Practical Tools

Welcome to Samuel’s Practical Tools page. Here you’ll find all the Practical Tools on our website. These are powerful exercises you can do, right now, today, to start bringing more joy and fulfillment to your life.


Samuel says anointing someone who is in the dying process is a gift not only to them, but to you as well, because anointing helps all parties let go. It helps the Spirit release from the physical form, and it helps us release our emotional hold on our dying friend or family member, or even outmoded patterns and memories.

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Awakening Your DNA

These three powerful exercises help us release our frequency seals and eventually allow us shift in and out of the dimensions of form. They give us better access our Source connection and help us connect with creation energy so we can learn to manifest what we need in our day-to-day experience.

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Gold Cord

What can you do if you are having a conflict with someone? That person may be right in front of you or even in a different state or country. It may be a relative or a public figure, like a Prime Minister, Senator or President. You may have just spoken to them or you may be planning to have a conversation and you are concerned it may be difficult. You may feel contradictory feelings like love, anger, hurt, frustration or fear about this person. You may even know the person is troubled or in denial or struggling with something. You may be uncertain or ambivalent how you can actually help this person, which is triggering your own fear reactions. GOLD CORD work can be a way to send positive energy to the other person.

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Samuel tells us that smudging is primarily a work of intent. Through using focused thought (affirming your intent), word (murmuring) and deed (physical action) you bring your loving intent into manifestation. Smudging works in the unseen, but its effects are real and can be felt and responded to even by those who are completely unaware of its having taken place. Smudging can never do harm, because it is based in pure love, joy and wholeness.

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Sound Healing: Oh, Ah, Hu

Oh, AH, HU image

Sound healing can be a powerful way to help release blockages, attachments, and obstacles in our life. This happens when we put conscious intent behind the sounds we’re experiencing. These might be sounds produced by a Tibetan or crystal singing bowl, a tuning fork, a drum, or our own voice.

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Sun Gazing

Want more energy? A sense of deep peace and joy? A bonding relationship with the living presence of the sun? If so, then this tool from Samuel is for you.

For millennia spiritual seekers have practiced sun gazing as a way to connect with the life-giving energy of the sun. Now you can safely reap the many benefits of this ancient practice through this easy step-by-step exercise.

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Samuel’s Tapping technique is a simple, yet powerful way of using our body’s energy system to boost our manifestations.

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