Along with the Activation of the twin StarGates of Arkansas and Brazil, Samuel says that a repatterning is occurring that will repattern the planet and all life force on it. As I’ve been thinking about this, Samuel’s Awakening Your DNA exercises come to mind.

When Samuel originally gave us these exercises he said they would help activate latent strands of our DNA and help us create further neural changes that would stimulate our D/Rna messaging capabilities for the purpose of activating our higher-frequency spectrum. These exercises help us normalize those higher frequencies into our daily lives, eventually allowing us to shift out of this dimension.

So, I realized that this was the perfect time to focus on these exercises so they could help me better use the higher energies available now. So, as I rededicate myself to them I wanted to share them, once again with you.

These three powerful exercises help us release our frequency seals and eventually allow us shift in and out of the dimensions of form. They give us better access our Source connection and help us connect with creation energy so we can learn to manifest what we need in our day-to-day experience.

Samuel says: “Because your form is unable to sustain accelerated energy, you need a means to work without the limitations of your body. I created a series of exercises that will start and then continue the process of changing the way your brain works so that you can begin genetic repatterning—awakening your genetic potential.”

Samuels first exercise in the series is Breaking The Frequency Seal, and is designed to help us create a neural pathway that breaks a genetically encoded frequency seal designed into our human blueprint. Once that seal is released, our brains can begin making the changes needed to activate a crystalline structure seated in the roughly triangular shaped space formed by the pineal and pituitary glands and the amygdala. At that point, we can begin a process that will eventually allow us to shift in and out of the dimensions of form.

His second exercise, “Connecting With Your Source Self,” is only effective once we have been able to release the frequency seal. This exercise is designed to tune the frequency of our blueprint through two actions: consciously reading our personal symbology (mainly out subconscious) in order to give us the information we need to release human issues/distractions, and to access our Source connection to empower us so we are able to continue in the work.

His third exercise, “Activating The Creation Energy Of The Other,” is about working in the realm of the unseen, which Samuel calls “the Other.” However, we can’t get there without the wholeness and Source connection that we gain from the first two exercises. This third exercise links us into creation energy so that as a Creator we can learn to manifest what we need in our day-to-day experience.

The simplicity of these visualizations is deceptive, but they are powerful, and greatly needed tools to help us function more effectively in today’s world.

It really doesn’t work to begin exercise two until you have fully mastered exercise number one. It won’t hurt you, you just won’t get what is available to you from these exercises. Likewise, you need to fully master exercise number two before you move on to exercise number three. Again, it won’t harm you to do the exercises without fully mastering the preceding exercises, but it won’t help you in any way and will essentially be a waste of your time. Or, as Samuel says, it will just be mental masturbation.

When you have mastered these exercises you will have released those things holding you back—you will have merged with your Whole Self (exercise one), you will have Source energy flowing through you (exercise two), and you will be activating your latent ability to create at will (exercise three).

I. Breaking the Frequency Seal

StaircaseRelax yourself.

Visualize two 10-step spiral staircases, side-by-side, spiraling in the same direction. At each step, there is a walkway leading from one staircase to the other (step one to step one, step two to step two, etc.).

Keep this simple, don’t get caught-up in the details, and don’t over-think this.

Go to either of the staircases and walk slowly up to the seventh step, then stop with both feet facing forward.

Turn your head and look across to the next staircase, and on the seventh step of that staircase see an alternate YOU with a blindingly bright white, glowing light emanating from and surrounding that “other” you fully. This is your Whole Self/your best self, your spiritual simulacrum.

Turn toward that Whole Self, and see your Whole Self turn toward you. Now you (only you) walk across the walkway to join your Whole Self on the seventh step of that opposite staircase. If you do not see your alternate self or for any reason cannot cross the walkway, go back down the steps and try again another time.

Once you are face-to-face with your Whole Self, merge heart-to-heart. See that white glow filling your body as you fully absorb your Whole Self. Having done that, there are no longer two selves, just you filled with the Light of Wholeness.

Turn around to face the first staircase and carefully return to that original seventh step. Once there, turn toward the bottom of the staircase and walk back down the stairs.

Exercise ended.

In doing this visualization, it’s better to visualize each portion with your imagination using all of your senses, what Samuel calls “sensurround”. Doing this helps because the more ways you can involve your whole brain, the faster you will readjust your brain. If you do this visualization in sensurround, the readjustment will be complete more quickly. Eventually, you will be able to move quickly up and then back down the stairs, going through the exercise quite easily—and that’s when you will have broken your frequency seal and can move on to the second visualization.

