• Samuel’s powerful sixth Weekend Update focuses on our conscious and unconscious minds. He begins by explaining why changing our attitudes/consciousness is not enough to create a new paradigm. He says that truly knowing what we are also means knowing what we are not. Additionally he discusses where the world now stands with regard to the timeline shift. He then moves into the main focus of this meeting discussing: the differences between our conscious and unconscious minds; the role the subconscious mind plays in creating our reality, and the problems that causes; how to maintain focus and what happens when we lose it; building spiritual muscle memory; the difference between feelings and symptoms/reactions; how to know if we have fear in our lives; the difference between experiencing fear and letting old habits guide us; moving fear into positive action; and the power of consciously working together in love.
  • During this amazing fifth Weekend Update, Samuel focuses on helping us come to an understanding and realization that we are so much more than our mere physical body, mind and emotions. His illustrations and discussions to help bring this about include: learning about ourselves from our thoughts; the benefit of looking at life as analogous to playing chess with a pigeon or cat; two illustrations helping us to better understand we are not our body, mind, or emotions, but a greater being using them for a purpose; and different ways to make a positive difference to others during this time of massive transitions. Samuel ends the meeting with a wonderful guided visualization using the power of loving unity and working as One to bring about positive change now needed in the world.
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  • During this eye-opening meeting, Samuel discusses changes he sees happening in our lives and in the world. The discussions include: ways to experience the Light and Spirit we are; the aspects of society that will experience large changes during the Summer of Shift; the relationship between how we see ourselves and how we handle money; why the new economy starts with us; the positive role Guardians can play during these times; the economic shift coming this summer; the only thing about the coming times that is “written in stone”; why we don’t want to “fix” the economy; the importance of living and speaking what we believe in; how our ratio of love and fear impact our perspective; and how the COVID-19 virus will continue to affect the near future. Samuel ends the evening with a brief visualization for sharing Light and Love.
  • During Samuel’s fourth in his timely and informative Weekend Update series his focus is on preparing us to use the energies of these times for creating the best for ourselves, others, the world. Samuel’s discussions include: changing our body chemistry by combining gratitude with grounding; how sharing love changes the world; the twelve steps in spirit’s evolution from basic consciousness to reunion with Source; the Spirit Key and traits of each of the Twelve Densities; why Samuel’s Density information is especially important right now; and the gifts of having a heart-based focus in our living, learning, and sharing/teaching. Samuel ends this session with a powerful visualization in which we give and receive Light.
  • During the third of Samuel’s amazing Weekend Update events he answers questions that have come up from the previous week’s teaching. Areas discussed include: why high frequency Guardians often experience depression, anxiety and loneliness; ways we can help build a new paradigm that is positive and love-based; how the DNA changes are impacting all forms of life force, and the physical symptoms we can experience; the ways ancient spiritual texts relate to the current times; our personal energy signature and how recent changes affect our ability to communicate with seen and unseen life force; how opening the Hawaii Fire Gate will affect our ability to dimensionally shift; why covid-19 kills some while others recover; and ensuring that our DNA shift/activation will create a positive difference in the world.
  • During Samuel’s second Weekend Update his focus is on changes happening to our genetic structure and the harmonic connections both within our bodies and throughout the blueprint of creation. The topics of discussion include: the importance of determining whether or not our lives and all that surround us promote our physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual growth; a mental process to help with letting go and de-cluttering; the crystalline light structure of our bodies; how our body takes in, uses, and transforms energy to impact our DNA; our need to and the process to re-harmonize, re-pattern, and re-create; the role 12 and sequences of 12 plays in our world, in Stargate energy, and in our DNA; the reactivation of additional strands of DNA and their relationship to our vibrational frequency; how to anchor higher frequencies; our bodies shifting from carbon-based to more silicate/plasma based physical forms; and the changes that will take place in early May and the choices we need to make by then.
  • Samuel’s first of six Weekend Updates contains life-changing information to use during these times of change. The areas he discusses include: moving into the full mantle of our Light Body; ensuring that group Intent has a positive rather than negative effect; the wonderful changes leading up to and the impact of opening the Fire Gate in Hawaii; ways to release fear in our lives, plus a special step-by-step technique for releasing it; the power of Star-Weaving and the difference between merely reading the statements and reading them while doing the visualization; a powerful visualization to give our Light Body an opportunity to fill us mentally and spiritually; and how to show a better example for those in reactive states such as grief and anger.
  • Manifesting a New World

    During this empowering meeting Samuel gives a primer on manifestation for ourselves, others, and the world as he discusses: ways to actively, outrageously Live Love; the importance of dispelling the fear of being different; creating the most effective Intent for manifestation; the roles Thought, Word, and Deed play in the manifestation process; the differences between thinking once of what you want to manifest, creating a detailed emotion-filled visualization of it, and sending thoughts to it repeatedly; how the process for a healing visualization done by a group and one done by an individual vary; ways to “speed up” the manifestation process; and what the world needs us to create.
  • The Equinox Shift Q&A

    During this follow-up to Samuel’s helpful and informative Equinox Shift webinar, Samuel discussed: being strong enough to be what’s needed during this time of massive change; further information about the corona virus and how it’s impacting individuals and our world, as well as how to best respond to it; the challenge of creating sustainable economics based on wisdom and compassion, including ways to be less consumer driven; more information about the timeline split; the impact Samuel’s DNA exercises would have while the corona virus is altering our DNA; how resistance plays a role in the consequences of having the virus; and the spiritual roots of and the effects of early pandemics (such as the Spanish flu) on the evolution of humanity and the planet.
  • The Equinox Shift

    During this amazing and exciting event Samuel uses his first-ever webinar to discuss: the 2020 paradigm-shifting energy timeline; responding to feelings of helplessness in the face of chaos; creating a positive perspective; preparing for the likely social, financial, educational, planetary, and spiritual changes that will impact our lives; the role COVID-19 will play in the coming world changes; how we can best to use the incoming energies of change; actions and attitudes that will keep us from functioning at our best; and the power of surrendering to love daily.
  • Will You Be Ready?

    During this crucial meeting Samuel focuses on this year’s massive paradigm shift coming through upcoming energy transmissions. He talks about their likely effects, how to be ready for them and how to be a guiding Light of Love in response to them. His discussion on these topics include: an exercise for reviewing and learning from January and February; why it is important to continue working on our core issues and knowing how we respond to change; what could be an amazing tool to help us; five things to remember during the coming shifts of energy; and the imperative of trusting ourselves.
  • Questions & Answers

    One of Samuel’s favorite ways of teaching is through Questions and Answers. During this fun and informative evening of questions, Laura Reed functioned as “Source” relaying questions to Samuel. Among many topics Samuel discussed: if the Watchers had a response so far about what is going on with the planet; the Scotland and England Star Gates and their impact on the planet; how opening the Fire Gate in November will effect the planet and life force on it; what “Light” means in Samuel’s 22 Releasing Statements; the difference between civilizations on earth and on other planets; if it ever makes sense to ask for less energy; the corona virus and its possibility of mutation; what it will take to end the political polarization in this country; if calling food sensitivities and veganism an “allergy” is honest; the fifth force and it’s function; using “Vesta Helios” in Star Weaving; Sun Gazing; more about the cosmic shift we’re feeling; and coordinating our priorities, short, medium and long range.