The Ascension Dilemma


“You are in the midst of a great shift in Ascension. Your multi-dimensional reality brings you to a place of remembrance and reconnection. It is a time of dancing in the great power of having one foot in the fire and the other in the Great Spiral.”Samuel logo

In these Lifescapes Samuel discusses:

  • Recognizing the Twelve Levels of Ascended Consciousness
  • Using Light and Sound to Activate a Twelve-strand DNA Interface
  • Balancing Your Evolving Energy System
  • And a Technique for Activating Higher Consciousness

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Samuel begins his Atlanta portion of the “The Ascension Dilemma” series focusing on the process of physical, mental and emotional, and spiritual Ascension, as well as the dilemma inherent in choosing to grow rather than remain the same. After this opening, Samuel’s topics include: a comprehensive discussion of the three types of Ascension and their further division into the 12 levels of Ascension; how we experience the positive and negative aspects of each level of Ascension, and how to bring balance within each level; an extensive explanation of the genetic changes that occur during the Ascension process; an energy technique to help us through these changes, and for stimulating higher consciousness; the physical, mental, and emotional, and spiritual effect light has on us; the power of color; ways to recognize color by touch and through our internal knowing; how to find the “song” of a specific color; how sound stimulates our spiritual Light Body as well as the role it plays in the Ascension process; and the dilemma of Ascension.
The Lexington portion of Samuel’s “The Ascension Dilemma” series focuses on the 12 Levels of Ascension the physical, mental and emotional, bodies go through. Additionally, he discusses the dilemma inherent in choosing to grow rather than remain the same as well as the following topics: that our bodies are made up of Light, crystals, and more strands of DNA than are currently accepted; how the evolutionary process of the physical body moves to the evolution of the Spirit; that the journey of Ascension has no rule book and the process is different for each of us; the activation of additional strands of DNA during the Ascension process; using the Light frequencies of our Blueprints; using sound and color to activate our Light Blueprint for moving forward in the Ascension process; an energizing and balancing visualization; and understanding the 12 levels of Ascension.
Pittsburgh’s portion of Samuel’s “The Ascension Dilemma” series focuses on the 12 levels of ascension of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. During this teaching Samuel discusses: the origin and impact of our abandonment and betrayal issues; the activation of our survival system as we shift to a more spiritual function and how it shows up in our lives; the way our personal ascension process begins; effective methods of response when core issues flare up; learning to sense, distinguish, and use the energy of sound and color; the characteristics and “symptoms” of each of the 12 Levels of Ascension; and an overview of the evolutionary journey of personal Ascension.

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