Smudging is a quick and easy tool for purifying a physical space through a conscious act of love. The space will feel lighter and fresher when the smudging is completed. You’ll need ONE of the following: a lit stick of sandalwood or amber incense salt that can be sprinkled (though we suggest you don’t sprinkle […]

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Star Weaving

This is the updated version of Samuel’s StarWeaving exercise. This powerful activity is designed for group work, but can be used virtually (with planning), or as a great visualization for an individual. The “I AM” affirmations and Light anchoring visualization are designed by Samuel to activate your Entity through the multidimensional qualities of the Spirit […]

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Dreaming: How to Remember Your Dreams

Part 2 of 2

“I had the most wonderful dream last night!” “What do you think this dream means?” “I had a nightmare.” What is it about dreams that make them the topic of so much thought and conversation, including conversations people have had with Samuel over the years? In part-two of this blog post I’m going to condense […]

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Sun Gazing—Bonding with the Sun

During Samuel’s July Sunday night meeting he commented that since the Activation of Bolivia’s Solar StarGate our experience of sun gazing would be different than it was before the Solar StarGate was made active. Because of that we wanted to share with you the Sun Gazing exercise that Samuel gave the group several years ago. […]

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