Thriving During Times of Cosmic Change


“Massive influxes of higher dimensional energy are now and will continue creating major changes in the lives of Guardians, and in the world itself throughout 2015. These Lifescapes will be tailored to help you make the best use of these activating energy cycles so that when you look back on this time you can be proud of what you have achieved.”Samuel logo

Samuel discusses:

  • functioning consciously within multidimensional reality;
  • densities of form, spirit, and illusion;
  • the differences between reality and dimensions of reality;
  • the signs of time-travel fatigue.

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Samuel designed this Lifescapes series to help us best use the incoming energy cycles. In the first of this Lifescapes series, his discussion focuses on defining, as much as possible, and helping the group understand the twelve densities of form and their importance for Guardians working in service to the Plan. In this discussion Samuel also talked about: how to tell if we’re empowering our Spirit or our human self, and whether we are strengthening the Illusion or the wholeness behind the Illusion; the choice to embrace empowerment or victimhood; tips for shifting out of the Illusion of our humanness; what “guiding and guarding all life force to bring it to Sacred Status” actually means; the causes and symptoms of time travel sickness; ways to help balance incoming energies from now through 2017; and using opposing forces to create immediate change.
Samuel designed this series of Lifescapes to help us best use the incoming energy cycles. In this second, and final Lifescapes series his discussion focuses on sharing a deeper understanding of the twelve densities of form as he further defines them, including how we move through them, and the importance for Guardians working in service to the Plan to understand them. In this discussion, Samuel also talks about: the “help” coming our way from 2012 to 2017, and how its effect manifests in our lives; the importance of understanding that form-based life is an Illusion; steps to take, and attitudes to develop that will help us function outside of that Illusion; the negative symptoms of “bouncing” between densities—time travel sickness—and how to overcome them; a brief look at our Sirian connections; the genetic and electromagnetic changes the incoming energy are creating; a review of the Solstice energy opportunities; and tips for communicating with crystals, and what the Ascended mineral kingdom has to offer Guardians.

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