• During his Independence Day message Samuel compares our work in overcoming fear and motivating ourselves to move forward to the work of the patriots who had a vision for freedom and self-mastery. Samuel’s discussions include: the importance of having a vision worth taking a risk for; the ultimate purpose of hardships that show up in our paths; the importance of celebrating where we now are in our lives, and of stepping forward to lead the way; and the benefit of focus during this time of high energy transmissions.
  • Among other things, Samuel plans to discuss the three specific frequencies that will accelerate our evolution in consciousness, and the patterns of internal and external communication that will create stronger links between the invisible and visible worlds.
  • During this meeting Samuel focuses on the Illusion that we call Life, and how we can work within it to bring about growth and change for ourselves and the world. The different teachings Samuel shares include: a quick way to make ourselves happy; defining the Illusion; how our perceptions determine our unique experience of the world around us; how to manifest what we want for ourselves and the world, and how to release what we don’t want; using gratefulness to release core issues; and that by remembering that it’s ALL illusion we are able to choose our focus, change our reality, adapt to the Light, be comfortable with Love and Oneness, and actually laugh at the Illusion.
  • During this meeting Samuel focuses on the energy transmissions coming in during the month of May and how they relate to our expression of love, unity, and the Divine Feminine. The topics discussed include: the power of recognizing how unity has served us; the importance of uniting with ourselves and others; the best way to approach each choice we come to; why we should choose the “I’m here to love” doorways; the initial expression from Source of the Divine Feminine; the role of the Divine Feminine in Source Field Manifestation and in our communication with Source; and how the way we interact with others reflects our relationship with the Divine Feminine.
  • A description of this Retreat will be posted soon.
  • Samuel uses spring as the backdrop for this meeting that focuses on helping us learn how we can be renewed each day into an abundant, happy, whole, and constantly growing life. His topics of discussion include: living love as an act of service; ways to keep things we don’t want out of our lives; an exercise to unleash the amazing power of gratitude; and creating the life we love.
  • Questions and Answers

    Samuel starts this meeting saying: “I love to teach through questions and answers” then shifts into answering questions from the audience covering the following topics: the ascended nature of new minerals created since the industrial age; our need to be positive rather than negative with respect to the new U.S. administration; one heart and one mind as they relate to the upcoming change in densities; what star gates are and how they work; whether Mary Magdalene and Jesus were married; how to prepare ourselves for the upcoming August eclipse; Gaia’s part in the “experiment” of form; how we can best experience the energy changes coming in this year; how to create a stronger community at Phoenix; the positive genetic effect of the radiation leak from Japan’s the nuclear reactor and how we can how we can help heal the environmental disaster it has created as well as ourselves; and the best use of a Guardian’s time and energy in aiding change in the government.
  • Entering the Light Bridge

    "2017 is the Year of the Phoenix, a year of growing passion, renewal, and freedom. Many of you will experience a marked rise in your frequency which will create an opportunity to enter and activate a Light Bridge—a permanent doorway between the 5th and 6th densities—in August 2017. "The first step is to clear any fractures in your light body caused by the prolonged shift-energy still coming to earth. his energy is leaving many weary and questioning. To help prepare you for entering the Light Bridge and working on its Activation, I will first teach you how maintain high frequency energy without damaging your core."Samuel logo
  • Samuel begins this meeting reminding us how the recent energy transmissions have been affecting us and of the importance of consciously and constantly remembering this is a time of magic, miracles and manifestation. The topics Samuel discusses include: looking at magic as a tool to get what you need; what all humans need regardless of cultural or economic situation; how manifesting through the gut brain, the heart brain, and the head brain differ; a streamlined technique for manifesting and creating miracles; seeing manifestation as being a process, not a reward; and a simple exercise for becoming a positive force of love in the world and removing doubt, fear, and the negative input that day-to-day living can dump onto us.
  • Samuel uses the first day of 2017 to briefly review 2016 and discuss the amazing changes that are available in 2017. His discussion topics include: the difference between resolutions based on spiritual activities and those based on emotional, mental, or physical ones; a simple but thought-provoking exercise using the gratitudes of 2016 to create the wisdom for 2017; preparing for and using the energy transmissions during the first three months of 2017; the world-changing energy transmissions coming at the summer solstice—how to prepare for them and what they can bring; why the energy coming at the August 21 full solar eclipse causes Samuel to call 2017 the Year of the Phoenix—the Rebirth; and the nature of the energy transmissions that have been coming to the planet since 2012.
  • Samuel’s unique holiday message looks at the quiet ones who serve this world, noticed and unnoticed. His topics of discussion include: that Avataric Function, which works in cycles of 2,500 years, is coming back around now; those who, “behind the scenes,” made the Christmas Story possible; that change can only happen because of those willing to step out of the limelight to support the one in it; recognizing the usually unseen ones who support our daily lives in so many ways; and the importance of celebrating the all-too-often-forgotten Lights around us.
  • Gratitude is the Key

    With the backdrop of Thanksgiving, Samuel focuses his teaching on the power of being grateful. His discussions include: why some people’s deaths affect us differently; gratitude as a key to manifestation and prosperity; the difference between gratitude and thanks; the relationship between gratitude and unhealthy attachments; using gratitude as a point of focus; how we invest in our negativity; and using gratitude to recognize our purpose.