Samuel, Black-ish, Google, & True Allyship

I recently watched season 7, episode 10 of “Black-ish,” a comedy on ABC created and produced by Kenya Barris. The show centers on a Black family, led by Andre (Dre) and Rainbow (Bow) Johnson, living in the white suburbs of LA. I love the show, Black-ish, because it addresses the serious issues of inequality a […]

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A 2021 message from Samuel

Occasionally Samuel feels the need to pass along information that he feels we’ll need “between visits,” and that results in emails/posts in like this. This is sort of a continuation of his first-Sunday of January discussion about what we’d be seeing in 2021. I believe this will be a magnificent year—with some hiccups here and […]

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Paradigm Change, One White Person at a Time

When George W. Bush put US soldiers in Iraq, I joined thousands of people and marched in Washington DC against the war. I’ve honked in solidarity with pickets, and supported multiple different protests. I was a good, liberal white person, like so many of my friends. I thought of myself as open-minded. I mean, how […]

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7 Ways to Grow Spiritually

With all that has been going on over the last few months, our spiritual connections are more important than ever. When those spiritual connections involve knowing more about incoming energy transmissions for the rest of this year and into 2019, then it’s vital to be “in the know.” That’s what this post is for—letting you […]

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The 2018 Group Trips with Samuel

Travel is known to be one of the best ways to learn about our world and ourselves. In 2018 EarthLight is offering two opportunities for travel with Samuel that will give you that and more! A June trip to South America’s Lake Titicaca will bring the opportunity to activate a powerful solar StarGate, and the […]

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