Samuel’s storytelling abilities never cease to amaze me. He’s a master bard and weaves so many meaty (vegan, of course) morsels into each tale.

This story about Atlantis is from Samuel’s September 2, 2018 meeting at Phoenix Institute. The message is so powerfully important for this time right now that we wanted to share it with you ASAP.

Much love to and appreciation for our dear friend, Don, for sending us his notes. If you would like to listen to the full Sunday night message from Samuel, you can order a copy here:

Samuel’s first-Sunday meeting 9/2/2018.

“Atlantis is about work, and Labor Day seemed particularly fitting to take a few moments to talk about Atlantis. Has nothing to do with just having opened a StarGate, that has to do with a primary Atlantean connection. But, nonetheless Atlantis is a lovely mythology; or is it? There are so many different versions of what Atlantis is about, what it looked like where it was, what it’s doing tomorrow for lunch. And the more people you talk to about it, you’re pretty much going to get one of two things. You’re going to get everything they’ve heard from Plato forward, or you’re going to just get laughed at.

“So I’m going to go in a different direction; sort of like I do with the Christmas story. Instead of talking about a great birth, I talk to you about what the sheep had to say. So I want you to just put on your magic hat, put on the mind of 4-year-old and be exceedingly creative here, and I’m going to give you a once upon a time, all right?

“Once upon a time, you know the next line, right? Long, long ago in a land far far away, (126 million years ago, give or take 6 months), your planet was visited by Shining Ones. Every ancient culture in your written history talks about about a time in which Bright Ones, Shining Ones, Watchers, gods, angels, came to this earth to help.

“In this story, we’re going to just take that one step closer to you and we’re going to say that in this story those Shining Ones have come and their work (because it’s Labor Day right?) was about helping the life that was here to advance more quickly. They did this because the desire was for the earth and all life force upon it come to, to join, the greater (I always have to be careful with my wording here) the greater council, confederation of advanced beings. Now I’m not going to go there very far; this is after all, a First Sunday. But the desire was to help earth’s often difficult experience become more heart-centered, rather than head-centered. Because they did indeed teach many advanced techniques to the societies that were in the world but they did it essentially through teaching the awareness of Light and Information. Because ultimately that is what your Universe is about: Light as the vehicle of information.

“To bring that information into the world they created a home base, if you will. As Lexington, Phoenix Institute’s home base, it has sister organizations, Phoenix Institute Pittsburgh, Phoenix Institute Atlanta —and connections throughout the US, for their home base the Shining Ones created one on a continent, not so very large, inhabited by a council of guess how many—of 12—whose work was to send out from there those who could spread the message of Light and preparation for Information–that information helping individual spiritually ascend.

“In our story, a really good try was made, but it did not work. So it was tried again; and it looked like it was going, but it didn’t work. And there were a couple of more tries before finally there was a home base of Light, of Love, of Power–from which many went out to establish across the planet more of that Light and Love and Power.

“All right, all of this is the first paragraph of our story, not the main point. The main point is about what happened from there. Things finally seemed to be moving along in a very good way; and the council itself eventually dispersed onto different areas of the planet. Guess how many different areas? Twelve. Got it. And the idea was to leave Atlantis in the hands of the Ascended Ones. And that’s exactly what was done. Atlantis was left in the hands of those who absolutely could be trusted with continuing the work and continuing the power.

“But something began to happen. After the main Council had dispersed into the world, communication wasn’t as easy all of the sudden; there wasn’t that constant feel of Love and Light and Power. People were needing to consciously create what had always been an easy flow for themselves. Those who seemed to know what was going on–and certainly who acted as though they were getting that love, light and power on a regular basis–became leaders: priests, priestesses. Essentially, religions began to form following this one and that one and this one.

“And division began happening within individuals. Atlantis began to crack, because that’s what division does. Atlantis began to have a population–and this was a very slow thing–began to have a population who felt not that they needed to consciously work on this love, but that instead, if they followed this person or that person or that person, and made sure that they followed every rule, all would be well. And of course, it was not. Because that is not the nature of life in this world.

