Taking Charge of Your Ascension


Samuel discusses the changes that are needed in order to be ready for the Second Wave of Ascension:

  • Separating the layers of false information and finding your own truth. Building new programs, pathways, and possibilities.
  • The keys to Right Relationships in today’s world. Moving from criticism to discernment, from distraction to focus; and from fragmentation to integration.

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Samuel began the first of these two Lifescapes focused on the changes needed to be ready for the Second Wave of Ascension by stating: “You are dying.” With this statement as a backdrop, Samuel began his discussion with topics including: the importance of living while we are alive; how living a “what if” life relates to the First Wave of Ascension and misuse of ego; issues we face when we become like sheep with life all about satisfying ourselves; three issues that keep us from embracing the gifts of Awakening; the main cause of disempowerment; the power of forgiveness in achieving self-empowerment; why our changes bring fear to those we love; and understanding the oneness of Love that the Second Wave makes available to us.
During the second of Samuel’s two Lifescapes focused on the changes needed for us to be ready for the Second Wave of Ascension, the topics of discussion include: knowing when we are functioning on the path of Ascension; overcoming resistance to spiritual evolution; standing up to the forces that strive to keep us living in the illusion; why revolution requires re-creation; the roles fearlessness, releasing our humanity, and service play in the Second Wave of Ascension; the amazing effects of fully living love; a very special, quick and easy exercise to help us learn about and communicate with our starry connections; during his fun and informative discussion about our starry connections Samuel taught us about the types of alien visitors the earth has and how our ancient civilizations recognized them; and the of stepping out of our personal human experience and serving the world.

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