become crisis issues.

As a whole, change will continue in all of the areas Samuel focused on in 2020, including education, finance, law, commerce, and health care. We’ll begin to see some early fruition in 2021 in the areas that help bring about the needed racist paradigm change. This is good.

Samuel always warns us about being our best with communication, and in 2021, as always, it’s important to be aware that there can and likely will be confusing (he isn’t saying bad or good, but confusing) communication issues (insert mercury in retrograde joke here ☺) leading up to each of the three major change points Samuel spoke about (mid-February, June, and December 2021). Pay careful attention to legal contracts (spoken or written) you make, and work to be really clear in your electronic communications in the early parts of each of these these months (February, June, and December).

On the other hand, and hopefully for you, these same challenging times COULD be easily moved through without much issue. It will depend on (1) your choice to be in your now, function intentionally; and (2) how willing you are to let go of what isn’t needed, what isn’t your truest Self, and replace it with your Spirit-led, new Self. That is the vital key to 2021

Samuel’s big phrase in his message to me (for you) was that this “new world needs a new you.”

I would imagine that much of this could sound scary or make you anxious, but remember that it needn’t be hard! In fact, personal relationships are likely to shine this year. The Divine Feminine will be working within every energy download, and the wounded masculine will grow less and less strong in our world IF we (just) consciously allow that in our lives and work toward it in our world.

Look at your successes and put your house—your day-to-day life—in order so there aren’t loose-ends, karma, and core issues haunting you. Be sure you’re clear in all your communications. Put Love first. Don’t fall into old patterns just because they’re comfortable. Put your toe into the whirlpool of “new” (or just dive right in!) and see what happens—the world just might not stop spinning just because you’ve set some boundaries, or are looking at things a new way. You won’t know if you don’t try.

Be in this moment—there isn’t anything in the past or future that is of any help. Lean on the timeless mastery from your Highest Self who has already experienced 2021 and is sitting back with Samuel chuckling at the human experience!

You have the soul of a pioneer, a warrior of the Light, a magical Being of Love and Light and magnificent power, and this year can bring out your best you ever! Choose that.

With great Love,
Lea (Stuart and Frank)