Ascended Relationships: How to Make a Difference in the New Paradigm


A new phase of life was created for everyone on the planet during the dual energy bursts of June, 2016. By way of transcendent, enlightening energy waves, those broadcasts from your galactic center renewed the powerful energy work done on on last year’s Summer Solstice. These bursts are pushing the global Ascension process further and faster, creating opportunities to heighten your personal strengths and help you as you continue to make vital changes—they’re perfect for manifesting relationships that reflect your true being.

During this series of Lifescapes Samuel discusses:

  • why relationships are the key to the new paradigm;
  • 3 keys to creating any ascended relationship;
  • Overcoming the two greatest obstacles to right relationships;
  • A technique for using “magickal thought” toward new creations.

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