• The 2018 Retreat

    A description of this Retreat will be posted soon.
  • Samuel focuses on the importance of preparing for the future as he refers to the vernal equinox and the power of being a fool during his April 1 meeting. During this teaching Samuel shares a powerful set of exercises designed for us to create more of what we want in our lives, and less of the “I’d rather not go through that again” parts of our lives. From there he discusses: how asking “what do I need?” opens us to have and be what we want rather than falling back into the illusion; avoiding the disempowerment of society’s behavioral expectations and it’s resultant embarrassment and self-judgment; the powerful role the fool plays in changing perspective; ways we can be foolish and help others change their version of the world; and that being foolish takes courage because it represents moving fearlessly forward.
  • Revelatory Awareness

    Samuel’s teachings during this meeting relate to how we can best use the energy transmissions of 2018. Though focused on the 2018 energy transmissions, the powerful information Samuel shares is timeless and can be used to bring about personal and planetary change at any time. The topics discussed include: why expressing our truth should be easy; what the energy transmissions are about and how best to use the revelatory awareness that energy brings to us; how we turn off the revelation process; ways we can affect the entire planet and the life force upon it by helping the revelatory process; and a reminder about the only way we can change the world.
  • How Old Are You?

    During this enlightening meeting Samuel discusses and ties together two seemingly unrelated topics, the process of receiving information from the Universe, and how Presidents’ Day is relevant today. And, this meeting contained a special exercise. If you’ve ever wondered about receiving information from outside yourself, how you receive it, or why others get information differently than you, you’ll love Samuel’s exercise that reveals how we each receive information from the Universe. The related topics discussed include: the benefits of receiving information from outside ourselves; how we can slow our aging process; the role the young and the young at heart played during the presidencies of Washington and Lincoln, and the role they play in the present; what ages us; and the traits of being young that we can embrace to change the world.
  • Lifescapes

    During the first in this exciting set of Lifescapes Samuel discusses: the importance of understanding the basis of our choices and of knowing our life’s goal; specific steps we can take to change and grow; an extra-dimensional view of the “help” that comes to the planet during times of transition, and what their lives in form are like; what “mastery” really entails; ways to stop attracting the negative into our lives and begin attracting open doors; how free will works in dimensional reality; the role of “the 12s” of Intent, Thought, Word, and Deed in our world, intergalactic and extragalactic space; and how to manifest in our world.
    The information in this Lifescapes is amazing! Samuel says he is stressing the importance of balance, but in doing so his discussion includes: using a pie chart as a tool to stay balanced, as well as ways we can find balance; gaining information from other timelines and creating a visualization to do it; how to best use energy coming to the planet; accessing the Spirit you are; understanding our view of reality and moving beyond it; multiple Sources and Universes; and two opposing views of the world that depend on our perspective.
    During Samuel’s final Lifescapes of this series his focus is on ways we can increase our spiritual energy, and ways we can help improve the world. Topics discussed include: the difference between creativity and Creatorship, and where we fit in; connecting with our Group of 12; how chemicals (be they medicine or food) effect our energy and how to best use them; the power of intent in our growth; the role suffering plays in our lives; three ways we can change suffering in the world; the power of dark energy; and the origin and expansion of the universe.
  • Samuel’s focus for his first meeting of 2018 is preparing us for the new year—and every year of our lives—by giving us exercises that will help us better experience our world in the coming times. Woven throughout the exercises are discussions about gratitude, releasing, and service. As an added delight, along with the exercises, Samuel leads us in one of his fun and effective visualizations—in this case to install a set of rose-colored glasses.. He ends the meeting asking us to come up with a new way to “serve that which feeds the Light you are—the Love you are.”
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  • Samuel uses different aspects of the holiday season in his annual December first-Sunday meeting. He begins by pointing out that the consistent factor the world over, and throughout time, is that this is a season of Light. His discussion then moves to a brief review of the traditional version of the Christmas Story before it shifts into a fun, light-hearted, and enlightening telling of the story from the “starring” animals’ perspectives. Samuel begins this new tale with: “So, once upon a time in a special land where animals ruled and were a function of the Great One. . .” During this retelling of the story we learn about service, dedication, and giving what is needed at the moment despite the lack of recognition. This powerful story is laced with humor as the audience intersperses animal sounds thoughout. Samuel ends the evening telling us that we are at another time of transition and reminding us how we can serve and become the gift the world needs.
  • “These Lifescapes are about repatterning consciousness from fear to love.”

    Samuel will discuss the three keys to succeeding in spiritual re-patterning are:

    1. recognize and anchor 4th Density from within—ways to see yourself in a new Light;
    2. release patterns of entrained behaviors—ways to know what you want and realize your potential;
    3. restructure the 5 major spiritual blockages—fear, control, anger, contentment, judgment.
  • This meeting focuses on relationships, the importance of knowing what we want and manifestation. Samuel’s topics of discussion include: prioritization as a way to create balance and a good flow; the importance of knowing what you want; understanding the relationship between gratitude and manifestation; the factors behind a dissatisfied life; how best to interact with someone being overly dramatic; and an effective way to know which voices in your head to listen to.
  • Questions and Answers

    During this information-packed meeting Samuel answered questions from the audience with topics including: changes in the filtering aspect of our sun, Vesta-Helios; the way the change to fourth density and the release of fear is changing relationships; what Ascension will mean for us and the planet; the nature of the phenomena seen at Board Camp Crystal Mine in Arkansas; the additional help that is available from the unseen world; why physical form is “a really good thing”; how Source came into being; and changes in the animal and plant kingdoms resulting from the recent density change.
  • During this first meeting after the 2017 total eclipse, Samuel focuses on the changes that the eclipse and other events have brought and will be bringing about in our lives and in the world. The topics he discussed include: how our expectations create the reality we live in; two big things that happened during the eclipse—why they were necessary and the preparation leading up to them; traps to avoid as we adjust to the changing world; how to better see and experience what is now available to us in a 4th Density world; choices we’ll be facing in the coming year; the energetic access that will be available after the twin star gates open later in September; and the key to making a new reality.