Most beloved friends,

Blessings and love to each of you, every day and in every way!

For those of you who take part in OneHeart, the email digest for letting each other know about energy requests and successes with those requests, then you know that the three of us have had an “interesting” February so far with home repair turning into a nightmare scenario of toxic lead dust throughout our home, evacuating us and our pups to a rental home while repairs can be made. “May you live in interesting times” is, indeed, sometimes a curse! 😉

However, it’s not just Guardians going through multiple challenges, many of you whom I’ve been in contact with as well as people from outside of this spiritual community have been telling me that the last few weeks have been a truly wild ride. We’re all in this together, so I wanted to pass along some information for all of us in hopes that it will make some of this make sense.

Samuel let us know at the start of this year that there would be “massive” energy downloads, like 2019, at the equinoxes and solstices, and then less potent, but still powerful energy directed our way throughout the year. He said that the first couple of months of 2020, January and February, would be about opening doors, making choices, and generally times of strong creation and re-creation energy which would give us opportunities to look within and determine why we want what we want and do what we do.

Additionally, he encouraged us to come out spiritually to the world with our Love and Light, and to “be outrageous” in doing so because anything else wouldn’t be useful in trying to reach others. (Samuel said that everyone is trying so hard to fit in to the herd, so it takes being willing to “stand up and stand out” to be heard.)

The last week or so of January and early February had a lot to do with core issues regarding personal responsibility and self-reliance. Some Guardians find that all of their core issues come down to these two very intertwined life lessons, and if that’s the case for you, you may have had some in-your-face life lessons show up these last few weeks.

For instance, some of us take on too much responsibility, even to the point of taking on someone’s karma because we’ve taken over for them (rescue much?). But the other side of that is those of us who resist responsibility generally, sometimes to the point of slacking off, or blaming others for our messes.

Samuel says that when someone has issues with responsibility it’s sometimes because they don’t find anyone, including their own selves, to be reliable—think about that for a moment, it really fits. You might be able to move through the world without trusting others, but when you’re unable to trust yourself to take care of you and therefore aren’t self-reliant, that creates problems.

If you’re not self-reliant, you’ll judge yourself and others more for failures than successes, and you’ll likely shirk opportunities coming toward you because you neither trust yourself to succeed, nor trust others to support you as you learn and grow. That’s a very hard way for someone to live when their inner being tells them they’re here to help change the world for the better.

Ideally, we can and will resolve our issues with responsibility, self-reliance, balance and integration. Balancing our challenges, for example, with our successes rather than focusing only on the negative. Along those lines, it’s important to integrate good thoughts, habits and people into our daily lives so that we’re surrounded with positivity and less likely to see only the negative in ourselves and, thus, in our lives. And building more trust into our everyday experience is always a helpful and important thing to do for our spiritual growth.

As we move toward the end of the month Samuel says we’ll be experiencing an energy change that will help us relax a little if we allow the energy to flow through us, rather than meeting it with resistance. This fresh energy will be about being more creative, but less in the direction of arts and more in line with creative planning, learning new things, tackling new projects—all things, he says, that due to fear of failure or not trusting ourselves we tend to avoid. It’s time to get out of our old routines and habits and look at new ways to problem solve, recreating something we’ll be happier with and about.

As always, pay attention to your dreams and meditations as they’re a way the Universe can help lead you to your best direction on this sometimes wild journey—dream journal, give yourself quiet time, and LOOK AT and LISTEN TO what you experienced in those dreams and meditations to learn from your Higher Self.

For the three of us, this has a month in which it has felt as though all of our issues—not just the ones about responsibility, reliance, balance, integration and creative thinking—have been tested and, thanks to Samuel’s tools, help, and information about adapting to incoming energy over the years, we’ve felt equipped to work with what has come our way.

So how has this new year been for you? How are you finding the energy so far? What have you been learning about yourself? Leave a comment below and maybe we can help each through the wild ride of 2020!

We love you and are so grateful you’re a part of our work and hearts! May your day be a blessing to you, as it is to others around you!