Paradigm Change, One White Person at a Time

When George W. Bush put US soldiers in Iraq, I joined thousands of people and marched in Washington DC against the war. I’ve honked in solidarity with pickets, and supported multiple different protests. I was a good, liberal white person, like so many of my friends. I thought of myself as open-minded. I mean, how […]

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Intent for Peaceful, Loving, Change

At the June 6, 2020, Weekend Update with Samuel, he suggested Guardians give themselves a few minutes daily the next couple weeks to do this meditation/visualization. This was from Phoenix Institute Atlanta’s June Full Moon ritual written by Nancy Petersen. Thank you, Nancy for this beautiful intent! June 5, 2020 Full Moon Intent Close your […]

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Star Weaving

This is the updated version of Samuel’s StarWeaving exercise. This powerful activity is designed for group work, but can be used virtually (with planning), or as a great visualization for an individual. The “I AM” affirmations and Light anchoring visualization are designed by Samuel to activate your Entity through the multidimensional qualities of the Spirit […]

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This Wild Ride

Most beloved friends, Blessings and love to each of you, every day and in every way! For those of you who take part in OneHeart, the email digest for letting each other know about energy requests and successes with those requests, then you know that the three of us have had an “interesting” February so […]

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2019: The Year of the Watchers

Welcome to a new year! Samuel started 2019 off with a New Year’s Eve event and ritual at Phoenix Institute in Lexington, Kentucky. It was an incredible night full of much energy, love, light, and laughter. Samuel spoke to the group before the ritual reflecting on some of the highs and lows of 2018 before […]

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7 Ways to Grow Spiritually

With all that has been going on over the last few months, our spiritual connections are more important than ever. When those spiritual connections involve knowing more about incoming energy transmissions for the rest of this year and into 2019, then it’s vital to be “in the know.” That’s what this post is for—letting you […]

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A Story of Atlantis—A Labor of Love

Samuel’s storytelling abilities never cease to amaze me. He’s a master bard and weaves so many meaty (vegan, of course) morsels into each tale. This story about Atlantis is from Samuel’s September 2, 2018 meeting at Phoenix Institute. The message is so powerfully important for this time right now that we wanted to share it […]

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