Entering the Light Bridge


“2017 is the Year of the Phoenix, a year of growing passion, renewal, and freedom. Many of you will experience a marked rise in your frequency which will create an opportunity to enter and activate a Light Bridge—a permanent doorway between the 5th and 6th densities—in August 2017.

“The first step is to clear any fractures in your light body caused by the prolonged shift-energy still coming to earth. his energy is leaving many weary and questioning. To help prepare you for entering the Light Bridge and working on its Activation, I will first teach you how maintain high frequency energy without damaging your core.”Samuel logo

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In Samuel’s second of three Lifescapes in his amazing series focusing on the August solar eclipse he says will change the planet (and all life force on it). He says this never-before-experienced event is one we can prepare for in order to make the best use of the energy for ourselves, and the planet. Some of the topics Samuel discusses include: the difference between “dimensions” and “densities”; the cosmic mechanics that make this eclipse and the Light Bridge it will create different from any other; specific actions to take and tools to use to bring about healing the fears that keep us rooted in survival behaviors and locked into the 3rd density; how the initial dichotomy—Source releasing All That Is—haunts our lives; and a gold-cord exercise for oneness and self healing.
In the finale of Samuel’s amazing Lifescapes series centering on the world-changing energy transmissions that will be coming to the earth during the August solar Eclipse, he focuses his teachings on how we can prepare ourselves and the world to make the best use of this event. After beginning with an wonderful visualization for connecting into wholeness and our oneness with Source, he moves on to topics including: the original cosmic dichotomy and how the mental and emotional interpretation of it lead to the origin of fear; a review of the first five densities and how they relate to ego and fear; the torsion point that will be created by the alignment of the spiracle cycles of planets, solar systems, galaxies and the universe that make this eclipse a never-before-experienced event; how fear pervades our lives, can prevent us from entering the Light Bridge and ways overcome them; and the power of working together in unity to solidify fourth density function in the world.
Samuel says the specific cosmic alignments occurring during the August solar eclipse will create an event the planet (and all life force on it) has never before experienced. In this amazing series of Lifescapes, Samuel shares information to help us understand the magnitude of this event, the changes that it will bring about, and how to can prepare ourselves and the world to make the best use of it. Topics Samuel discusses include: frequency densities and how they effect us; the impact the eclipse density shift will have; how to enter the eclipse’s Light Bridge and use all that will be offered by it; ways to heal our old habits, fears, and survival behaviors that will keep us from being at our highest energy during the eclipse.

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