Friday Morning
During the first session of Samuel’s Fall 2021 Retreat, he discusses: how to prepare for changes in the coming years especially related to the economy, technology, and society; the mysteries of energy portals and their significance; how individuals can become portals during significant energy shifts, such as birthdays; natural power times; daily energy choices; the profound impact of childhood experiences on adult perspectives; the need to heal childhood wounds; using collective energy to address global issues and challenges; and Samuel leads us on a guided visualization to spread light through loved ones and places, eventually encompassing the entire planet.

Friday Afternoon
During this meeting Samuel bridges the realms of physical well-being, personal growth, societal observations, and spiritual guidance as he discusses: the difference between yoga as exercise and yoga as worship; the importance of recognizing personal issues and triggers; human behavior, misuse of power, and the effects of “the patriarchy”; the impact of societal structures on personal well-being; the importance of introspection and understanding one’s reactions to external events; being an observer rather than a victim; recognizing and honoring personal feelings and emotions; advice to help us go through difficulties; and the importance of not getting emotional over controversial social events or judging the system harshly.

Saturday Morning
During this transformative meeting, Samuel takes us on an exploration into the intricate dance of power, technology, and the echoes of our childhood as he discusses: the nature of power from historical to modern contexts including power in medieval times, misuse of technology as power, and manipulation as a form of power; childhood and power during which he touches on parental influence, childhood programming, and mass consciousness and its evolution; institutions and power including medieval institutions, the illusion of religious power, and the necessity of governance; technology and power with emphasis on technological advancements, the societal shift towards a hive mind, and the potential of technology; the inner child and regret including the formation of “truths” by the hurt child, the impact of childhood beliefs on adulthood, and the process of healing and transformation; actionable steps for healing specifically looking at the importance of self-awareness, the role of forgiveness in healing, and the journey of self-discovery.

Saturday Afternoon
During this meeting, Samuel focuses on the relationship between childhood experiences, perceptions of authority figures (such as parents), and later behaviors around money and relationships as he discusses: the origins of our beliefs about safety, security, love, self-worth, and our perceptions of the world; recognizing the threats of the crumbling patriarchal system; the societal changes that are happening because more people are awakening; how to heal from past hurts and let go of old behaviors to shed unhealthy behaviors and; why it’s more important than ever to let go of the basis or our old definitions of self; how we learn to play specific roles in our families, relationships, and workplaces; and why at times our anxiety or fear responses don’t match the actual situation.

Sunday Morning
During this morning’s meeting, Samuel discusses: energy influxes on the planet particularly focused on the years 2020 through 2026; the crumbling of old societal constructs and the anchoring of Fifth-Density energies; the “fight” between the old trying to maintain control and the new trying to be born; what will trigger upcoming issues concerning government authorities, the justice system, social justice as well as people’s frustration with established systems; choosing where to focus our energies to replace old poisonous social constructs; the strength, wisdom, and safety in coming together with like-hearted others; the burden of pleasing others, and ways to overcome it; ways to reconnect with ourselves; why we should be looking at people’s energy rather than the news; and triggering into consciousness what we already know.

Sunday Afternoon
During the last session of the Retreat Samuel begins by preparing the group for a ritual [the ritual is not included in the recordings], explains a bit about the “energetics” of rituals and how ritual can provide a ‘roadway’ unseen helpers to connect with the participants; after the ritual Samuel answered some questions explaining: what our fear of loss and abandonment has to do with our parents; how life is like an onion; why the tapping technique has pathways beyond the body; and where time and space do not exist.