Beloved friends,

Blessings and love to you on this beautiful summer day. I hope you’re feeling the Love you are now, have always been, and will forever be!

Today, Tuesday the 16th, is the second of two eclipses in the month of July (a solar on the 2nd and today’s partial lunar eclipse) that Samuel spoke about during his recent July first-Sunday meeting in Lexington. Samuel said this partial lunar eclipse finalizes a unique energy bridge (he also called it an energy bridge or gateway—and no, this is the not the same as the eclipse gateway of 2017) that we will all be feeling the effects of up until the September 20 equinox. I’ve felt the need to send out more information about the current energies coming across this energy bridge, or gateway, because it will be touching your, and everyone else’s life.

The solar eclipse of July 2 (seen mainly in the south Pacific and South America) began building this gateway, and with it came energy toward action. You might have responded to the energy with a need to get old projects finished and new projects started. At Phoenix Institute’s recent discussion of the first-Sunday teachings several people said they found themselves completing old projects, such as cleaning out closets, or finally getting the push to do things they’d been putting off for whatever reason. Samuel’s teachings about the need to DO, rather than BE come to mind.

The downside of energy toward ACTION, Samuel reminded us at the July first-Sunday, is that we have to watch our patience levels. We will see our patience issues come up, but we’ll also see others’ patience issues come up. When people are impatient, sometimes poor behaviors show up—we react rather than respond. And knowing what the shape, so to speak, of the energy is, we can avoid those reactions in ourselves, and maybe even just plain avoid reactive people, generally for a while. (A real-world example of this could be our President’s most recent twitter activity that included racist comments and then bullying behavior when he got a poor reaction to his statements…and I’m saying all of that very kindly!)

Another thing that sometimes comes up when the energy is about DO-ing is our relationships change, sometimes in unexpected ways–or perhaps “out of routine” says it better—ways. YOU are experiencing the desire to ACT, to DO and those in your life who are put out, bothered by, or who don’t feel they measure up to your (likely perceived) “expectations” of them may become unhappy, dissatisfied with the “new” relationship, and unwilling to continue it. Samuel said we’d see changes at the least, and unexpected endings were possible.

The other side of that challenge is (1) change is good, right?, and (2) sometimes we’ve been holding on to old relationships that aren’t feeding us and/or are out of balance and in dire need of change. Be ready for this! Samuel reminded us at the first-Sunday to make sure we were surrounded with positive, uplifting, love-filled relationships that reflect who we are NOW, and to remember that a relationship should be balanced in the giving and receiving (in the long-term). Take a look at all the different sort of relationships you have and see if they’re a good reflection of what you want to grow within yourself, and if they’re not, look at, first, if YOU are the one that needs to change, and second, if it isn’t you, if you need to be in that relationship. Sometimes we do (such as a job we can’t leave or a family relationship we’re bound to), and if that’s the case, be sure the REST of your life is feeding you in positive ways so that the relationship you can’t do something about is only a tiny slice of your whole love-filled, positive life. Yes, sometimes that’s easier said than done, but because this is a time of action we can make the needed changes more easily now than ever before!

The energy bridge doesn’t JUST send energy that translates to action, though, it is also opening the doors to healing past wounds in some very big ways. Past wounds? You know, those core issues we’ve been dealing with for the last few years—those are old wounds to our psyche, and sometimes to our Spirit if they’ve gone on so long that we identify them as a permanent part of our nature (which happens, sometimes). During times of healing, Samuel said, we need to review and rebuild. I don’t know about you, but for me, that requires slowing down the impetus to act in order to give myself some time to RELAX and REFLECT.

Personally, I can’t review if I don’t slow my brain down now and again so I CAN review and rebuild! If you function that way, too, then be sure to set time aside daily for quiet time—no thinking about how to solve the world’s problems (or your own), just basking in the Light of Love for a few minutes, remembering you are Whole, Light-filled, Love-filled, a wonder-full Guardian who has chosen to be here NOW to spread your Loving Light.

If it’s any help, here’s my process for using a bit of quiet time:

I start with just quieting myself and focusing on my breath for just a breath or two.

