At Samuel’s Atlanta Lifescapes, his first of 2019, Samuel speaks about bringing balance into our lives through patience and eliminating comparative judgment, before he begins to discuss the importance of creativity and the multiple ways it helps our spiritual growth. He discusses: core issues and how/why they show up; the many faces—and gifts—of creativity; and, additionally, he discusses the importance of forgiveness along as well as special information about our relationship with the Watchers.

During Samuel’s Pittsburgh Lifescapes he focuses on helping us learn that we can change ourselves, our relationships, and our world by learning Creation Mechanics. Samuel discusses: what he means when he refers to “Creators;” ways in which we are a Creator; the four primary rules of Creation Mechanics, and how we can easily follow them; an amazing exercise helping us to manifest, create better connections with others, and make our lives happier and more fulfilled; how it feels when an Ascension shift or a Density shift happens; how our companion animals are affected by incoming energy transmissions; the difference between watchers and Watchers; the critical role Watchers play in guarding the Universal Community from humanity; and how we can love all, always.

In Samuel’s first Lexington Lifescapes of 2019, he focuses on the importance of love and spiritual growth. Samuel specifically talks about harnessing the power of our “now”; during the process of spiritual evolution the difference between being fear-based and having fear; why focusing on where we are in our spiritual growth is a negative use of ego; the difference between “living love” and “loving all” and what they each entail; the meaning of “guiding and guarding life force”; the process for moving from spiritually awake to spiritually active; the role of the planet’s second grid; and why the human experience on earth is the hardest one within the Ascension process.