The summer solstice of 2015 brought some big changes into my life, and one of those was the ability to clearly and easily communicate with my crystals. This ability isn’t something available only to a chosen few; I’ve been able to teach many people how to successfully talk to their crystals in order to receive wisdom and help in their day-to-day lives. It’s worth a try!

Why in the world would a crystal want to communicate with you? Because the ascended mineral kingdom has work to do on this planet, and that work is to help you Ascend. They’re here to be tools, and are filled with ancient knowledge as well as practical help for right now. Each crystal has a different “voice” and those voices change for each person, but I believe you’ll find that once you start communicating with your crystals they won’t stop communicating with you!

Now, there are two things you need to do before you start.

First, dig out those crystals from the back of your closet or purchase one if you don’t have any. See the sidebar below for a few tips on buying a crystal.

Second, you want to clear the crystal (of other people’s energy) and bond with it. You can clear a crystal easily simply by soaking it for an hour or so in lightly salted water (I use approximately 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt in a sink full of water) or leaving it in the sunlight for a few hours (be sure your mineral isn’t one that will fade in direct sunlight, such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Celestite, Smoky Quartz, Sapphire, Topaz among others; if it is, use the dilute salt-water mixture instead). Or, you can clear them through your intention, remembering to visualize them surrounded with your love and seeing them whole, clean, fully ready to work with you.

To bond with your crystal all you need to do is keep it on you for a few days—carry it around as close to your skin as possible. There are two ways I know the crystal has bonded with me. The first is simply a sense that the crystal is mine. I wouldn’t want to give it up, it has become a friend, or even a part of myself, part of my crystal family. The second way is to hold it to my forehead and if I get a sense of strong, clear pattern and/or color rather than the weak flashes I received previously, then I’ve bonded.

Are you ready to learn the crystal’s language?

Crystal in handStart out sitting by yourself—no crystal for this—for a few moments to get a sense of what you feel like.

Close your eyes and use your senses to give yourself a baseline measurement of your current state. What are you hearing? What are you seeing (with your eyes closed)? Do you smell anything? and so forth. Establishing this baseline will help you know what is your “normal” as opposed to when the crystal is trying to be heard.

Now merge with your crystal. The way I do this is to take a moment to hold the crystal between my hands with the thought, “I am merging my crystalline being with the crystalline being you are.” Then I imagine myself becoming a single point of light that then moves inside of the crystal.

Suspend judgment. Turn off your brain as much as possible. Just prepare to experiment.

Crystal on woman's foreheadNext, lie down and center the crystal onto your forehead just above your eyebrows—the area thought of as the third eye. Place your crystal into different positions until you find the position that is most comfortably balanced on your forehead. If it’s quartz, which will have obvious facets, that is a fairly easy process; if it is a rough, rocky-type of mineral it might take multiple tries to find the perfect balance for you. The time will come when you can do this process sitting or standing, and very quickly, but for now lying down just makes things easier.

Close your eyes and notice if you see colors, geometric shapes, or if thoughts begin to form in your mind (talking to yourself). Don’t keep the crystal in this area long, though, because next you’re going to do the same process with the crystal on your heart, then the top of your head, and finally between the palms of your hands. You’re looking for the area that gives you the clearest and strongest connections. When you determine which area gives you the clearest images or information (it’s about quality, not quantity), use your crystal on that spot. The clarity is your crystal telling you where it wants to work and you won’t need to test the other places (palms, heart, forehead, crown) when you​ work with it next time.

Time for fun!

Smokey QuartzNow it’s time to have some fun! Your next step is to ask your crystal to give you some information. I like to ask, “what wisdom do you have for me?” or, “what do I need to know now?” Wait for it. Be patient for it, sometimes it takes a few moments to begin receiving. However, be careful that you don’t wait too long or you’ll start thinking too much, just give it five or ten seconds.​

Like beginning any new language, you’ll learn by the associative process. Your brain is translating the pure information from your crystal into your mind as symbols you’re familiar with. (This is a dog, *sees picture of a dog,* thinks about what the concept of “dog” means right now, it may be different tomorrow. For instance, does the idea of a dog mean “loving and loyal friend” to you, or a “scary, protective guard?”) Just ask yourself, “what does this color, design, or mental image mean to me?” in order to work out what this beginning communication is about.