I visualize Samuel’s “beach ball of Light” as we’ve been calling it—a brightly shining beach-ball-sized ball of Light energy that is going to go through my body from the top of my head out through the bottom of my feet to the center of the earth, effectively grounding me into the heart of the earth. I’ll do that Light clearing a total of three times.

Next I visualize my heart as a ball of Light that expands slowly throughout my body until every cell of my being is lit-up inside and outside, so that, in my mind’s eye, I am glowing. If they’re not already open, I’ll open my hands and visualize Light pouring out of my palms and out into the world.

Finally, I see my location (be it my room or the doctor’s waiting room or wherever I am) filling with that outpouring of Light, and the Light continuing to spread out from there to cover the city, state, country, and eventually the world.

I take a deep breath and anchor the thought that the world is filled with the Light of Love, everywhere I go and everyone and everything I see is a function of the Light of Love. Sometimes I end with saying out loud, “Love wins.”

(BTW, that is called “meditation.” See? It isn’t so hard!)

While my mind is focusing on that loving Light, my Spirit is open to high-frequency energy, my stress levels abate, my brain clears from the constant chatter that comes with living in this world. The power of this quiet time is cumulative, so do it when you want to, do it when you don’t want to, do it until you want to!  It makes a huge difference in my day, and I hope you find it helpful, too. Let me know!

We’re now mid-month and the energy bridge is fully activated, which means all the energy is flowing strongly, and that means everything that was just starting up—the need to act, to be patient with yourself and the world, to be ready for changes in relationships, the need to step back and look at your life, all of those things (and their off-spring) will be felt more strongly. You were just warming up to the energy in the first two weeks, now it will be showing up en masse. Yay? I think the expression is, “forewarned is forearmed.”

And to put the cherry on top, there’s a little more: You are going to begin seeing people’s secondary reactions to the primary energy of the gateway, and while I hope you are not personally touched by any of these reactive behaviors, because it is possible you will be, I am going to spell out some of the typical behaviors you may need to guard against, ignore, heal, or otherwise deal with. Notice and then avoid gossip that might pull you into a negative space; don’t fall prey to rumors (particularly in the financial sectors where many of us still have bits of clinging fear) and instead seek the truth behind rumors, check out the facts; be ready for people to seek recognition at any cost—be proactive, just give the accolades, the notice, the limelight they need so you’re out of the way of a speeding ego; and pay attention to power dynamics in relationships as people seek to show their newfound strength, or try to hide their newly realized weaknesses—both can lead to skewed interconnections.

And through this month—and actually all the way to the September 20 equinox, remember that you see these any and all of these positive and, yes, negative things because a part of you relates—so if you’re seeing negative behaviors around you, look first within and “clean your own house first.” BTW, when you start cleaning, remember to do it with Love. You’re uncovering old fear-based security reactions, and they’re only ever truly cleaned out with huge doses of self Love. You are the Living Light of Source in this world, and nothing shines more brightly than your truest Self. Shine on, baby!

Last thought: an energy bridge means the veil between the human and Spirit is much thinner. Several things happen at times like this: people, animals, plants—life ready to make an exit will do it now. Expect to say goodbye more than you might wish to in the next couple of months; communication with those who have transitioned out of this world is easier, as well as communication with your Higher Self/Spirit self should be easier, too; and pay attention to your dreams during these weeks because dream school happens and you’ll be more likely to remember those real dreams. Your dreams are a gateway to communicating with yourself about all that is going on around you, and what you remember of them, what sticks with you, is the symbolic elements your brain translated out of the energy work to make it understandable in your day-to-day life. Pay attention to those dreams! Let me know if you need primer on dreams and if enough people want that, I’ll put out a short reminder of Samuel’s teachings about dreams.

I hope you find these next few weeks some of the best and most exciting of your life. Remember that every day you are building a world of Light and Love out of the ashes of earth’s Third Density, fear-based past. Everything you do either adds to the Love in the world, or adds to the fear in the world. Choose Love, and Love All, Always!

Blessings, love, miracles, magic, and FUN!