EarthLight’s mission is simple: to share Samuel’s teachings and to be our best high-frequency Beings consciously Living Love while we do that. But while our mission is simple, our world is not; we can’t pretend the injustice, hatred, and multitude of imbalances in the world will suddenly be healed and whole as a result of making Samuel’s work available to the world. That’s a reality.

The US is where we live, and our country is bound to a system of ideologies that promotes the old systems of inequality/inequity and shows up in every layer of society.

We see serious and consistent problems with inequality/inequity and unjust functions, beliefs, and behaviors—both conscious and unconscious—particularly in those areas in which racial inequality shows up the most—criminal justice, education, corporate consciousness, finance, housing, and health care.

Clearly EarthLight can’t “fix” any of these things by ourselves. What we can do is share Samuel’s teachings that are focused on helping re-empower individuals and recognize ways in which, together, we can change these long-standing and outmoded paradigms to bring positive changes to our nation and our world.

We are striving to change our language, our programs, and our behaviors in ways that will be more effective in our Love-based desires for world change, particularly as it relates to the accelerated spiritual evolution of humanity from a fear-based, power-over society to a love-based, power-with society.