During the first in this exciting set of Lifescapes Samuel discusses: the importance of understanding the basis of our choices and of knowing our life’s goal; specific steps we can take to change and grow; an extra-dimensional view of the “help” that comes to the planet during times of transition, and what their lives in form are like; what “mastery” really entails; ways to stop attracting the negative into our lives and begin attracting open doors; how free will works in dimensional reality; the role of “the 12s” of Intent, Thought, Word, and Deed in our world, intergalactic and extragalactic space; and how to manifest in our world.

The information in this Lifescapes is amazing! Samuel says he is stressing the importance of balance, but in doing so his discussion includes: using a pie chart as a tool to stay balanced, as well as ways we can find balance; gaining information from other timelines and creating a visualization to do it; how to best use energy coming to the planet; accessing the Spirit you are; understanding our view of reality and moving beyond it; multiple Sources and Universes; and two opposing views of the world that depend on our perspective.

During Samuel’s final Lifescapes of this series his focus is on ways we can increase our spiritual energy, and ways we can help improve the world. Topics discussed include: the difference between creativity and Creatorship, and where we fit in; connecting with our Group of 12; how chemicals (be they medicine or food) effect our energy and how to best use them; the power of intent in our growth; the role suffering plays in our lives; three ways we can change suffering in the world; the power of dark energy; and the origin and expansion of the universe.