A big thank you to Greg Stratton for generously sharing his eclipse photos with us for this post!

The eclipse was full of miracles and certainly a day I won’t forget. I believe the biggest miracle was the powerful energy transmission itself surrounding the eclipse. This massive energetic download brought about a change in our world from the Third Density foundation of fear to the higher frequencies of Love found in the Fourth Density. Effectively that change means our world has been given a “do-over,” a re-set!

While reading the many, many post-eclipse reports, not only from many of you but also in the news and hearing about people’s responses on television, I recognized another miracle: throughout the eclipse, and especially during totality millions of people were happily—consciously—looking away from their day-to-day experience and looking up to the sky. During the time they were looking up they weren’t being stressed, negative, angry, and otherwise fearful, but most were instead experiencing a shared, positive consciousness of awe and joy with everyone else who had taken a few moments to watch the moon cross our sun.

To add to that miracle, while those positive thoughts in awe of nature’s wonder were being experienced by mass consciousness, at the same time powerful energy transmissions were being released into our world! I can only begin to imagine the results of this happy collision between millions of positive-thinking Americans and an energy transmission designed to change the very foundation of our world! No wonder Samuel called the eclipse an Activation Gateway for our world!

Right now we have just come through the peak of that cosmic energy (from August 18–24), actually the energy release has been affecting our world since early August and will continue throughout September. Even if you “missed” the eclipse experience, you (and the world) are still receiving the information download, which I consider yet another miracle—it’s “a gift that keeps on giving.”

However, it’s also because that energy flow is continuing through September that the need for us to become a miracle is so vital. That miracle is for us to anchor the energy still coming to earth. Visualize that energy flowing through the galaxy to our sun, through the sun, and down to the crown of our heads and into our hearts. From our hearts see the energy moving into the heart of the planet and back up to our hearts as a balanced flow. Finally, become the miracle and claim that we purposely, as a united whole, function as an energetic balance point, keeping the energy transmission flowing gently into the world. Continue—or start—this vital work now! Everything we do to consciously work in the frequencies of Love will help this world continue with this new Activate on the road to full Ascension.

The last miracle I want to share from this incredible eclipse event has to do with the timeline change Samuel spoke about. He said the energy transmission has caused our old timeline(s) to begin dissolving because now they are without their base of fear to feed them; so we are going to be feeling and seeing more love-based thinking and acting throughout the world, much of which will be centered in the thoughts and actions of US citizens (because the eclipse was in totality over the US). We are now all working on a fresh, new timeline!

So with the miracle of that new timeline our job, he said, is to be sure we are feeding the new base of love, and not the old one of fear. Remember, we experience the reality that occupies the most time in our thoughts, in our hearts, so consciously choosing the loving way to experience the world will strengthen the new timelines and help the old Density with its fear-based timeline(s) dissipate faster.

There were, of course, so many more miracles—the many groups and individuals all over the world doing positive energy work during the eclipse, the event Phoenix Institute created (big thanks to the Eclipse task force, Kathy Adams, Angela Henson, and Suzanne McIntosh for all their good work, and the Lexington Leadership for their part in making the event happen), the multiple stories of synchronicities bringing us together … and those miracles are all the foundation of our new world, our new timeline. What a wonder-full start! Thank you for being a miracle, and being a part of the great miracle that was the 2017 Eclipse!

So, how have you been since the eclipse event? Have you been noticing positive change in your life and in the world? How are you feeling physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually now?

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