Samuel’s focus for this Lifescapes event within his last series of 2019 is about how to be the best we can be, including ways to make the best use of energy transmissions that come to the planet. Topics discussed include: repeating the good experiences in our lives; finding balance day to day; how to use our fear for positive change; tips for interacting with those of opposing political and religious beliefs (including an on-going joke to bring brownies); ways energy transmissions affect our physical and spiritual bodies; why the Spirit might leave a healthy body rather than staying and continuing to live; the energy changes happening near the end of 2019 and what those changes may bring about; and what we really are.

During Samuel’s last Lexington Lifescapes of 2019 his focus, as always, is about teaching us to better live what we are rather than who we are, and preparing us for upcoming energy transmissions. The topics Samuel’s and that are based on questions from the audience include: things to do when the chaos of other’s involves us; the power of living with positivity; the roles Star Gates play; the interaction between free will and “help” from outside of the planet; the compact Guardians have with Samuel; the energy transmission coming at the end of 2019; practical information about fasting for spiritual expansion; a very brief review of the Densities and how personal Density change occurs; and why Scotland feels like home for so many Guardians.

During Samue’s last Lifescapes of 2019 he focuses his teaching on life-changing information that can help us and the planet now! The topics covered include: the extraordinary energy download coming at year’s end that has been building for eons; understanding timelines, timeline shifts, and Samuel’s version of the multiverse; two ways energy transmissions effect the us and the planet; the Flame of Transformation; the earth’s version of “a controlled burn”; ways to turn around a negative situation; the meaning of Ohurhubah and Elan-Ra; and the number one thing that can be done to help the planet survive.