Cord work is a practical and effective tool Samuel taught many years ago and still recommends today. You can use it to send Love and blessings to anyone–even animals and plants—and also help resolve conflicts with people you can’t speak to directly (for whatever reason). It’s fun to use to send Love while waiting in line or for an appointment, or even use it to help calm a volatile situation (even works for screaming babies). At the very least, you’ll likely see the person you’re sending your cords to take a bewildered look around them, as though they felt or heard the connection.

Using a Cord of Light for Love and Resolution

In nearly every situation that would be helped by “sending energy,” using this cord of Light technique is a way to help send out your Intent.

  1. Create a positive intent for this visualization
  • What is your purpose for connecting with this individual?
  • Are you filling them with pure love?
  • Are you wishing to send thoughts of comfort and strength?
  • Are you seeking a peaceful, easy resolution to an issue?

Put your thoughts into a simple, affirming sentence and imagine the positive end product as clearly as you possibly can. See as many details you can, involving as many of your senses as possible. Visualize the individual you’re connecting with experiencing this conclusion fully, easily, and without resistance. That is your Intent.

  1. Now imagine there are two cords of Light going from you to the other person, a gold cord from between your brows, and a silver cord from your heart. (Alternatively, simply use two white cords. Samuel has said gold represents the masculine, or outward function; silver represents the feminine, or inward function; and white is the Source/Spirit function and can be used to amplify the masculine or feminine function if needed.)

Use your Intent to determine the nature/color of the cord you need to do the work.

  1. Imagine those cords coming from your forehead and heart and twining together into a strong, glowing, single cord that reaches toward the person you’re visualizing (be they a foot or two or thousands of miles away.)
  2. As that cord nears the individual, the now single cord separates in front of the person, so that the cord starting from between your brows attaches to the individual’s heart, and the cord originating from your heart area beams into the area between the brows of the other person.
  3. Now allow yourself to send your Intent through the cord into the mind and heart of the individual, filling them with the power of your loving Intent. As that Intent pulses through the cords, claim “This or something better for the highest good of all concerned.”

Although at first reading this might seem like a complex visualization, with practice you’ll find yourself doing cord work quickly and easily with amazing results!


  1. Create a positive Intent
  2. Visualize a cord of Light coming from your forehead/brow and one from your heart (gold, silver, or white)
  3. Allow the two cords to twine together and go to the forehead and heart of the other (the cord at your forehead goes to their heart, and the one from your heart to their forehead)
  4. Fill the cord with your Intent (love, blessings, comfort, healing energy … )
  5. Good work!