One of Samuel’s favorite ways of teaching is through Questions and Answers. During this fun and informative evening of questions, Laura Reed functioned as “Source” relaying questions to Samuel. Among many topics Samuel discussed: if the Watchers had a response so far about what is going on with the planet; the Scotland and England Star Gates and their impact on the planet; how opening the Fire Gate in November will effect the planet and life force on it; what “Light” means in Samuel’s 22 Releasing Statements; the difference between civilizations on earth and on other planets; if it ever makes sense to ask for less energy; the corona virus and its possibility of mutation; what it will take to end the political polarization in this country; if calling food sensitivities and veganism an “allergy” is honest; the fifth force and it’s function; using “Vesta Helios” in Star Weaving; Sun Gazing; more about the cosmic shift we’re feeling; and coordinating our priorities, short, medium and long range.