• July 24, 2022

    Samuel begins his Claim Your Superpowers meeting explaining why these classes are so important now; he then discusses: knowing how we feel as opposed to what we feel; the number one exercise for learning to use our energy; learning to turn off our brain’s sensory “gatekeeping” in order to experience senses more deeply; exercises to push our sensory boundaries; the relationship between expanding our sensory boundaries and confidently accessing our spiritual energy; noting others’ facial and other physical micro-expressions to create psychic connections with them; two major roadblocks to recognizing our abilities and how to overcome them; learning to recognize energy from outside of ourselves; and heightening our perceptions of temperature, pressure, and color to help with healing work.

  • July 3, 2022

    Samuel began this informative meeting asking us to look at the similarity between now and the beginning of 2020, as well as the gifts and strengths we used moving from then to now; Warrior Training throughout our lives; the war between the past and the now; reactivating changes we put into motion that have lost momentum; and the “gravel” that slows us down.

  • June 5, 2022

    Samuel’s powerful June meeting includes teachings and discussions about making the best of what comes your way and, moving through life with grace; a warning about the next few months; how not to get sucked into the ways the wounded masculine energy shows up in the world, particularly as in finances and leadership; characteristics of a healthy or positive masculine energy; facing resistance and the power of flexibility; the energy of celebrating yourself, moving into love for yourself/your world, and what that could look like; a guide into knowing what is left for you to work on; a journal that that will lead you into the rest of the year; what Samuel means when he talks about Guardians; and the imperative to be ready, to open your eyes and pay attention to what you see, in order to be ready to bring healing to your wounded parts and to celebrate the ones that function in wholeness.

  • May 1, 2022

    During this enlightening meeting Samuel discusses the holiday of Beltane, what it represents, and how it has been celebrated in the past and today; balancing our feminine and masculine energies and the consequences of imbalance; a ritual of sacred sexuality (with or without a partner) to bring the balanced Divine Masculine and Feminine into the world; and how sexual activity can feed the patriarchy.

  • April 3, 2022

    This evening presents Samuel one of his favorite ways of teaching—questions and answers. Before beginning the main part of this amazing and informative time together he briefly discusses the different lives we have had within this one, and likens our lives to being in a great grocery store called life. Additionally he discusses how coronal mass ejections impact our dreams. He then shifts to answering questions from the audience which results in discussions including: the light-functions of the pineal gland and how it is impacted by hormonal imbalance; how to forgive ourselves; why we are people-pleasers and how to overcome it; the spiritual evolution of Vesta-Helios, and our role in it; the different perspectives of the Ascension process, and Guardians’ duty to fill the “potholes” of life; the perceptual reality of pain and “llama drama”; how to make use of the incoming Energies in order to be less “human” and to see through the eyes of Love more frequently; the importance during the next three years to be focused on our spiritual experiences; and the importance of not getting caught up in the world, but being the ones who love and receive love.

  • Friday Morning, March 18, 2022

    During the first morning of this life-changing retreat, Samuel shares a visualization to fill our hearts with love and gratitude for the people, places, things, and experiences in our lives, additionally, he discusses: practical tips for grounding ourselves; balancing our masculine and feminine energies; that we are not alone, but have co-workers and fellow Guardians on our path with us; using the steps of a ritual to understand our purpose, origin, and destination in this world; how to interpret the symbols in our lives and how they are preparing us for the new world; and how to ground ourselves by connecting with nature and doing breathing exercises.

    Friday Afternoon, March 18, 2022

    Samuel continues his amazing retreat Friday afternoon discussing: ways to bring balance into our lives; how to return to our essential selves; leaving our physical presence by simply shifting our consciousness and awareness; moving into a time of the warrior goddess; what we need to do differently if we are not satisfied with our life; the importance of self-love and remembering our divinity and connection to source; the difference between energy from Lyra versus from Andromeda galaxy; why we should give a situation four chances to turn around before making a change; and what lack of growth or fulfillment signifies.

    Saturday Morning, March 19, 2022

    Samuel packed this morning’s session chock full of topics and information as he discussed: questions to help us reflect on our life choices, regrets, and achievements, determining how they align with our vision, purpose, and true self; living our lives “out loud” by being authentic, expressive, creative, generous, powerful, responsible, aware, grateful, successful, and happy; a group focus to send love and light to the timeline; using our tools to ground, clear, protect, and connect ourselves with Source energy; the massive transformation of societal constructs such as education, work, finance, religion, family, and politics, gender roles, and environment; the responsibility of Guardians to open doors for mass consciousness and provide hope and guidance.

