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About Frank Schultz

Frank lives in Lexington, KY, with his family, Lea, Stuart and their fur babies, Finn (Maccool) and Cullen (Cuchulainn), two standard poodle pups. Frank was the first to meet Samuel through Lea, and has been working to incorporate Samuel’s teaching into his life ever since

Awakening Your DNA

Along with the Activation of the twin StarGates of Arkansas and Brazil, Samuel says that a repatterning is occurring that will repattern the planet and all life force on it. As I’ve been thinking about this, Samuel’s Awakening Your DNA exercises come to mind. When Samuel originally gave us these exercises he said they would help activate […]

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7 Steps to Release Fears and Core Issues

Samuel says fear keeps us from functioning effectively in our world—negatively affecting our relationships, our work, and many other aspects of our lives. In addition, he says fear prevents us from functioning at our highest frequencies and from reaching our potential. So, I want to share about the process of working to release fears and […]

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Densities—what does Samuel mean?

Have you been catching Samuel’s teachings about and references to the different Densities lately, and wondered what the difference was between a “Density” and a “Dimension?” Maybe I can help with that. Sooooo, I went through my notes from Samuel’s Lifescapes teachings as well as his Interviews and Responds in the newsletters in an attempt […]

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11 Ways to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland & Move Towards Ascension Without Needing a Guru!

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to increase your spiritual frequency. That’s why it caught my attention when Samuel said that a healthy, functioning pineal gland is critical to increasing our spiritual frequency and moving towards Ascension. And that drew my attention to looking to see what he’s taught us we can […]

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A Meditation To Connect with Your Higher Self

For twenty-five years I searched for a technique to connect into the “more” that I knew I was. My search began when I was eight and took me through Christian and Buddhist meditations, none of which helped me discover a path for connecting into the “more” I was seeking to access. Finally I met Samuel […]

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