• Samuel discusses the changes that are needed in order to be ready for the Second Wave of Ascension:
    • Separating the layers of false information and finding your own truth. Building new programs, pathways, and possibilities.
    • The keys to Right Relationships in today’s world. Moving from criticism to discernment, from distraction to focus; and from fragmentation to integration.
  • Samuel begins this meeting asking us to review the last few months of our lives. He then begins his related discussion which includes: an exercise teaching us how to use our recent changes to identify our strengths and recognize our patterns; ways to be successful when faced with a challenge; the power of the Divine Feminine; forgiveness as an attribute of the Divine Feminine; the consequences when we don’t forgive; and the mechanics of effectively forgiving.
  • Questions And Answers

    Samuel says one of his favorite ways to teach is through question and answer sessions because it allows him to address specific questions that are on the minds of those involved with his teachings. During this evening’s intriguing teaching, the topics of Samuel’s answers include: the difference between being activated and being awakened; the filtering, or step-down process, our energetic frequency goes through as we move from Source to work here on earth; a solar system that intersects ours, and its implications; global warming vs. climate change; ways to detach in order to have a more joyful experience; how animals dream; why Toning is no longer the most important thing we can be doing between now and the completion of the Plan; why no one is “new on the path”; how to communicate with the Shee or Tuatha De Danann; the current financial market situation; why the energy in Lexington, KY, is very special; and what Samuel means when he says “you are all ETs.”
  • Samuel begins this meeting discussing relationships, and ways to work on problems encountered within them, including the danger all relationships face and the first person to look at when a relationship has problems. From there he moves on to the main focus of the meeting with teachings including: the major energy transmissions of March and their impact on us and the world; how to know when something in our lives is an issue that needs to be released; renewal as the key word for the month; and how to take advantage of the spiritual opportunities that are presenting themselves.
  • The Ascension Dilemma

    "You are in the midst of a great shift in Ascension. Your multi-dimensional reality brings you to a place of remembrance and reconnection. It is a time of dancing in the great power of having one foot in the fire and the other in the Great Spiral."Samuel logo In these Lifescapes Samuel discusses:
    • Recognizing the Twelve Levels of Ascended Consciousness
    • Using Light and Sound to Activate a Twelve-strand DNA Interface
    • Balancing Your Evolving Energy System
    • And a Technique for Activating Higher Consciousness
  • Samuel begins tonight’s important and very practical meeting discussing why we need to stabilize our hopes, dreams, and what we want to manifest to prepare for a coming time of massive transformation. He then shifts to the main focus of this evening’s talk discussing the number one way to ensure poor relationships. After thoughts from the audience Samuel says that procrastination is the biggest thing that kills our relationships, and then goes on to discuss: the many ways procrastination appears in our different relationships; why this is a time of working in unity rather than as “lone rangers;” the importance of networking and letting others know they are needed; an exercise to identify avoidance mechanisms we use that signal procrastination is rearing its head; homework that will help us draw to us those things we want we want in our good friends, great co-workers, lovers, and pets; why opposites attract; and how to replace the high energy it takes to sustain high spiritual energy.
  • During Samuel’s first talk of 2016, his discussions prepare us for what lies ahead in the coming year. The discussion, complete with many “how to’s,” includes: how gratitude helps in releasing core issues; how to recognize core issues, and how to release them; and more!

    During Samuel’s first talk of 2016, his discussions prepare us for what lies ahead in the coming year. The discussion, complete with many “how to’s,” includes: how gratitude helps in releasing core issues; how to recognize core issues, and how to release them; the reason we take on other’s pain; the best way to respond to a bully; why we shouldn’t base our actions on truth, justice, and fairness; how to know when our greater selves are acting rather than our human selves; and, a discussion of the coming year’s energy transmissions and what it will mean in our lives and world.
  • Samuel speaks about energy emanations coming through the end of the year, and the clarity it offers us. He then begins his holiday discussion explaining that most ancient holidays at this time of year are about light coming to the world, and that light is—the Light of Love. He discusses: the practical gifts this change of seasons brings; the role expectation plays in holiday season overwhelm; a brief exercise to help us identify changes we can make to be more free of holiday expectations; the importance of being willing to give ourselves what we most often give others; being filled and fulfilled by receiving and giving Love; the difference between giving out of desire and giving out of obligation; the gift of realizing that the world won’t come to a stop if we say “no”; the importance of releasing expectation and accepting change; understanding that the basis of gifting is about wanting to express love.
  • By September the energetic matrices maintaining the old structure were being dissolved. Now they are reforming, bringing a new clarity, as a result, generating new truths for all who are willing to see and hear. This is created an ascended revolution. This is pivotal time. The earth and life force have come through a powerful date with destiny that can be seen as chaotic and destabilizing. your help is needed to ensure this transition time is focused on the truth of love, positive possibilities, and the Greater Vision. Samuel discusses:
    • what's going on now;
    • what's coming up;
    • how to be your best during trying times;
    • how to help those around you now;
    • functioning in Ascended Densities.
  • Samuel uses the life cycle of trees, and especially the autumn trees as the back drop of this post-Samhain (Halloween) meeting in which his discussions include: the cost of choosing to be human rather than moving beyond the “costume” of humanity; three elements to all of our paths; the gift of releasing and renewing like a tree does; the energy transmissions of this month; recognizing what is and is not true in our lives; how to let go, and what truly letting go means; and why it’s important to accept our selves as we release and become changed beings.
  • Samuel begins this meeting emphasizing its main focus by saying: “You are here to channel what you are through who you are, and doing that transforms you and the world around you." The topics discussed include: two ways to identify our core issues; what the “core” of us really consists of; why issues develop that wall off our core being; the challenges presented by our brain’s functioning through associative process; anchoring into our minds, hearts, and bodies the wonderful joy of Overcoming; our continuing choice to act or react; why expectations lead to reactions rather than actions; more on understanding what we are as opposed to who we are; and the consequences of getting lost in all that our bodies have to offer.
  • “Massive influxes of higher dimensional energy are now and will continue creating major changes in the lives of Guardians, and in the world itself throughout 2015. These Lifescapes will be tailored to help you make the best use of these activating energy cycles so that when you look back on this time you can be proud of what you have achieved.”Samuel logo
    Samuel discusses:
    • functioning consciously within multidimensional reality;
    • densities of form, spirit, and illusion;
    • the differences between reality and dimensions of reality;
    • the signs of time-travel fatigue.