• Lifescapes, August 2019

  • Lifescapes

  • Lifescapes

  • “These Lifescapes are about repatterning consciousness from fear to love.”

    Samuel will discuss the three keys to succeeding in spiritual re-patterning are:

    1. recognize and anchor 4th Density from within—ways to see yourself in a new Light;
    2. release patterns of entrained behaviors—ways to know what you want and realize your potential;
    3. restructure the 5 major spiritual blockages—fear, control, anger, contentment, judgment.
  • In these Lifescapes Samuel discusses ways we can prepare for the upcoming density shift, including providing techniques for amplifying our energy field, tuning into and balancing living energy, and accelerating our growth as galactic Guardians.
  • Among other things, Samuel plans to discuss the three specific frequencies that will accelerate our evolution in consciousness, and the patterns of internal and external communication that will create stronger links between the invisible and visible worlds.
  • Entering the Light Bridge

    "2017 is the Year of the Phoenix, a year of growing passion, renewal, and freedom. Many of you will experience a marked rise in your frequency which will create an opportunity to enter and activate a Light Bridge—a permanent doorway between the 5th and 6th densities—in August 2017. "The first step is to clear any fractures in your light body caused by the prolonged shift-energy still coming to earth. his energy is leaving many weary and questioning. To help prepare you for entering the Light Bridge and working on its Activation, I will first teach you how maintain high frequency energy without damaging your core."Samuel logo
  • Revolution Evolution

    Radical change is happening all over your planet You're seeing it everyday in ways large and small. You can see it as a collapse of an old paradigm and simply do nothing or you can be part of creating a new one. It's Revolution! It's Evolution! "The energetic frequencies bombarding the earth are changing the genetic structure of lifeforce itself into a more Light-based structure. You are here to help make ready a world that is no longer based on a manipulated, corporate-driven, consumer oriented lifestyle, but instead on self empowered individuals with a love-based focus. Come to learn how to build a new world."Samuel logo   In this Lifescapes Samuel discusses:
    • Personal and planetary revolution—the evolution of revolution;
    • Energy transmissions reigniting  human evolution through changed genetics and higher frequency life—a revolution in evolution;
    • Moving beyond cultural boundaries through spiritual evolution.
  • “This is a month you will remember for the rest of your life, please be prepared for it,” is Samuel’s start to this meeting focused on the upcoming influx of energy. The topics Samuel discusses include: information about the upcoming energy of enlightenment, wisdom, and inspiration; why the intent of love is more important than ever before as we learn to responsibly use our power; an exercise for identifying the patterns of our love, and what actually makes our relationships work; how to identify and create balanced relationships; the role truth as a function of love will play as a result of these energy transmissions; the choice of responding with love or fear as truth is unveiled; and how Guardians’ behaviors will set the template for what will follow.
  • “Ways to make good change in your life” was Samuel’s focus at this meeting, during which he discussed nine ways to bring about positive change. With lively audience interaction his teachings include: During this discussion he covers 9 ways to bring about positive change including: the different ways past experiences, judgments, beliefs, and impressions limit not only our growth but how we experience life; the role of fear in blame and justification, and how focusing on love and compassionate living changes us and those we interact with; and he gives pointers and tips on practical things we can do to actually make our lives better and more love focused.
  • During this Sunday night meeting Samuel teaches the nature of Transcendent Enlightenment and the ways it effects us, particularly from July through November 2016. He discusses how to best use the current and upcoming energy shifts; the importance of quiet time and the benefits it provides; a visualization to use in order to learn how to be silent and refocus thought; and the three main areas to focus on at time of strong energy transmissions.


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