Smudging is a quick and easy tool for purifying a physical space through a conscious act of love. The space will feel lighter and fresher when the smudging is completed.

You’ll need ONE of the following:

  • a lit stick of sandalwood or amber incense
  • salt that can be sprinkled (though we suggest you don’t sprinkle it onto on carpet or grass or it will injure both)
  • salt water that can be sprinkled or spritzed

Samuel’s directions for smudging

1) Before beginning, establish yourself in the loving work you are about to do in whatever way works best for you. Anchor yourself in love by silently affirming your intent to spread wholeness, joy and love throughout the space.

2) Standing inside the room, start by facing the main entrance, and always work in a clockwise direction around the inside of the walls. As you are waving your stick of incense, or sprinkling salt or salt water, constantly murmur aloud your affirmations of the positive energy for the space. Samuel has said that murmuring aloud is important because it utilizes the power of three—thinking it, saying it, and hearing it. An example of a positive affirmation is, “This space is filled with love, light, happiness, awareness, wholeness and joy.” In this smudging process, your smoke or salt serves to neutralize the existing energy of the space, making it easier to fill it with the positive energy of your affirmations. Statements about removing something (negativity, anger or pain, for instance) should not be used.

3) Work clockwise around the space, tracing a pentagram (a five-pointed star within a circle) over any opening that goes to the outside of the room, such as doorways, windows, air vents, drains, exhaust fans, etc. Stand in a position from which you can view the entire opening. With your stick of incense or your hand, trace the pentagram in two steps

• Starting at position #1 in the diagram, trace a circle clockwise that encompasses the entire doorway or opening (returning to position #1 in the diagram).

• After tracing the circle, create your star inside the circle by beginning at position #1 of the circle and then tracing to each point as shown.

4) When you have returned to the main entrance, you are finished with smudging that space. If you are smudging multiple rooms you are ready to move on to the next room to the right (keeping things moving in a clockwise direction).

This process will not only transform and enliven the space; you will also be uplifted as a result of consciously putting out positive energy with a focus of love. It really does make a difference!

Some ways to use smudging:

Samuel recommends smudging before sleeping in a new space such as a hotel room, spare bedroom or dormitory. The clear energy not only will make for more restful sleep, but better dreams as well.

Smudging can be incorporated into a house blessing or other dedication of a space to its intended use.

Smudging can be helpful when moving into a new office or work space.

When strongly negative events or events involving strong emotion or chaotic energy have occurred in a space, smudging can help return a sense of calm and peace to the space. For instance, classrooms and therapists’ offices can benefit from regular smudging. Rooms in hospitals and nursing homes can be smudged, although discretion in doing so is advised.

To smudge yourself or another person (with their permission) you may use incense, salt or saltwater, moving in a clockwise direction around the person. Self-smudging can help you to clear your energy and claim a loving focus.

Some Additional Notes on Smudging:

Samuel tells us that smudging is primarily a work of intent. Through using focused thought (affirming your intent), word (murmuring) and deed (physical action) you bring your loving intent into manifestation. Smudging works in the unseen, but its effects are real and can be felt and responded to even by those who are completely unaware of its having taken place. Smudging can never do harm, because it is based in pure love, joy and wholeness.

The words and actions involved in smudging help our brains to recognize and accept the work that we’re doing through our intent and thought.

Please give smudging a try and let us know how it goes in the comment section below.

(And thanks to Tina for originally getting the transcript of this teaching started all those years ago. Thanks, and blessings to you, dear Tina!)

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