• Lifescapes, August 2019

    Samuel’s focus for this Lifescapes event within his last series of 2019 is about how to be the best we can be, including ways to make the best use of energy transmissions that come to the planet. Topics discussed include: repeating the good experiences in our lives; finding balance day to day; how to use our fear for positive change; tips for interacting with those of opposing political and religious beliefs (including an on-going joke to bring brownies); ways energy transmissions affect our physical and spiritual bodies; why the Spirit might leave a healthy body rather than staying and continuing to live; the energy changes happening near the end of 2019 and what those changes may bring about; and what we really are.
    During Samuel’s last Lexington Lifescapes of 2019 his focus, as always, is about teaching us to better live what we are rather than who we are, and preparing us for upcoming energy transmissions. The topics Samuel’s and that are based on questions from the audience include: things to do when the chaos of other’s involves us; the power of living with positivity; the roles Star Gates play; the interaction between free will and “help” from outside of the planet; the compact Guardians have with Samuel; the energy transmission coming at the end of 2019; practical information about fasting for spiritual expansion; a very brief review of the Densities and how personal Density change occurs; and why Scotland feels like home for so many Guardians.
    During Samue’s last Lifescapes of 2019 he focuses his teaching on life-changing information that can help us and the planet now! The topics covered include: the extraordinary energy download coming at year’s end that has been building for eons; understanding timelines, timeline shifts, and Samuel’s version of the multiverse; two ways energy transmissions effect the us and the planet; the Flame of Transformation; the earth’s version of “a controlled burn”; ways to turn around a negative situation; the meaning of Ohurhubah and Elan-Ra; and the number one thing that can be done to help the planet survive.
  • Relationship Keys=PLAY

    Samuel’s August teaching is an amazing, relationship-changing message that focuses on the keys to good relationships. His discussion includes: ways we can repeat the good things from our past and avoid the not so good; the core of what he has been teaching from the beginning of his work; how to identify our passion and the role it plays in our relationships; why, when we continue learning new things, it changes us and our relationships; the impact physical activity has on the many levels of our lives; the power of yielding and stepping away from our ego; and the biggest thing we can do with both our relationships and the incoming energy.
  • Samuel’s important message this evening focuses on using and preparing for the energy transmissions that will be coming our way in the upcoming months. His discussions include: the importance of good sleep and what we can do to sleep better; the effects the current and upcoming energy transmissions will have on us; living in “an in-between” world; relationships and how to review and ruthlessly release that which isn’t who we now are; the power of being patient; the importance of preparing for the massive energy download at the end of the year; and paying attention to the love in our lives.
  • Questions & Answers

    Samuel’s favorite way of teaching is through questions and answers, which he uses this evening to share some exciting and unique information. The topics he discusses include: what he would wish for if he were granted one wish; what Guardians need to have or do to Ascend; ways to find those we’ve compacted with prior to entering form; the effects of opening the Lake Titicaca Star Gate; building relationships with the Collective Consciousnesses; how to best prepare for and use the upcoming energy transmissions; ways to bring healing to ourselves; how the incoming energy transmissions have been affecting us; how Phoenix Institute can better connect with those operating at similar frequency levels; and what a shift in timelines can look like.
  • Samuel begins this meeting speaking about the earth holiday, Beltane, and then shifts to teaching about relationships with a focus on our sacred relationships, and turning sexual activities to spiritual activities. The details of his teachings include: enhancing our relationships with the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms; behaviors that create better relationships; understanding the God and the Goddess within; how to have a sexual relationship with the God and the Goddess within when you don’t have a partner; why we want to mate with another; what shifts our sexual activity to a spiritual activity; the most important relationship in our lives and how to overcome the problems it is fraught with; and the imperative of bringing Oneness—the big O—into our lives.
  • The 2019 Retreat

    A description of this weekend will be posted soon.
  • During this fun and insightful meeting Samuel talks about the only two laws we need to know to bring financial prosperity into our lives. After a brief discussion about activities in the month of April, he focused on US tax time to transition to his main message about using Creator energy to bring prosperity into our lives. Unlike many current teachings about manifesting abundance, Samuel says there are only two steps—two laws—to financial (and any other kind) manifestation. He begins with a discussion of fear that, he says, repels positive creation force. Within this framework he talks about masculine energy (as experienced through money, father figures, and this culture’s version of God) and our relationship of fear surrounding that energy. He then moves to positivity and its manifestations in our physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual energy fields, and its importance in our directed-consciousness behaviors. He discusses ways to bring the attraction principle of positivity into our daily lives, and how to recognize the negative repulsion principle so we can release it. Throughout his talk Samuel uses audience interactions for real-world examples of both laws, explaining what doesn’t work and why. He playfully closes the meeting with jokes about tax time.
  • Balancing the Extremes

