With all that has been going on over the last few months, our spiritual connections are more important than ever. When those spiritual connections involve knowing more about incoming energy transmissions for the rest of this year and into 2019, then it’s vital to be “in the know.” That’s what this post is for—letting you know what events are coming up with Samuel—so get your calendars out to add these dates!

1. Remember that on the first Sunday of each month Phoenix Institute/Lexington hosts Samuel’s free first-Sunday meeting. If you don’t live in the Lexington area, then check out the free streaming of the meeting (thank you Phoenix!) You can find out more here: http://discoversamuel.com/webcasts/

2. In November, pack your bag and head to Los Angeles for a very special event with Samuel on November 11. Get out of the rain and chill and into the sunlight and warmth to join Samuel as he plans to discuss overcoming our blocks to the destiny we’re meant to have, using latent DNA patterns to amplify your energy in the world, and using the energy coming to the planet now to help create a spiritual revolution—absolutely perfect for NOW! PLUS, attendees will be given a coupon code worth $30 toward downloading any MP3 of Samuel’s teachings in our shop! To register and more information click this link: http://discoversamuel.com/event/los-angeles-lifescapes/

3. Don’t miss Samuel’s always-special Festival of Light event on December 18 in Lexington at Phoenix Institute. Celebrate the Light you are in this world with Samuel! For more information click this link: http://discoversamuel.com/event/festival-of-light/

4. So many of us feel that December’s crowning event with Samuel is his magical high ritual at Phoenix Institute/Lexington’s New Year’s Eve celebration, December 31, 2018. For more information click this link: http://discoversamuel.com/event/new-years-eve-2019/

5. Springtime’s new beginnings are always beautiful in Kentucky, which is just one of the reasons why Samuel’s Retreat, April 18-21, will be so special. Four days of intense teachings with Samuel balanced by the love and laughter of a true spiritual community are the perfect way to give your heart, mind, and Spirit the boost needed to move forward into the summer.

6. The chance to finally return to Scotland with Samuel comes up in September as Samuel leads the 2019 large-group trip to Scotland, including England’s Avebury Stone Circles. If you missed his Guatemala, Arkansas, or Bolivia trips, you’ve not experienced the transformative energy of opening a StarGate. It’s like no other experience—it changes you and stays with you. This trip will involve Reactivating the Dragon StarGate at the Avebury stone circles in England, as well as, a chance to work with at least one other StarGate in Scotland! Can you imagine the fun of having Samuel as your Scottish tour guide? 😉 This will be a “don’t-miss opportunity” to experience Scotland with Samuel! Keep an eye on the website for more information.

7. And don’t forget the 2019 Lifescapes events with Samuel for Atlanta, Lexington, and Pittsburgh. These deliberately inexpensive, half-day teachings are the perfect balance of Samuel’s wisdom, humor, and heart—make plans to attend all of them because they’re all different. The first set of Lifescapes of 2019 will be: Atlanta—Jan. 19, Pittsburgh—Feb. 9, Lexington—Feb. 23.

And that doesn’t cover any special events that Samuel may have in store for us in 2019, which looks to be a momentous year. Keep in touch with us through our website, DiscoverSamuel.com for information about these scheduled, and any currently-unscheduled events with Samuel that come up!

May you always feel as special, loved, and blessed as you are! We love and appreciate you and are grateful for your support of Samuel’s work. Together we change the world!

Loving you all, always and all ways!
Lea, Stuart, and Frank