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Spring 2022

All right, darling, this should be fun.

Why do you think?

I think people would like to know whether they have the power to change reality. And whether it can make them better Guardians. One person asked, “What is reality? I see it as a con­struct that is superimposed on a neutral back­ground provided by the five elements and per­ceived through our limitations of understanding brought about by our beliefs, patterns and retained memories. Please comment.”

Well, that’s pretty good. Reality, like plant medicine, is two things. And it depends upon the conversation that I am having with you as to what I’m talking about, so it’s very contextual in that sense.

Reality is what you see when you look around you. It’s the objects you can put labels on. It’s the world as you know it. And the problem is that it is not reality. It’s fully perceptual, so there is that perceptual reality that I don’t really call reality, and then there is the reality of the Spirit self. Spirit is at the top of the mountain, looking down at the physical self, but from a much broader viewpoint. But even that is limited.

For a human, reality is very misunderstood, and there is no “reality.” However, out of the energetic presence of the creator of this universe, the Source Field, there is what your science is beginning to recognize as a consciousness of energetic fields on the quantum level. That is what I would call reality, and its power is the energy between quark and quark, the energy between revolution, movement and stillness. It is presence rather than perception.

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