    Saturday Afternoon, March 19, 2022

    During this afternoon’s meeting, Samuel discusses common pitfalls we face including: being attached to the outcomes of what we do; seeking approval of others; having a disorganized life, and “time sickness,” as well as: anxiety caused by unrealistic expectations; the importance of being acutely aware of our thoughts and feelings in the current moment; what gets in the way of functioning at our highest and best; focusing on serving others without expectation; using the Crystal Palace for healing; and the benefit of discussing with like-minded people what we have learned.

    Sunday Morning, March 20, 2022

    During the morning of the last day of the Retreat, Samuel discusses: what gets in the way of functioning at our highest and best and how to get help; the problem with staying safe but never being happy; common pitfalls that keep us from functioning at our highest and best and how to overcome them; the power of serving without expectation; understanding the purpose and function of grids and portals; recognizing the presence of watchers and warriors; creating temporary universes through high ritual; undercover Light work; and connecting with and calling on higher frequencies and entities through ritual and everyday life.

    Sunday Afternoon, March 20, 2022

    During the last session of this life-changing retreat Samuel discusses: the importance of living with love, not fear; strengthening our connection with Spirit by practicing visualization/imagery; honoring and balancing our human experiences with our spiritual nature; recognizing opportunities for learning and service; seeing all choices as learning experiences rather than successes or failures; staying focused on functioning at a high spiritual frequency rather than being distracted by outside events; releasing old beliefs and patterns not based on our spiritual truth; and stepping into new levels of spiritual work and connection, including elemental portal work which involves direct creation.

  • March 6, 2022

    During this powerful meeting of self-discovery Samuel’s discussion includes: seeing the symbolic meaning of everything in our lives as a means to communicate with the Universe; what to do when unsure about symbolic meanings; is our symbology telling us to rebuild or be creative; the importance of sharing our different perceptual realities; two main ways to solve problems; the powerful and creative impacts of journaling; why not everything works for the highest good; the difference between manifesting individually and manifesting as a group; and how to make stronger and clearer downloads of information from the universe possible.

  • February 6, 2022

    Samuel shares a compelling message as he prepares us for this month’s and this year’s powerful energy shifts. He begins by asking a few self-empowering “checkup” questions for us to use regularly during the year. Then Samuel discuses: how best to respond to masculine/father energy; ways of manifesting a dream; different journaling techniques to bring about specific changes in our lives; using the powerful gift of good rest in order to renew and regroup; enriching our lives by looking at the experiences within our days as symbolic/prophetic dreams; a warning about the “mass madness” that occurs when people are in pain, feel insecure, or see the world spinning out of control; the dangerous consequences of people feeling unheard; why we must be willing to shift, be flexible, and not limit possibilities or our perspectives; a powerful viewpoint needed for this time; and the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Tiger, during which Samuel tells us that our tiger lives in our heart and how “caring” for that tiger can help us during this time.

  • January 2, 2022

    Samuel’s first Sunday meeting of 2022 is filled with teachings about the potential events of 2022, and how to best navigate them. He discusses: the impact of stress, both “good” and “bad” on our actions and reactions; using our experiences and what we learned in 2021 to help us move through 2022; the power of standing up for ourselves; fallout from potential economic failures in China; a revolution in artificial intelligence; responding to culture clashes; and finally letting go of the child we were. Samuel says 2022 is the year for a do-over and ends the meeting sharing the one resolution for 2022.

  • December 5, 2021

    Samuel begins this fun and informative time discussing the impact we have when living consciously, and then shifts to discussing what the ancients considered “holy days.” This meeting includes: what we can do that really matters now; the ancient myths of the eternal god born into humanity; Saturnalia and the birth of Christmas, as a time of unseating and releasing the old and crowning the new; how opening the door to a new world 5th Density structure changed Christmas; and the importance of making our Light shine the brightest. Samuel ends this meeting reminding us to be the Light that shines in the darkness, the Light that trusts, the Light that allows, the Light that does not live covered over in fear but is free of the bonds that fear creates.

