During Samuel’s July Sunday night meeting he commented that since the Activation of Bolivia’s Solar StarGate our experience of sun gazing would be different than it was before the Solar StarGate was made active. Because of that we wanted to share with you the Sun Gazing exercise that Samuel gave the group several years ago. (And thanks to Tina for originally getting the transcript of this teaching started all those years ago. Thanks, and blessings to you, dear Tina!) Have fun, be safe, and enjoy!

Frank, Lea, and Stuart

Want more energy? A sense of deep peace and joy? A bonding relationship with the living presence of the sun? If so, then this tool from Samuel is for you.

For millennia spiritual seekers have practiced sun gazing as a way to connect with the life-giving energy of the sun. Now you can safely reap the many benefits of this ancient practice through this easy step-by-step exercise.

The following is the basic information for Samuel’s “Bonding with the Sun” exercise. Though this exercise can successfully be done by following the information below, Samuel prefers those beginning this practice be mentored through the process by someone who is already successfully practicing it. If you live outside of the three main cities of Samuel’s work, consider posting your request for a sun-gazing mentor on OneHeart. (If you’re not part of OneHeart, you can subscribe here: https://oneheart.phoenixinstitute.org/)

When to do this exercise:

This is very important: the ideal time for doing this exercise is at sunrise or sunset. There is, however, a short window of time after the sun rises and before it sets, in which it is safe to do this exercise. Please do this exercise no more than two hours after the sun’s rising, or no earlier than two hours before the sun’s setting. Remember, ideally, you should be doing the exercise when the sun is rising or when the sun is setting (and not both times).

Preparing to Sun Gaze

It’s good, whenever possible, to do this exercise with bare feet so that your feet are directly touching the ground. If you find it’s too cold or wet out to do be barefoot, or the situation won’t allow you to be barefoot, then wear your shoes; however, as often as possible, do this exercise standing on the earth with your bare feet.

Additionally, do not wear either contact lenses or glasses while doing this exercise! This exercise is for your natural eyes only. Do not prop glasses on your nose and look over them because the lenses can amplify the sun’s rays creating eye damage that sun gazing would not cause you.

Finally, before you begin, please be sure to read through this whole exercise at least once so that you are fully aware of each step before you act. Samuel’s sun gazing, as he gives it, is a very safe practice that has had wonderful physical, mental and spiritual results for practitioners; however, if done incorrectly, for instance, without regard to time of day, or neglecting to work slowly inward toward the sun itself, you could damage your sensitive eyes.

  1. Stand facing the rising or setting sun with your feet planted firmly on the ground, feeling yourself grounded on the earth.
  2. Set your double anchors (imagine that you are connected, anchored, by a white cord of light from your heart to Vesta Helios (our sun), the brightest star in the night sky, and also that you are connected, anchored, by a white light coming from your heart and going down to the very center of the earth. See both of those connections as two-way so that you are sending energy out on the light beams, and energy is returning back to you on the light beams).
  3. Now, gaze toward the outer edges of the sun’s aura of light as explained below in “Learning to Gaze at the Sun.”
  4. As you are gazing toward the sun, visualize a cord from your heart to the heart of the sun itself. Imagine that your heart is a beautiful flower bud and see it open fully so that your heart is fully open and you are ready to proceed.
  5. Merge with the spirit of our sun.
  6. Ask the spirit of the sun to send you whatever it is that you need.
  7. When you have completed the exercise, thank the sun, and you are finished with the exercise.

Learning to Gaze Toward the Sun

While you are new to this practice, you will NOT be looking directly at the sun. Instead, you will look outside of the sun itself to the farthest area of its immediate aura (which will likely appear to be about two feet away from the circle of the sun itself, based on your perspective on the earth). When you have found the outer reaches of the sun's bright light, let your eyes follow the circle of that radiant light, remembering to keep your focus at least a couple of “feet” AWAY from the sun itself. Allow your eyes to circle the outer aura for approximately ten seconds, and slowly, over a period of time, increase the amount of time that you look at the sun’s aura (and later the sun itself). If you are doing your sun gazing daily, this may be 8-10 days. If you are irregular in the practice it would be much longer.

Over time you will slowly move your circles from the sun’s outer aura to the ball of the sun itself, but this is a slow process. It is taking this slowly that keeps you from damaging your eyes, so please be careful to follow the instructions here!

It may take you quite a while (perhaps weeks) to reach the point at which you are looking directly at the sun itself. When you are eventually able to look directly at the sun, you may only be capable of continuing the circle around the sun for a few seconds. Each day slowly increase the time you are able to look at the sun without causing your eyes to water or hurt in any way until you are able to look at it for a full minute. Don’t be discouraged! Please remember that this exercise is about the journey, not the destination (though the destination has its benefits as well).

It may take months before you have spiraled through the outer aura to the sun itself to the point at which you’re able to look at the sun for a full minute. But throughout the process, you are developing some amazing inner gifts that only develop through time. It’s worth the wait. If at any time during the practice of this exercise you have any of the signs of difficulty mentioned below, stop and try the exercise at a different time.

You may find that this exercise works better for you closer to sunrise, for instance. Gradually you want to be able to look directly at the sun without it
bothering you.

Once you are able to look at the sun for a full minute, and ONLY then, should you begin to s-l-o-w-l-y add a few seconds each time you do the exercise. As for increasing the time, always pay attention to what your body tells you as a guide to whether you are comfortable gazing longer. (Please don’t let your feelings, ego, competitive spirit, fears, or your “gets” mislead you with this.) Even if you feel that you could jump from, say, a minute to a minute and a half, don't do that. Continue adding time slowly and consistently to avoid damaging your eyes. Samuel says that some of the results of this exercise could be a feeling of being less hungry because you are feeling fed from the sun; you may find that you have more energy; you may find that the sense of peace and deep joy that can come from this exercise is addictive, but only do the exercise once a day! But most important, Samuel says, is you are most likely to find that you begin to develop a bond, a deep relationship with the living spirit of the sun. That is ultimately the purpose of the exercise.

Be patient and be careful, and the power, beauty, and deep spiritual fulfillment that can come to you from this exercise will be yours.


It is VERY important that you follow the instructions EXACTLY and that you take the process very slowly. Samuel is very clear that these exercises can be harmful if they are done incorrectly; therefore, it is VITAL you understand the risks, the proper instructions, and that you do everything in your power to do the exercises correctly.

Please be careful with the exercise and stop immediately if you have any of the following reactions: watering eyes, automatic closing of your eyes (due to brightness), an “itchy” feeling in your eyes, or pain in your eyes during or after doing the exercise. You are responsible for your eyesight. There are many spiritual benefits to this practice, according to Samuel, but only you can decide if you wish to take part in it.


Please note, neither EarthLight, Inc. (who presents Samuel), nor Phoenix Institute Atlanta, Inc., Phoenix Institute, Inc. (Lexington), Phoenix Institute/Pittsburgh, Inc., this website, any individual employed by, volunteering with, or associated with any of those organizations, nor anyone working with this site will be held liable for any sort of damages that may occur or be claimed to have occurred by performing the Bonding with the Sun exercise described on this website, even if done correctly.

As stated above, please be careful with the exercise and stop immediately if you have any of the following reactions: watering eyes, automatic closing of your eyes (due to brightness), an “itchy” feeling in your eyes, or pain in your eyes during or after doing the exercise. You are responsible for your eyesight. There are many spiritual benefits to this practice, according to Samuel, but only you can decide if you wish to take part in it.