Don’t be surprised if you find your crystal connects with you in different ways at different times; I believe they are always trying to make contact and they’re trying to do that in whatever way we will most easily accept.

For instance, I have crystals that sing—I hear a very pure tone, unique to each crystal, which I find very soothing. When I want to be soothed, I’ll choose one of those (and yes, combining them will give you a small symphony!).

I have crystals that take me on journeys that begin with geometric patterns and resolve into scenes of various types, such as moving through space—with stars, planets, gas clouds, and wormholes–or earth landscapes such as snowy mountains, flower-filled meadows, or lively rivers—some I’ve visited and some that seem new to me. With these crystals the journey seems to about me meeting someone (I think of being as the crystal’s own spirit) who then talks with me. I also have crystals that just start out speaking to me within my mind with words (this is especially true of my “Lemurian” crystal wands) and with which I can have a question and answer session.

SodaliteIf you find that you’re just unsure what is being communicated to you through your crystal, then the next time you are working with it, ask it to speak to you in a way that you will better understand. Many of those I’ve worked with have found that simple request makes a big difference. Ask your crystal to be clearer—it wants you to understand what it has to offer you.

If you find you’re getting to0 much information too quickly, imagine a filter between you and the crystal so that information comes slowly—in my experience, the crystal will understand.

And finally the most important aspect of learning to communicate with you​r crystals: Samuel has said that when doing spiritual exercises never to say or think that you’re making up what you are receiving. It may be that you are making this up. It might be that we are making it up at first, but with continued practice you’ll come to know the difference between what you already know and the new information that comes from crystal communication. It might take some time, but before long you’ll know the sound of “you” and recognize your own voice as separate from the other communications you receive. Until then, let your ​let your higher self or subconscious do the talking if you’re weirded-out by the thought of a crystal talking to you—just don’t say you’re making it up! Get out of your head and be willing accept whatever you get.

And that’s it. Practice makes perfect. It is trickier to clean and clear your crystals than it is to learn their language and what they have for you—really! Go in with that attitude, believe your crystals are talking to you, then listen and think about what you have received and put into place as appropriate. Then repeat as needed. Above all, have fun—this is the Universe talking to itself, remember?

Let me know how your communication with your crystals is working out! What sort of messages are you getting, and are they clear and helpful? Have you heard your crystals “sing” or seen pictures, and if so, what did they sound or look like? This could be a great opportunity for all of us to share our “gets” and help each other in this practice, so please comment away!

A Few Tips for Buying a Crystal

There are many rock and gem shows with vendors selling minerals of many types, all of which have a unique voice. My way of finding the one that is for me is to:

1) Ask the Universe to lead me to a crystal that would be helpful for me right now.

2) As I look through crystals of all kinds, I seek the ones that seem to catch and maintain my attention. That will usually give me two or three (or ten or twelve) crystals that seem special to me.

3) I begin to pare down my selection in this way:

a) I determine which crystals have the most “buzz.” (Quartz, tourmaline, and topaz, among a few others, have a piezoelectric quality so that when gently squeezed a sensitive hand can actually feel the slight buzz from the crystal.)

b) If I don’t feel a buzz in my hand, I’ll often put a crystal to my forehead, covering the third-eye area just over the top of my eyebrows in the center of my forehead, then I’ll close my eyes and push the crystal slightly to feel the buzz.

c) That usually does it, but if it doesn’t work, I’ll look at the color formations behind my eyelids. Don’t mistake this for your eyes’ natural response to lack of outside light (phosphenes created through the brain translating biophotonic light). If you’re not sure whether or not the color is from the crystal, before you put it to your forehead close your eyes and note the colors and designs you see without the crystal, then repeat the process with the crystal to your forehead.

After those simple steps, I just choose the crystal(s) with the most bang for my buck!

There are plenty of books and websites that will give you all kinds of reasons to buy this or that crystal based on the properties someone decided that mineral had—and that’s fine. But once you’ve found the type of mineral you want based on whatever criteria you wish, you can then buy the buzziest one.