  • Friday Morning During the first session of Samuel’s Fall 2021 Retreat, he discusses: how to prepare for changes in the coming years especially related to the economy, technology, and society; the mysteries of energy portals and their significance; how individuals can become portals during significant energy shifts, such as birthdays; natural power times; daily energy choices; the profound impact of childhood experiences on adult perspectives; the need to heal childhood wounds; using collective energy to address global issues and challenges; and Samuel leads us on a guided visualization to spread light through loved ones and places, eventually encompassing the entire planet. Friday Afternoon During this meeting Samuel bridges the realms of physical well-being, personal growth, societal observations, and spiritual guidance as he discusses: the difference between yoga as exercise and yoga as worship; the importance of recognizing personal issues and triggers; human behavior, misuse of power, and the effects of “the patriarchy”; the impact of societal structures on personal well-being; the importance of introspection and understanding one's reactions to external events; being an observer rather than a victim; recognizing and honoring personal feelings and emotions; advice to help us go through difficulties; and the importance of not getting emotional over controversial social events or judging the system harshly. Saturday Morning During this transformative meeting, Samuel takes us on an exploration into the intricate dance of power, technology, and the echoes of our childhood as he discusses: the nature of power from historical to modern contexts including power in medieval times, misuse of technology as power, and manipulation as a form of power; childhood and power during which he touches on parental influence, childhood programming, and mass consciousness and its evolution; institutions and power including medieval institutions, the illusion of religious power, and the necessity of governance; technology and power with emphasis on technological advancements, the societal shift towards a hive mind, and the potential of technology; the inner child and regret including the formation of "truths" by the hurt child, the impact of childhood beliefs on adulthood, and the process of healing and transformation; actionable steps for healing specifically looking at the importance of self-awareness, the role of forgiveness in healing, and the journey of self-discovery. Saturday Afternoon During this meeting, Samuel focuses on the relationship between childhood experiences, perceptions of authority figures (such as parents), and later behaviors around money and relationships as he discusses: the origins of our beliefs about safety, security, love, self-worth, and our perceptions of the world; recognizing the threats of the crumbling patriarchal system; the societal changes that are happening because more people are awakening; how to heal from past hurts and let go of old behaviors to shed unhealthy behaviors and; why it’s more important than ever to let go of the basis or our old definitions of self; how we learn to play specific roles in our families, relationships, and workplaces; and why at times our anxiety or fear responses don’t match the actual situation. Sunday Morning During this morning’s meeting, Samuel discusses: energy influxes on the planet particularly focused on the years 2020 through 2026; the crumbling of old societal constructs and the anchoring of Fifth-Density energies; the “fight” between the old trying to maintain control and the new trying to be born; what will trigger upcoming issues concerning government authorities, the justice system, social justice as well as people’s frustration with established systems; choosing where to focus our energies to replace old poisonous social constructs; the strength, wisdom, and safety in coming together with like-hearted others; the burden of pleasing others, and ways to overcome it; ways to reconnect with ourselves; why we should be looking at people’s energy rather than the news; and triggering into consciousness what we already know. Sunday Afternoon During the last session of the Retreat Samuel begins by preparing the group for a ritual [the ritual is not included in the recordings], explains a bit about the “energetics” of rituals and how ritual can provide a 'roadway' unseen helpers to connect with the participants; after the ritual Samuel answered some questions explaining: what our fear of loss and abandonment has to do with our parents; how life is like an onion; why the tapping technique has pathways beyond the body; and where time and space do not exist.
  • November 7, 2021

    Recognizing the fire festival of Samhain and the energies coming to the planet now, Samuel begins the meeting with a wonderful guided visualization wherein we recognize the Light and Love we are. From there Samuel moves to questions and answers, his favorite way of teaching. These discussions include answers to timely and diverse questions including: the spiritual perspective of abortion; looking at our hopes and dreams for the future; the changing economic situation in the US; “The Plan” and the role of Atlantean energy during our current time; racism, self love, and the major paradigms of the Western world; using our moments to be the warrior, the lover, the educator, the parent we want to be; the “big event” Samuel has been talking about and how it will manifest; “melanated” and “non-melanated” as power descriptions rather than skin color descriptions; why melanated and non-melanated people are separated during the Daily Focus; and the power of being in this Now.


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