Happy Birthday, Blessed Holidays, and Merry any other reason for a gift! Samuel recently gave us permission to share the statements from his 2017 retreat ritual that have already had a great impact on those who were present. Since they come from the “Releasing and Claiming” portion of his ritual, we don’t have a better title for them. Let us know if you think of one!

Although this has been loosely referred to as “Samuel’s 22 Statements”, there are far more than twenty-two statements here. I believe the “22” came about because his original ritual used twenty-two people to read each series of statements. Still, this is a fairly quick read and many of us are finding that we can use it as a daily meditation tool that can be as short and quick as reading them through, or take as long as our contemplative mind needs to fully embrace what we’re affirming.

The statements begin with power, are centered with forgiveness, awareness, affirmations of power, purpose, and vision, and end with life-affirming Love (summed up with one of the most beautiful, powerful statements of what we are what we’re doing here that I’ve ever read—even if I was the one being the Scribe for it: Together we are greater. Together we are stronger. Together we are Love experiencing love together because I AM Love experiencing Love, experiencing love. There is nothing we cannot create or do within the Light of Divine Love. Whew! Takes my breath away!)

We hope that through these statements your heart is filled with the knowing of your Love and magnificence—as was meant in their writing. So without further adieu, we hope you view these statements as the gift of Love from Samuel that they are.

With much love, Lea, Stuart, and Frank

Please feel free to share this but if you do always include the copyright information and attribution (Samuel). Thanks!

Releasing and Claiming Statements

  1. By the power of that which I AM, have been, and forever will be, with the counsel and help of innumerable Beings of Light, Wisdom, Power, and Love I call on every cell, I call on each atomic particle, every spark of my physical body to be purified, and shine with the sacred flame of Unconditional Love, Wholeness and Healing from the heart of Source as it functions as the I AM presence.
  2. I ask forgiveness for any and all transgressions and errors of the Law of Love that I have knowingly or unknowingly committed in my daily life and in the past.
  3. I extend forgiveness to all Beings of Spirit who have hurt me in any way, at any time past or present, including myself. I call upon Divine Love to bring healing and wholeness to me, and to any I have touched in any way that did not and does not brighten the fire of Love and raise the frequency within them or myself.
  4. In every moment I claim I AM pure, I AM protected, I AM renewed and reborn, and I AM healed in my physical body, my mental body, my emotional body, and my etheric beings. I put this purification on a never-ending mental and spiritual loop of I AM power.
  5. In the name of Love I claim mastery over all outer conditions in my life, including the awakening and activation of all spiritual gifts I have been or will be given.
  6. I AM a magnificent Being of absolute Love and Light, filled with deep and abiding Joy, all of which flows out from my Entity to my bodies of Light, my physical bodies, and to my blueprint.
  7. I AM willing and able to be open within in order to accept this healing energy from Source, through the Law of One, to my Divine blueprint, which I recognize is what I originally was created to be.
  8. I call upon the Loving Intelligence of the Divine Feminine and the Intelligent Loving of the Divine Masculine to send these qualities of absolute loving, healing-wholeness, renewal and rebirth to my heart, mind, body and soul flowing within me, through me, and as me forever.
  9. I AM the highest, most pure, healing energy of the Light, and this knowing is given to me as a service, a tool, for my use and in service to the Law of Love.
  10. I AM filled with the true knowing of the divinity within myself. I am aware that I AM the Living Light made up of infinite particles, infinite sparks from the Sacred Flame of Love that is Source. I AM Love eternal, and this never changes, it is an energetic, atomic, sub-atomic, indestructible function of my soul.
  11. I AM always loving. The pure Light of Source is forever and always who I AM. I give to myself the eternal power of the great I AM—the gift of wholeness. I AM healed from all that is not for my highest good within or without. I have accepted this knowingly and claim it is so and it is done.
  12. I AM healed from the pain of duality. I AM the perfect and whole manifestation of positive acts of Creation. I AM willing and able to accept the correction of my thought patterns as they emit into energy streams so that all energy coming from me in any state that I AM in is perfect, whole, and pure Love/Light and Light/Love.
  13. I AM a part of the complete Creation; I AM a Divine manifestation into the world of form. I AM a Creator. By the power and in the name of Love I call upon the principles of Right Manifestation to permeate my life, within and without, through Bodies of Density and Bodies of Light, through time and space as we know it and will know it, to infuse me with the wisdom of Ascended Mastery and Purity.
  14. I claim the wisdom of Right Manifestation without limit or lack, as I AM One with the perfected life I am meant to live, living in the abundance of all good things balanced in my life and lives.
  15. I AM, and therefore I call forth an unlimited and great flow of Divine abundance that keeps me in perfect balance and harmony in all of my financial endeavors, perfectly protected, perfectly wise.
  16. I AM a magnet of positive attraction and I draw to myself all that is needed, all that I require to fulfill my Divine Plan on earth, to bring forth complete Ascension, and to fulfill the greater Plan in which all Beings may do, and live, and be fulfilled as prosperous, joyous Beings of Light throughout our lives. I accept my abundance with Love and Gratitude and live it now as it works in the greater Plan for my life and for this earth.
  17. I AM a multi-dimensional Being, renewed and working with Love, Light, Wisdom, Compassion, Balance and Harmony, joining in One Heart and One Mind with those lives—in and out of form, on earth, other planets and star systems, at all times and in multi-dimensional arenas of life force in the past, in the present, or in the future—and claim them to be resurrected fully now. I AM Love that eternally loves.
  18. I AM a Divine and sovereign Being, perfectly synchronized within the Co-creational heart of Source. I AM peace.
    I AM serenity.
    I AM functioning at ever-higher levels of consciousness.
  19. I AM Intelligent Love and Loving Intelligence. I claim and reclaim my Divine right to co-create responsibly as the Creator of I AM that I AM. I AM healed into purity, bliss, joyfulness, laughter, good humor, ecstasy, pleasure, and the flow of authentic and right prosperity and abundance.
  20. I claim and reclaim my sexuality into the positive, inspiring, Divine, and most pure forms and intentions of Love which cannot be used for any neutral or negative purposes, and only that which amplifies the Divine Light of Love and Love-Light that I AM.
  21. I claim that those I love, those with whom I create this world, have joined, are joined, and will join with me with a whole heart, whole mind, whole emotions, and whole Spiritual awareness to experience absolute Love together as respectful, intelligent, inspired and inspirational, passionate co-Creators.
  22. Together we are greater. Together we are stronger. Together we are Love experiencing love together, because I AM Love experiencing Love, experiencing love.
    There is nothing we cannot create or do within the Light of Divine Love. I AM the Light of Divine Love.
    I AM the Light of Divine Love.
    I AM the Light of Divine Love.