If, with daily practice over a couple of weeks you find you are unsuccessful in completing any part of this visualization exactly as it has been given here, only then try this visualization with a single change in it: go up to the ninth step, and do the same work done at step seven in this version of the visualization. Samuel said, “It WILL work at step nine if you cannot make it work at step seven. Unless the frequency seal is already broken, which is unlikely, the seventh step is what will work for you.”

To help you remember the steps once you understand the visualization, you may find the following outline helpful.

  1. VISUALIZE two 10-step spiral staircases with a walkway to the corresponding step on each staircase.
  2. Select a staircase, walk up to the seventh step.
  3. Turn your head to look at the other staircase and see your Whole Self encased in white light.
  4. Turn your body and walk across the walkway to your Whole Self, and face each other.
  5. Merge heart-to-heart, absorbing your Whole Self.
  6. Turn around and carefully return to the first staircase.
  7. Upon reaching it, turn and walk back down the stairs.

II. Connecting with Your Source Self

This exercise begins with exercise one, “Breaking the Frequency Seal.” Once you’ve completed that exercise and moved back to the bottom of the staircase, you again visualize the two staircases. Now notice that each stair tread has symbols carved or painted or drawn onto it. These symbols are meaningful only to you.

The first step represents the doorway to life and death, and on a spiritual level it is the release of the old and birth of the new; it is about becoming new.

Look now at the first stair tread, noting its symbols, and ask yourself, “What do I need to release in order to do this work?” (The work you’re referring to is the staircase exercise, only.) Having asked the question, look at the tread again—it’s possible that the symbology will be changed when you look at the first step again—it may be that only one symbol changed, or the whole tread may have changed, or there may be no change at all. The key is not in the change; it is in the symbols. What do the symbols mean to YOU? The meaning and the symbol(s) will likely be different every time you do this exercise.

After receiving the message and releasing what is needed, walk up to the third step. At this step there is only a single symbol and it is your brain’s current symbol for Source. (This symbol may change every time you do this exercise.)

Sit down on this symbol and imagine the symbol rising up from the tread, through the base of your spine, up to your heart where it will stay.

Rise and walk back down the steps.

Exercise ended.

Regarding the symbols, Samuel has said, “Remember you are making this up, making it all up, so be careful not to make up any negative pieces. You might think you have issues with Source, but you’re wrong, your issues are with ‘God’ or maybe with ‘Goddess,’ but NOT with Source. Please, have no negativity here.”

To help you remember the steps once you understand the visualization, you may find the following outline helpful:

  1. Sit and do exercise one.
  2. VISUALIZE the ten-step staircase, noting carvings on the treads. These are meaningful only to YOU.
  3. At the first step ask yourself, “What do I need to release in order to do this work?” Look again at the tread and give yourself the symbols’ message.
  4. After releasing what is needed, walk up to the third step that has only one symbol, your current symbol for Source.
  5. Sit down on the symbol and imagine it rising from the step up through your spine to your heart where it will stay.
  6. Rise and walk back down the steps.

III. Activating the Creation Energy of the Other

OpenOpening Your Genetic Doorway To Creation Energy

This third exercise is unlike the first two in that it is less structured and much more specific to you personally.

Like the second exercise incorporates the first exercise, this one incorporates exercise one followed by exercise two. Once you’re back on the “ground” at the end of exercise two, this exercise begins by your visualizing the two staircases again. Now, purposefully shift so that you are in front of the opposite set of stairs that you were just now standing in front of.

Because the most basic function of Love is healing energy, as you start claim healing for yourself. Climb the stairs to the fifth step and stand for a moment with your feet on the fifth step facing upward.

Now turn around and sit on the fifth step. Put both your hands over your heart and claim the healing of your heart. Don’t let an emotional rush distract you. Simply claim the healing of your heart. Know that it is already healed and you are just claiming that healing.

Allow your mind to make you aware of those heart-based experiences in your past and present that need healing. Ask yourself what your heart needs for healing, and sit quietly to hear the answer.

Now, claim the healing of your heart. This act of conscious heart healing is one of the greatest works you can do, but don’t be surprised if you encounter resistance from your human self.

As you are sitting on the fifth step with your hands over your heart, you are consciously healing the broken pieces of who-you-have-been that get in the way of what-you-truly-are. You’re letting go of fears, old beliefs, and pain. When you finally reach a place of peace, sit quietly and breathe it in.

The fifth step is the doorway into the Other. You will not be moving out of this dimension, but out of the rules that bind it, and moving into the place where energy is transformed. You cannot move through that doorway as a wounded being. You must heal until you are at peace enough to move forward. (Do this exercise often. Each time you do it, it will peel away more of the wall of fear surrounding your heart.)

