• During this amazing Los Angeles Lifescapes Samuel focuses on tools we use in everyday life for being our highest selves. His topics include: ways to recognize our strengths and where we need to be stronger as well as how to use that information to recognize our core issues; how divisiveness can be a sign of overall unity; the many ways fear manifests in our lives and in the world; the energetic focus of 2019 and what it means, plus the best way to make use of the coming energy transmissions; why contentment keeps us from growing; the difference between power over and power of, and how they impact our lives and the world; the roles expectations and entitlement play as speed bumps in our lives; identifying attachments in our lives and how they keep us from growing spiritually; recognizing that focusing on sensation keeps us in our humanity rather than growing spiritually; and ways we can affect our DNA patterning.

  • A Soldier’s Story

    During this fun and insightful meeting, Samuel uses Veterans’ Day to show the similarities and differences between a soldier’s life of service and that of spiritual warriors who come to this planet to serve all life force. The topics discussed include: options available to serve within and without the Earth dimension; why there are no misfit spiritual warrior heroes like we see in Hollywood military movies; the role served by the two Grids that surround the earth; the spiritual warriors’—Guardians’—role on planet earth; and, why it’s especially important now to look at the mission we’re on, the type of soldier we are, how we are doing on our mission, and to determine how we can make things better.
  • Samuel uses the Samhain to flavor this evening’s wonderful teaching during which he discusses: the importance of dreaming and sleep; what we can do to sleep better: developing good sleep hygiene; a brief visualization to help us relax; and an exercise to help us consciously connect with the unseen.

  • With Labor Day as the backdrop for this meeting, Samuel focuses on the power of Love. His discussions include: the many ways we show love in our lives; the ways we know “this is love”; the spiritual purpose of Atlantis; how the Atlantean misuse of power began and it’s disastrous effect; how our lives parallel the Atlantis story; what we can do to keep our personal version of Atlantis from destruction; and the power of loving all, always.
  • Lifescapes

    During this exciting Lifescapes Samuel discusses a wide range of topics from those that are personal to those that are planetary with wisdom and humor. Samuel’s discussions include: how to know if it is our lesson or someone else’s when facing a challenging or negative situation; the role “magnetism” plays in the manifestation process; ways to keep a positive flow of love in our lives; the symbolism of numbers, and the messages they bring us; how to avoid anger, judgment, fear, and chaos now and during the coming energy transmissions; the changes occurring with Vesta-Helios, and its changing role; the opportunity for spiritual Ascension available to us now; and, the importance of feeding our love-based timelines rather than the fear-based ones.

    In this fun and informative Lifescapes Samuel focuses on topics that are especially relevant to us at this chaotic time. His topics include: why joy, rather than happiness or bliss, will carry us through chaotic times; tools to use when facing core issues, changes that need to be made, or aspects of ourselves that need to be resolved; what Samuel meant when he said the solstice energy was “put-up or shut-up” energy; whether there are beings on the planet that aren’t ensouled, or even aren’t a part of Source; the importance of allowing our beliefs to change; the general nature of energy transmissions; plasma cosmology as it relates to the planet; and why physical issues keep coming up.

    During this amazingly informative Lifescapes Samuel’s topics of discussion include: recognizing our patterns of resistance: how they are reflected in the world, and how we can change them; the power of looking for love and positivity in the world; the key to changing timelines; changing others by how we live; a focus to use for bringing healing to the world; how to connect to StarGate power and energy; understanding the three levels of StarGates; why Samuel is here—what his “job is”; determining if a current diet regimen is right for us; the nature of our emotional body and our emotions; the evolutionary path of form from a single cell to the world we live in; why the world has free will and what a world without free will would look like; why animals’ group souls tolerate the abuse of “their” animals, particularly food animals; and, what the future could hold for us and our world.
  • Relationship Roadblocks

    During this meeting, Samuel focuses on the growth of our relationships with ourselves, the world, those around us, and the Divine. The topics he covers in this meeting include: the evolution of our personal awareness from birth through spiritual awareness; two ways we respond to the awakening of our spiritual self; the roles that anger, judgment, and others’ perceptions of us play in our relationships; the wholeness of relationships that “just click”; how our relationships with our mother and father impact our views of and relationships with the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine; why each challenge, problem, or difficulty can bring us a tiny death, or rebirth and renewal; and coming to the point of realizing that each relationship is perfect for us at the time, and that we are perfect, whole, powerful, and good.
  • Samuel’s overall topic for this meeting is change and revolution. The topics he discusses include: why the summer solstice energy transmissions are being recognized by more of the world than ever before, and how that’s affecting the world; that current world energy is similar to that of 50 years ago; what this energy will show us about ourselves; the steps required to create a perfect revolution; the importance of using the current energy to bring about positive change is absolutely what’s needed right now in the world and our lives; and the the ultimate answer to every question that comes up.
  • Questions and Answers

    Samuel begins this special meeting saying: “Tonight is probably my favorite kind of night because it is teaching through questions and answers.” He then begins answering the audience’s questions including: how we are different from the most advanced civilizations; ways to help domesticated animals be their best selves; the cause of the joy and elation experienced by people with near death experiences; how visiting aliens appear to us and why; our connection with galactic beings; the most positive action we can take in response to school shootings; the effect of dementia on a person’s personality; ways of coping with depression; the effect of negative thinking on our pineal gland; and what Samuel means when he refers to the “matrix.”
  • During Samuel’s May Sunday night meeting he focuses on relationships of all kinds, why they need resetting and how to do that. The topics he discusses include: how to know when to listen to the “little voice in your head”; the importance of looking at things going on in the world positively; and the many ways to reset your relationships, whether they are casual or intimate. Samuel then shifts to the powerful spiritual teachings of how to connect Spirit to Spirit within a relationship; the most important relationship for a spiritual being functioning in this world; and something to remember that will change all your relationships.
  • The 2018 Retreat

    A description of this Retreat will be posted soon.
  • Samuel focuses on the importance of preparing for the future as he refers to the vernal equinox and the power of being a fool during his April 1 meeting. During this teaching Samuel shares a powerful set of exercises designed for us to create more of what we want in our lives, and less of the “I’d rather not go through that again” parts of our lives. From there he discusses: how asking “what do I need?” opens us to have and be what we want rather than falling back into the illusion; avoiding the disempowerment of society’s behavioral expectations and it’s resultant embarrassment and self-judgment; the powerful role the fool plays in changing perspective; ways we can be foolish and help others change their version of the world; and that being foolish takes courage because it represents moving fearlessly forward.
  • Revelatory Awareness

    Samuel’s teachings during this meeting relate to how we can best use the energy transmissions of 2018. Though focused on the 2018 energy transmissions, the powerful information Samuel shares is timeless and can be used to bring about personal and planetary change at any time. The topics discussed include: why expressing our truth should be easy; what the energy transmissions are about and how best to use the revelatory awareness that energy brings to us; how we turn off the revelation process; ways we can affect the entire planet and the life force upon it by helping the revelatory process; and a reminder about the only way we can change the world.