• During this fun and insightful meeting Samuel talks about the only two laws we need to know to bring financial prosperity into our lives. After a brief discussion about activities in the month of April, he focused on US tax time to transition to his main message about using Creator energy to bring prosperity into our lives. Unlike many current teachings about manifesting abundance, Samuel says there are only two steps—two laws—to financial (and any other kind) manifestation. He begins with a discussion of fear that, he says, repels positive creation force. Within this framework he talks about masculine energy (as experienced through money, father figures, and this culture’s version of God) and our relationship of fear surrounding that energy. He then moves to positivity and its manifestations in our physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual energy fields, and its importance in our directed-consciousness behaviors. He discusses ways to bring the attraction principle of positivity into our daily lives, and how to recognize the negative repulsion principle so we can release it. Throughout his talk Samuel uses audience interactions for real-world examples of both laws, explaining what doesn’t work and why. He playfully closes the meeting with jokes about tax time.
  • Balancing the Extremes

    At this meeting Samuel discusses how to overcome exhaustion, burn-out, and lack of passion by bringing balance to the extremes in our lives. During his teaching Samuel discuses: an interesting benefit of extremely positive or negative experiences; what it takes to have a peak experience; understanding what balance means; the difference between creating a state of joy for ourselves and of doing it for others; two miracles that happen when our body, mind and spirit are healthy; how to avoid exhaustion in times of sensory overload; and the amazing benefits of feeling in control of ourselves rather than of the situation.
  • Questions & Answers

    Samuel shares new and exciting and new information this during one of his favorite teaching methods, Questions and Answers. The topics covered include: the nature and makeup of Star Gates; whether we can use sound to move material as the ancients did; what is needed for nations to acknowledge the involvement and visitation of advanced civilizations; the process of a soul choosing and entering a newborn; what we should be paying attention to during the Year of the Watchers; the best way to realize our multidimensional self other than through diet and being a loving person; forgiving the “unforgivable”; making the best use of July’s upcoming solar and lunar eclipse energy; whether we will remember this life and recognize others when we die; why Samuel’s private session availability rules are so stringent; and why Samuel sometimes shows emotion.
  • At Samuel’s Atlanta Lifescapes, his first of 2019, Samuel speaks about bringing balance into our lives through patience and eliminating comparative judgment, before he begins to discuss the importance of creativity and the multiple ways it helps our spiritual growth. He discusses: core issues and how/why they show up; the many faces—and gifts—of creativity; and, additionally, he discusses the importance of forgiveness along as well as special information about our relationship with the Watchers.
    During Samuel’s Pittsburgh Lifescapes he focuses on helping us learn that we can change ourselves, our relationships, and our world by learning Creation Mechanics. Samuel discusses: what he means when he refers to “Creators;” ways in which we are a Creator; the four primary rules of Creation Mechanics, and how we can easily follow them; an amazing exercise helping us to manifest, create better connections with others, and make our lives happier and more fulfilled; how it feels when an Ascension shift or a Density shift happens; how our companion animals are affected by incoming energy transmissions; the difference between watchers and Watchers; the critical role Watchers play in guarding the Universal Community from humanity; and how we can love all, always.
    In Samuel's first Lexington Lifescapes of 2019, he focuses on the importance of love and spiritual growth. Samuel specifically talks about harnessing the power of our “now”; during the process of spiritual evolution the difference between being fear-based and having fear; why focusing on where we are in our spiritual growth is a negative use of ego; the difference between “living love” and “loving all” and what they each entail; the meaning of “guiding and guarding life force”; the process for moving from spiritually awake to spiritually active; the role of the planet’s second grid; and why the human experience on earth is the hardest one within the Ascension process.
  • During Samuel’s first meeting of 2019 his teaching focuses on three main topics. His first topic has to do with 2019’s cosmic energy transmissions, during which he discusses the times of this year’s greatest energy outpourings as well as ways to deal with them and use them for growth rather than falling into chaos. His second topic relates to what he means when he says 2019 will be the Year of the Watchers. During this time he discusses a brief history of the “Earth Experiment”; the role of Guardians; the universal uniqueness of Living Love while in form, and its effects; and why there are Watchers and the role they play. In his final topic Samuel discusses communication, including what effective communication entails and why good communication is especially important now.
  • Samuel begins his always-popular annual Christmas meeting by first revisiting last month’s meeting about “soldiering on,” and included insightful discussion about learning what we can and cannot change. Samuel then shifted to his main points of this year’s Christmas meeting which include: the destructive nature stress has on our health and our lives; ways to reduce stress; a different way to look at the Christmas story; seeing Jesus’ birth as ushering in a new way of thinking; the real reason we celebrate Christmas today; what it means that Jesus was the last Messiah; and the gift Guardians give the world.
  • During this amazing Los Angeles Lifescapes Samuel focuses on tools we use in everyday life for being our highest selves. His topics include: ways to recognize our strengths and where we need to be stronger as well as how to use that information to recognize our core issues; how divisiveness can be a sign of overall unity; the many ways fear manifests in our lives and in the world; the energetic focus of 2019 and what it means, plus the best way to make use of the coming energy transmissions; why contentment keeps us from growing; the difference between power over and power of, and how they impact our lives and the world; the roles expectations and entitlement play as speed bumps in our lives; identifying attachments in our lives and how they keep us from growing spiritually; recognizing that focusing on sensation keeps us in our humanity rather than growing spiritually; and ways we can affect our DNA patterning.