“It’s not about who tells you what to do, including me. It’s about learning to hear your heart and function in love. But as is often the case where there is power given to a few, very often there becomes a need, not to maintain that original flow but to, instead, to maintain power instead. And decisions and actions were taken that were not about right action; not about consciously living in love. Greed began to appear from that point. Division and greed go together, by the way. The greed to be sure that they have the power they want, ultimately. And as this story continues, all manner of misuse of power began to claim Atlantis.

Misuse of power is a choice. And that choice is about ego. On this Labor Day, I would like for you to think about the misuse of power that you see around you so often. I’m not going to get too political here—oops, just did it—but think about governments and how easy it is not to love a population but to want to control them. Think about industries who want to keep their interests going and will do whatever they can to ensure that they are being heard about the herd a lot of times. Think about neighborhoods, where this is where the people who are affluent live; this is where the people who do not have money live, and again there are these great divisions. Think about what you have seen in your own life–perhaps families, perhaps your own relationships in which division has ended up in separation, and slowly piece by piece, the continent comes apart.

“Atlantis, as the story goes, sunk beneath the waves and, indeed, that is ultimately what happens when there has been misuse of power, a lack of right action, not functioning in Love and Light and Power. When individuals have forgotten their truest work in the world, which is to love in everything they do. That bumper sticker again is: Love All, Always.

“But forgetting that creates loss: loss of good governance, of healthy industry, loss of solid groups and relationships of all kinds. It takes work to make it right. And of course, what the Atlantean Council had created was a shifting away from that first center; a moving outward to spread that Light and Love and Power. And it’s in the work of spreading that Love, and Light and Power that you create again a solid base, a new continent if you will (sort of stuck under Bimini for the most part).

“It’s only then that you get the happily ever after. But if you do not put in the work, do not consciously choose to be your best, flowing in love, you will see the misuse of power destroying you, everything you love, and the plan for the world as you know it.

“And this isn’t ‘get you in a dark alley and threaten you.’ that’s simply how it works. You do not want to be around those who misuse power and do not express love, do you? Of course not. But that’s what happens in the world. Breaking it down by lack of action, lack of action, lack of action. Choose the work of Love. Consciously choose acts that express the light that you are. Purposefully use your power for Love and for Good. And make your world stronger.

“It’s very much like pouring this water into this glass. If the glass had been filled with fear and you poured that water in, it would displace the fear. Well, in your life displace the fear, the negativity, the pain with Love. Love all. Always. There is a quote, a phrase: every man–every being–is an island; well, we’re going to call that Island Atlantis. YOU are Atlantis. How is it working out? How is working out for you? Are you consciously living the love you are? Is your world strengthened or weakened by your activities? Are you strengthened or weakened by your choices?

“Tomorrow is Labor Day. Think about keeping Atlantis afloat. Keep Atlantis strong!

“Don’t waste your time with anything else. This experience is about being the Love that you are here to be. This experience is about choosing Unity. This experience is about raising the love you are up in this world, and not the ego that that love often has to displace.

“It’s a very wild time right now. Until the equinox when you’ll get another blast—different altogether—you’re going to be winding out of the chaos. No more important time to to ensure that what you’re thinking and feeling and saying and doing is all about the ways that you show love in this world. A really good time to be looking at saving the island of Atlantis that is you, from the destruction that the wrong use of power, that poor choices, that unconscious behavior will bring to you.

“Because, as I have said, this time is about Creation, and what you are thinking is amplified; what you are doing, how you are spending your time, is amplified. You are creating your future right now with how you see your world. So be the Loving power of Light. See how I wove that together, ‘that you are meant to be.’ Connect yourself back to that Council. Draw the strength of Primary Intent into yourself and let it explode out of you amplified, into this world. Your love has never been more needed, never been more important. It is an action, a work that really matters. So, love all, always.”