Revolution Evolution


Radical change is happening all over your planet

You’re seeing it everyday in ways large and small. You can see it as a collapse of an old paradigm and simply do nothing or you can be part of creating a new one.

It’s Revolution! It’s Evolution!

“The energetic frequencies bombarding the earth are changing the genetic structure of lifeforce itself into a more Light-based structure. You are here to help make ready a world that is no longer based on a manipulated, corporate-driven, consumer oriented lifestyle, but instead on self empowered individuals with a love-based focus. Come to learn how to build a new world.”Samuel logo


In this Lifescapes Samuel discusses:

  • Personal and planetary revolution—the evolution of revolution;
  • Energy transmissions reigniting  human evolution through changed genetics and higher frequency life—a revolution in evolution;
  • Moving beyond cultural boundaries through spiritual evolution.

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