During this exciting Lifescapes Samuel discusses a wide range of topics from those that are personal to those that are planetary with wisdom and humor. Samuel’s discussions include: how to know if it is our lesson or someone else’s when facing a challenging or negative situation; the role “magnetism” plays in the manifestation process; ways to keep a positive flow of love in our lives; the symbolism of numbers, and the messages they bring us; how to avoid anger, judgment, fear, and chaos now and during the coming energy transmissions; the changes occurring with Vesta-Helios, and its changing role; the opportunity for spiritual Ascension available to us now; and, the importance of feeding our love-based timelines rather than the fear-based ones.

In this fun and informative Lifescapes Samuel focuses on topics that are especially relevant to us at this chaotic time. His topics include: why joy, rather than happiness or bliss, will carry us through chaotic times; tools to use when facing core issues, changes that need to be made, or aspects of ourselves that need to be resolved; what Samuel meant when he said the solstice energy was “put-up or shut-up” energy; whether there are beings on the planet that aren’t ensouled, or even aren’t a part of Source; the importance of allowing our beliefs to change; the general nature of energy transmissions; plasma cosmology as it relates to the planet; and why physical issues keep coming up.

During this amazingly informative Lifescapes Samuel’s topics of discussion include: recognizing our patterns of resistance: how they are reflected in the world, and how we can change them; the power of looking for love and positivity in the world; the key to changing timelines; changing others by how we live; a focus to use for bringing healing to the world; how to connect to StarGate power and energy; understanding the three levels of StarGates; why Samuel is here—what his “job is”; determining if a current diet regimen is right for us; the nature of our emotional body and our emotions; the evolutionary path of form from a single cell to the world we live in; why the world has free will and what a world without free will would look like; why animals’ group souls tolerate the abuse of “their” animals, particularly food animals; and, what the future could hold for us and our world.