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Stuart is the vice president of EarthLight and lives with his human family, Lea and Frank Schultz, and canine family, Cullen and Finn (standard poodles) in Lexington, KY. He enjoys bringing Samuel's message of unconditional love and personal transformation to the world.

Samuel, Black-ish, Google, & True Allyship

I recently watched season 7, episode 10 of “Black-ish,” a comedy on ABC created and produced by Kenya Barris. The show centers on a Black family, led by Andre (Dre) and Rainbow (Bow) Johnson, living in the white suburbs of LA. I love the show, Black-ish, because it addresses the serious issues of inequality a […]

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2019: The Year of the Watchers

Welcome to a new year! Samuel started 2019 off with a New Year’s Eve event and ritual at Phoenix Institute in Lexington, Kentucky. It was an incredible night full of much energy, love, light, and laughter. Samuel spoke to the group before the ritual reflecting on some of the highs and lows of 2018 before […]

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A Story of Atlantis—A Labor of Love

Samuel’s storytelling abilities never cease to amaze me. He’s a master bard and weaves so many meaty (vegan, of course) morsels into each tale. This story about Atlantis is from Samuel’s September 2, 2018 meeting at Phoenix Institute. The message is so powerfully important for this time right now that we wanted to share it […]

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Forgiveness: Samuel’s 3 Keys [A Guide to Happiness]

The ability to give and receive forgiveness is critically important to a happy and fulfilled life. In fact, letting go of grudges, resentments, and bitterness leads to feelings of joy and wellbeing. More and more people are realizing this and searching for effective ways of achieving the happiness and freedom that forgiveness can bring. In fact, […]

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