Finally, when your heart is whole, it’s time to move on with this exercise. (Again, moving to this portion of the exercise before your heart is whole, will be a waste of time and will not give you what this exercise has available for you.) Think of something very simple that you have made or done—an act of creation. Remind yourself that you brought about that creation, that you are already a creator.

Next, think about a time when you lost something and asked for it to be brought back, and it was; or you asked a question and the answer was suddenly there in your mind. Remind yourself you have the connections you need to do what you need to do.

Now think of an experience in which you are pretty sure a miracle or magic was involved. Remind yourself that YOU are a miracle—a magical being of Love and Light in this world.

Finally, think of a very simple object you can manifest, like a penny or a quarter—something simple, something you don’t have any attachment to or need of any kind. Once you have thoroughly formed that thought and you clearly “see” the object you have thought of, imagine that you stand up, turn around, and look onto the sixth step, where you’ll get some kind of information (it might be a “knowing,” a picture, or even symbols shown to you there on the sixth step). This information is telling you what’s in the way of manifesting this simple object. If you recognize ANY kind of information, it means you are being directed to ask for a different object because you have something blocking the one you first thought of.

Once you are no longer receiving information about something blocking you and you have a clear image of your object, turn around and go down the steps. This portion of the exercise is complete.

Now begin looking for the object you visualized. Hopefully it will show up in your life in multiple ways, such as hearing people talk about it, seeing it in a magazine, or in the clouds. Go out of your way to look for it (this is important).

It’s your physical self, your brain, that rejects the possibility of functioning as a Creator capable of manifesting objects into this world. Look for your object anywhere and everywhere around you, and realize that every time you do, your brain is learning to recognize Creator energy at work. See how long it takes for your object to show up in your life. It isn’t unusual for it to show up but not be yours (you may see your object—a penny—in the hand of the person in line in front of you instead of in your own hand); in that case, see how long it takes for the object to show up as yours.

Once you’ve succeeded with this part of the exercise, do it again with another object, and then again with yet something else. Keep the object simple and believable to you. (For example, it’s not really believable that you’ll find a pure gold coin.)

Continue to work on manifesting physical objects as you are learning to be comfortable with this. Don’t ask for a good night’s sleep, to feel better, or for something specific to happen. Those are too easy to explain away as not being something you created. This exercise is to help you learn that you can manifest, and you learn that by manifesting physical objects.

What you’re doing is activating a dormant part of your brain that separates the visible from the Other: that which is here but isn’t seen. Samuel is asking you to use Creator energy to open the door outside of the trap of the body. Additionally, he wants you to be surprised at how quickly you get the hang of it.

Remember to keep your object simple, keep it believable, and don’t get greedy. You’re just playing. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Keep the process very simple, and on its own this exercise will become a progression of more complex manifestations until there comes a point when you ask for a new job and someone calls the next day with your job. But don’t start there. Keep it simple!

To help you remember the steps once you understand the visualization, you may find the following outline helpful:

  1. Sit and do exercises one and two.
  2. In your mind stand before one of the two staircases; then purposely move to the other set of stairs.
  3. Walk up to the fifth step.
  4. Stand for a moment on the fifth step (looking forward to the sixth through the tenth step).
  5. Turn around and sit on the fifth step.
  6. Put your hands over your heart and claim healing of your heart. Then allow bad memories, old beliefs, past pain and sadness to come to mind, claiming each one as healed and using whatever words, manner or system works best for you to do that.
  7. When you reach a place of peace, sit quietly and breathe it in.
  8. Think of an act of creation you participated in (something you made happen, something you’ve manifested). Remind yourself that you created that; that you ARE already a Creator!
  9. Think of something you needed that came to you or came about, and remind yourself you have the “connections” you need (with the Universe) to do what you need to do.
  10. Think of a miraculous experience, and remind yourself you are a miracle, a being of Love and Light in this world.
  11. Finally, think about a simple object you want to manifest, such as a penny or a quarter. Be sure you have no need for or attachment to this object.
  12. Once you have thoroughly formed that thought, stand up, turn around, and look at the sixth step.
  13. If you sense information of any kind from looking at the sixth step, you are being directed to look for another object because you are blocking what you are currently asking for.
  14. In that case, sit back down on the fifth step and think about something else very simple that you want to manifest. Once you have thoroughly formed that thought, stand up, turn around, and again look at the sixth step.
  15. If there is information for you, repeat this step again and again—until you receive no information from looking at the sixth step.
  16. Once you are no longer receiving information from the sixth step, turn around and walk back down the steps.
  17. Look for your object to appear.

Exercise ended.