During Samuel’s second Weekend Update his focus is on changes happening to our genetic structure and the harmonic connections both within our bodies and throughout the blueprint of creation. The topics of discussion include: the importance of determining whether or not our lives and all that surround us promote our physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual growth; a mental process to help with letting go and de-cluttering; the crystalline light structure of our bodies; how our body takes in, uses, and transforms energy to impact our DNA; our need to and the process to re-harmonize, re-pattern, and re-create; the role 12 and sequences of 12 plays in our world, in Stargate energy, and in our DNA; the reactivation of additional strands of DNA and their relationship to our vibrational frequency; how to anchor higher frequencies; our bodies shifting from carbon-based to more silicate/plasma based physical forms; and the changes that will take place in early May and the choices we need to make by then.