What you’ll need:

  1. a bowl of pure water; and
  2. a small plate or bowl containing a few drops of either sandalwood or amber essential (concentrated) oil mixed with a small amount of pure oil base, such as almond oil or an unscented massage oil in a small bowl or container.

Step One

Think about what you are going to do and why you are doing it so that the actual anointing is the last bit of work left in the final release. This is setting your Intent. (Examples could be: “My Intent here is to help my friend make her transition in the easiest possible way,” or “I am anointing myself to let go of my debilitating childhood memories.”


Remember that gratitude is a sign of letting go, so immerse yourself in gratitude for this person (or situation), and, on a mental level throughout the anointing process continue expressing your gratitude —“I am grateful for your presence in my life;” “I am grateful for the wisdom you’ve shared with me;” “I am grateful for your sense of humor/big heart/good memories/service to the world …”

Step Two

As the anointer, you are first going to symbolically purify yourself by touching the fingers of either hand into the bowl of water then, with those wet fingers, touching the top of your head, your heart, your left and then right palm, and finally, at the point where the toes meet the foot, your left and then right foot (Samuel says there is actually no specific order as long as each of these spots is symbolically purified).


It is time to anoint for release. Again, while continuing to express gratitude for this person’s role in your life (the role the experience played in your life), specifically acknowledge that it is time for your friend to leave this world, and visualize them moving out of their body and into a place of bright, white Light filled with peace and love.

Step Three:
Touching energy points

While you are mentally expressing gratitude rub a small amount of the oil mixture into:

  • the center of first one and then the other of their palms. This is a chakra area where energy comes in and goes out of the body;
  • the heart, which is a recognition of the energy that maintains the physical body. Before describing the spot to touch, Samuel warns us not to fall into polite modesty and just touch any point on the middle of the chest. He goes on to say, “There are two places on the chest where you can feel the heartbeat the best, one a little higher than the other.” Find the spot between the two to touch your oil to. (This spot will be on the pectoral muscle, slightly to the right (their left) of center as you are looking at them.)
  • the slight indentation (the “soft spot”) at the very top of their head. Samuel says to recognize this spot as the point of completion for their human energy, for it is from this spot that the energy of “that which makes you human” flows; finally,
  • the bottom and top of each foot where the toes meet the foot. This area has concentrated nerve endings that affect the whole body.

When you’ve completed these four areas (hands, heart, top of the head, feet) remember to thank yourself for giving and receiving this gift, and thank them for allowing you to serve in this manner.

Anointing a person who is in the process of dying is a powerful gift to give them. This will not “kill them,” and may not even speed up the dying process, but it will allow their Spirit to more easily separate from the physical body if they have a portal (which Samuel calls a cosmic opportunity to die).

This information was compiled from a teaching Samuel gave at the October 6, 2002 Sunday night meeting at Phoenix Institute. Since that time he has updated this ritual a little with the information that if someone has been through a long and difficult dying process, you can anoint every major joint in the body (shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles), as well as those mentioned already; additionally, anoint the “third eye” area of the forehead while both visualizing white light pouring into this area and mentally seeing their Spirit departing on that beam of white light.

We’re concluding here with a list of very condensed instructions:

  • Set Intent
  • Fill yourself with Gratitude
  • Symbolically purify self (water on palms, heart, crown, feet)
  • Symbolically release (oil on palms, heart, crown, feet)
  • Gratitude