Amplifying Your Light—Techniques to Accelerate Expanded Consciousness


Among other things, Samuel plans to discuss the three specific frequencies that will accelerate our evolution in consciousness, and the patterns of internal and external communication that will create stronger links between the invisible and visible worlds.

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During Samuel’s second in his amazing two-part series focused on accelerating the evolution of our consciousness, his topics of discussion include: judging how “alive” we are; a new perspective of Samuel’s creation story, including Intent, Thought, Word, Deed, Ellic Force, the Twelves, matter as we know it, Light Bridges, and more; Guardian’s forgotten ability; Ellic Force as Creators and as Guardians; how the energy influx is rapidly changing the dynamics of the planet; the danger when Awakened ones function in negativity; the imperative to continue moving forward; and ways to get rid of fear and bring more love into our lives.
During the first of Samuel’s exciting two-part series focused on accelerating the evolution of our consciousness, the topics he discusses include: choosing between two types of service; the many faces of Love; what Third Density living looks like; the cosmic alignments that will occur during the August eclipse, and the resulting Density change; how the Universe uses our personal symbology to communicate with us; understanding and activating our gut brain, heart brain, and head brain; how to release fear-based behaviors and attitudes; and two healing exercises.

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