Welcome to a new year!

Samuel started 2019 off with a New Year’s Eve event and ritual at Phoenix Institute in Lexington, Kentucky. It was an incredible night full of much energy, love, light, and laughter.

Samuel spoke to the group before the ritual reflecting on some of the highs and lows of 2018 before discussing the amazing potential and promise of the new year, which he’s calling the Year of the Watchers.

Here’s a transcript of what Samuel said that very special evening.

Samuel: Greetings, mon! [lots of laughter]

Jamaica is filled with the Scots. It is. So . . .

We are gathered together in the sight of Source, no . . . [much laughter]

I don’t know what I enjoy more. That you choose to bring in the new year through a high ritual or that this year is ending, and you have a new one coming up. [laughter]

It’s been a very good year for everybody who was able to find gratitude in all functions of growth; for those who recognized that unity is more important than any individual wants and needs when it is about serving this world with love, your function as a Guardian. It’s been a good year for those who have allowed themselves to learn more about Love.

Now, as I’ve said before and will probably continue saying until there is nothing that marks time at all, Love is not an easy thing unless, of course, you’re limiting it to that human emotion love. But to learn to live Love is not natural to the human condition because the human condition is all about survival and that survival is centered around ego. So it’s very easy for the ego to only care about it’s needs and not recognize the power that comes out of unity.

This has been a year in which you have learned to ask for help. In which you have learned to reach out and give help—or not. In which you have been able to see exactly what your core issues look like, and you can only begin to know what a gift that is because that means you’ve got it. You recognize it in ways you had not before. It’s kind of a yellow Volkswagon thing: now that you know what it is, you’ll see it. It’s also kind of the dream you’re walking naked on the beach and didn’t realize it until you glance down and figure out why everyone is laughing. Because this year has been the opportunity to pretty much strip yourself bare, hasn’t it?

Physically, well I won’t use that curse word about why bodies are beginning to break down–but [instead will say] learning to live with grace. To, ahem, age with grace. Learning to thrive instead of just survive. 2018 has given a lot physically and taken a lot physically, but maybe more so mentally and emotionally. But, I’m going to use the word conquering, because it is a battle of will, but the conquering of yourself has allowed for great growth spiritually.

2019 is a culmination of sorts. Particularly over the last 5 years you have been gifted with tremendous amounts of energy coming to your world—massive transmissions of information available to you. I also could say you have been bombarded by it, but you have been moving into an energetic field that, for this particular cycle, peaked this year, and as a result of that, now it’s incubation time. That makes it sound like some kind of virus, doesn’t it? There’s more to that than you might think. Viral attack is what mutates your DNA. But that incubation is bringing an audience. And 2019 is the Year of the Watcher.

And that’s two things: it’s you watching this universe get closer; and, it’s this universe watching you. I have said for 26.5 million years, give or take 6 months, that you are amazing, magnificent, powerful, beautiful beacons, functions of Source Love and Light. And you are drawing to you those that want to see how the experiment is working. Your magnificence is only doubted by yourself. It’s not doubted by those who watch.

As I’ve also said for the last blah, blah, blah, right? [laughter] Guardians lead the way. What you do sets forth a dynamic energetic change, and it’s picked up on by those who are the most sensitive to it and on and on and on. I think some of you have become so used to seeing something you thought becoming mass thought, something you’ve done the way that you do it—your unique spin—becoming a part of mass consciousness that you have forgotten how incredible it is. You’ve been forgetting, perhaps, your magnificence. I encourage you not only to look for it, but to acknowledge it. Because this universe needs to see that you’ve got this. That you see what you’re doing. Additionally, of course, you’re seeing what you’re doing, and acknowledging that affects your daily intent because you have become more aware that not only what you do but even what you think affects the world.

And when you’re feeling great, grand and groovy. Really? All right. And when you’re feeling great, grand and groovy to realize that that is what you want in the world. Everybody say it with me, to feel Great, Grand, and Groovy! What is that from?

Stuart: it’s something that one of my bandmates said to me many years ago and something Lea and I will say to each other from time to time.

Samuel (to the audience): Really, you have no idea what I find in here [Lea’s head]. It can be quite surprising.

2019. Every day another chance to serve others, to bring Love into the world, to be your magnificent self. 2019. Every day you get to wake up and start again, to play on the sunbeams, to enjoy the Joy. Every day you get to wake up and do it better. Every day you get to be your best self with the reward of not only feeling it, seeing it, hearing it, touching, smelling, tasting the glories of individuation within form, not only that, but you get to change the world as you see it, as you experience it. You get to do what you came here to do. What a gift that comes with bonuses!

Have you ever had one of those days in which you were good-busy? You knew you were getting stuff done, marked them off the to-do list, you were efficient, you were wise, you were active. You had the energy you needed and you got a lot done. And at the end of the day, yes, you were tired but it felt good. You’ve had those days? You get to have that every day here. You get to. Because I’m telling you that without the forms that you’re using [your body], you don’t get high-def, extra color. [laughter] I so appreciate that you always get my jokes.

It is amazing being here. What’s more, and this is not meant to be an advertisement but here it comes, it’s going to be anyway. This is the year I get to take you back to Scotland! Now is that going to be fun, or what? I get to show you the secret places and that’s good. And all right, all right, we’ll go to England, too. [laughter] Well, of course that’s the major StarGate, don’t tell. Of course, you’ll be there too.

So, 2019 is exciting. And there is no better thing that I can think of than to bring it in with you who have loved for so long. Loved this idea; loved this experiment enough to sacrifice by taking on the limitations of this incredible place. Because as much as what you see, and feel, and touch, taste, smell, and think can be astoundingly wonderful, there is the little thing of you’re going to forget what you really are and you may well start believing that this illusion is what there is. And when you forget what you are, what you’re forgetting is that you totally encompass All That Is. And, while there is something to be said for multiple orgasms. [laughter] Well, I thought a lot more of you would laugh at that one but I guess there are enough in here who do not do that that they’re jealous and saying too bad.

Stuart: I’m jealous.

Samuel: You’re jealous. You should be! [laughter]

While there is something to be said for that, there is a lot to be said for fully knowing that you are a whole and purified function of Source in this world and without that there is no separation, there simply is the full knowing beyond the Source field.

It’s kind of nice. [chuckles]

Thank you! I recognize your sacrifice. I recognize the frustration it can bring. I recognize the delight and horror, the joy and the tears that make up this experience. And you, my magnificent love, you do not give up. You have not given up. Every day you give it another chance. Even when yesterday was hard and you know today will be hard, you keep going though many do not. And, I’m going to say that again in case you’re not getting what I’m saying: Many do not. And you add to that, you not only keep going you keep growing. You’re on to you. I love that. And you do that because it’s a choice to keep growing. Because it’s a choice you make. I’m so grateful.

This ritual is about, as all of my rituals are, service to the world toward the completion of The Plan for this planet and all life force on it. Always. But this one is also a love note to you. Listen to it. Listen to what you feel—yes, that is exactly what I meant to say: Listen to what you feel as you serve this ritual. And you serve this ritual whether you volunteered for a part or not. You serve this ritual because you’re sitting here hearing it, thinking about what you heard, and being affected by it.

This ritual calls for a lot of help and I want you to bring it up and take it home with you. Use this ritual to recognize the feel of the Watchers, the Keepers, the creations of energy. This ritual is meant to stun your light body. Again, take it with you. You are a magnificent function of Love and Light in this world and I love you so far more than silly words can possibly express. Thank you for this. Have a wonderful new year as well as a wonderful 2019, the Year of the Watchers.