    At this meeting Samuel discusses how to overcome exhaustion, burn-out, and lack of passion by bringing balance to the extremes in our lives. During his teaching Samuel discuses: an interesting benefit of extremely positive or negative experiences; what it takes to have a peak experience; understanding what balance means; the difference between creating a state of joy for ourselves and of doing it for others; two miracles that happen when our body, mind and spirit are healthy; how to avoid exhaustion in times of sensory overload; and the amazing benefits of feeling in control of ourselves rather than of the situation.
  • Questions & Answers

    Samuel shares new and exciting and new information this during one of his favorite teaching methods, Questions and Answers. The topics covered include: the nature and makeup of Star Gates; whether we can use sound to move material as the ancients did; what is needed for nations to acknowledge the involvement and visitation of advanced civilizations; the process of a soul choosing and entering a newborn; what we should be paying attention to during the Year of the Watchers; the best way to realize our multidimensional self other than through diet and being a loving person; forgiving the “unforgivable”; making the best use of July’s upcoming solar and lunar eclipse energy; whether we will remember this life and recognize others when we die; why Samuel’s private session availability rules are so stringent; and why Samuel sometimes shows emotion.
  • At Samuel’s Atlanta Lifescapes, his first of 2019, Samuel speaks about bringing balance into our lives through patience and eliminating comparative judgment, before he begins to discuss the importance of creativity and the multiple ways it helps our spiritual growth. He discusses: core issues and how/why they show up; the many faces—and gifts—of creativity; and, additionally, he discusses the importance of forgiveness along as well as special information about our relationship with the Watchers.
    During Samuel’s Pittsburgh Lifescapes he focuses on helping us learn that we can change ourselves, our relationships, and our world by learning Creation Mechanics. Samuel discusses: what he means when he refers to “Creators;” ways in which we are a Creator; the four primary rules of Creation Mechanics, and how we can easily follow them; an amazing exercise helping us to manifest, create better connections with others, and make our lives happier and more fulfilled; how it feels when an Ascension shift or a Density shift happens; how our companion animals are affected by incoming energy transmissions; the difference between watchers and Watchers; the critical role Watchers play in guarding the Universal Community from humanity; and how we can love all, always.
    In Samuel's first Lexington Lifescapes of 2019, he focuses on the importance of love and spiritual growth. Samuel specifically talks about harnessing the power of our “now”; during the process of spiritual evolution the difference between being fear-based and having fear; why focusing on where we are in our spiritual growth is a negative use of ego; the difference between “living love” and “loving all” and what they each entail; the meaning of “guiding and guarding life force”; the process for moving from spiritually awake to spiritually active; the role of the planet’s second grid; and why the human experience on earth is the hardest one within the Ascension process.
  • During Samuel’s first meeting of 2019 his teaching focuses on three main topics. His first topic has to do with 2019’s cosmic energy transmissions, during which he discusses the times of this year’s greatest energy outpourings as well as ways to deal with them and use them for growth rather than falling into chaos. His second topic relates to what he means when he says 2019 will be the Year of the Watchers. During this time he discusses a brief history of the “Earth Experiment”; the role of Guardians; the universal uniqueness of Living Love while in form, and its effects; and why there are Watchers and the role they play. In his final topic Samuel discusses communication, including what effective communication entails and why good communication is especially important now.
  • Samuel begins his always-popular annual Christmas meeting by first revisiting last month’s meeting about “soldiering on,” and included insightful discussion about learning what we can and cannot change. Samuel then shifted to his main points of this year’s Christmas meeting which include: the destructive nature stress has on our health and our lives; ways to reduce stress; a different way to look at the Christmas story; seeing Jesus’ birth as ushering in a new way of thinking; the real reason we celebrate Christmas today; what it means that Jesus was the last Messiah; and the gift Guardians give the world.