  • A Soldier’s Story

    During this fun and insightful meeting, Samuel uses Veterans’ Day to show the similarities and differences between a soldier’s life of service and that of spiritual warriors who come to this planet to serve all life force. The topics discussed include: options available to serve within and without the Earth dimension; why there are no misfit spiritual warrior heroes like we see in Hollywood military movies; the role served by the two Grids that surround the earth; the spiritual warriors’—Guardians’—role on planet earth; and, why it’s especially important now to look at the mission we’re on, the type of soldier we are, how we are doing on our mission, and to determine how we can make things better.
  • Samuel uses the Samhain to flavor this evening’s wonderful teaching during which he discusses: the importance of dreaming and sleep; what we can do to sleep better: developing good sleep hygiene; a brief visualization to help us relax; and an exercise to help us consciously connect with the unseen.

  • With Labor Day as the backdrop for this meeting, Samuel focuses on the power of Love. His discussions include: the many ways we show love in our lives; the ways we know “this is love”; the spiritual purpose of Atlantis; how the Atlantean misuse of power began and it’s disastrous effect; how our lives parallel the Atlantis story; what we can do to keep our personal version of Atlantis from destruction; and the power of loving all, always.

  • Lifescapes

    During this exciting Lifescapes Samuel discusses a wide range of topics from those that are personal to those that are planetary with wisdom and humor. Samuel’s discussions include: how to know if it is our lesson or someone else’s when facing a challenging or negative situation; the role “magnetism” plays in the manifestation process; ways to keep a positive flow of love in our lives; the symbolism of numbers, and the messages they bring us; how to avoid anger, judgment, fear, and chaos now and during the coming energy transmissions; the changes occurring with Vesta-Helios, and its changing role; the opportunity for spiritual Ascension available to us now; and, the importance of feeding our love-based timelines rather than the fear-based ones.

    In this fun and informative Lifescapes Samuel focuses on topics that are especially relevant to us at this chaotic time. His topics include: why joy, rather than happiness or bliss, will carry us through chaotic times; tools to use when facing core issues, changes that need to be made, or aspects of ourselves that need to be resolved; what Samuel meant when he said the solstice energy was “put-up or shut-up” energy; whether there are beings on the planet that aren’t ensouled, or even aren’t a part of Source; the importance of allowing our beliefs to change; the general nature of energy transmissions; plasma cosmology as it relates to the planet; and why physical issues keep coming up.

    During this amazingly informative Lifescapes Samuel’s topics of discussion include: recognizing our patterns of resistance: how they are reflected in the world, and how we can change them; the power of looking for love and positivity in the world; the key to changing timelines; changing others by how we live; a focus to use for bringing healing to the world; how to connect to StarGate power and energy; understanding the three levels of StarGates; why Samuel is here—what his “job is”; determining if a current diet regimen is right for us; the nature of our emotional body and our emotions; the evolutionary path of form from a single cell to the world we live in; why the world has free will and what a world without free will would look like; why animals’ group souls tolerate the abuse of “their” animals, particularly food animals; and, what the future could hold for us and our world.
  • Relationship Roadblocks

    During this meeting, Samuel focuses on the growth of our relationships with ourselves, the world, those around us, and the Divine. The topics he covers in this meeting include: the evolution of our personal awareness from birth through spiritual awareness; two ways we respond to the awakening of our spiritual self; the roles that anger, judgment, and others’ perceptions of us play in our relationships; the wholeness of relationships that “just click”; how our relationships with our mother and father impact our views of and relationships with the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine; why each challenge, problem, or difficulty can bring us a tiny death, or rebirth and renewal; and coming to the point of realizing that each relationship is perfect for us at the time, and that we are perfect, whole, powerful, and good.