• What We Need Now

    September 6, 2020

    Samuel uses audience comments as a teaching tool to cover a wide-range of topical information. The discussion includes: how we respond when the unexpected happens, including the root of entitlement issues, the consequences of being overwhelmed, and the ways the day-to-day grief we experience can create frustration, anger and overwhelm; why finding a “new normal” or fixing the old paradigm will not bring about a new paradigm; the importance of knowing our inner truths; and the need to take action rather than fighting, fleeing, or freezing.

  • August 2, 2020

    Using the ancient Celtic fire festival of Lugnnasadh as a backdrop, Samuel’s discussions include: how to ground ourselves and double anchor; the meaning of Lughnasadh; how to take part in a ritual that has already been completed; the meaning and use of the pentagram when smudging; the life cycle of the COVID-19 pandemic and shifting our work into the cyberworld; Education and Light, the two things that can change a government; the current status of climate change on the planet; how to shift the economy to one based on the greater good; and helping bring forth a peaceful revolution.

  • July 25, 2020

    During Samuel’s powerful Midsummer Update his teachings include: how we can adapt to the changes we experience thru the recent energy transmissions; the role forgiveness plays in the grieving process; what to do when feeling caught up in the sadness of the world; the power in silencing our mind; the energy changes coming to the planet and our lives from now through the rest of the year; and why we need to be “energy transformers.”

  • A description of this teaching will be posted soon.
  • Soillse Retreat

    A description of these teachings will be posted soon. At Samuel's request the recordings do not include the ritual.
  • During Samuel’s last Weekend Update held on the summer solstice Samuel uses the energy of the day to create an amazing and powerful teaching which includes: ways to bring positive change to the world; the importance of knowing our personal truth, including understanding how truth gets abused, and how to verify a “truth”. Samuel ends this meeting with a powerful, guided meditation/visualization using the solstice energy for bringing balance and healing to ourselves and all life force on the planet.
  • This meeting provides an opportunity for Samuel’s favorite way of teaching—questions and answers! In this information-packed time with him, Samuel’s discussions include: what happens when we die; explaining the concepts of there being no time and the world being an illusion; determining if physical symptoms result from energy inflows or something actually going on with the body; Guardians’ work and goals during this amazing time; ways to stop blindly supporting the corporate paradigm; what time lines are and their relationship to quantum theory; how the  current protests compare to prior movements that have come and gone; what we can do to become part of the Light revolution.
  • June 7, 2020

    During this meeting, Samuel focuses on how we can help usher in a new creation, a new world. His discussions include: how being in a tornado is similar to the massive changes we’re currently facing; what the old normal looks like; two things that will hold us back from a possible new normal; the illusion of reality and how we bind ourselves to it; the number one way to change the corporate paradigm; why we need to amplify the Divine Feminine to bring it into balance with the Divine Masculine; an exercise to discover the qualities we want to see in ourselves; and the decision we each need to make now.

  • Though Samuel focuses this meeting on what will be happening over the next two weeks, the information is timeless and will help us grow no matter when we hear it. He discusses: the current protests as paradigm change; the role separation and perceived separation play in abuse of power; the June Full Moon Intent which Samuel says is needed right now and for the next two weeks; how the current energy impacts relationships, particularly intimate relationships; seeing the people and situations in our lives as a mirror of our internal landscape, a part of ourselves, and there for a reason; seeing the Black Lives Matter movement as changing the old partriarchal paradigm; the power of Love when recognized and used; and the impact on  those in power when power shifts from one form to another.
  • Samuel begins his eighth Weekend Update with a wonderful guided meditation/visualization for letting go of stress then filling ourselves and the world with the Light of love, and becoming one with All That Is. He then asks a question that lets us know if we are Guardians and discusses how we guide and guard life force. Samuel then moves into an in-depth discussion about pain, upset, and frustration as symptoms of relating too much to the material world and the problems that limited perspective brings about, why it happens, and what we can do to move out of that mindset; why we should change our perspective and perception before acting; and how to turn around the negativity and suffering personally, and in the world.
  • Samuel focus during this meeting is on the energy of this time and includes discussions on: reviewing, renewing, and making changes socially, economically, and politically; the negative power of our subconscious and two ways to change its programming; why it’s important to understand we’re not our feelings, emotions, or who we have been; changing our life by seeing everything and everyone as being there for a reason; how to amplify what we are to help who we are; guilt and shame as symptoms of ego that need to be removed from our lives; and why we don’t want to be normal.
  • Samuel’s powerful sixth Weekend Update focuses on our conscious and unconscious minds. He begins by explaining why changing our attitudes/consciousness is not enough to create a new paradigm. He says that truly knowing what we are also means knowing what we are not. Additionally he discusses where the world now stands with regard to the timeline shift. He then moves into the main focus of this meeting discussing: the differences between our conscious and unconscious minds; the role the subconscious mind plays in creating our reality, and the problems that causes; how to maintain focus and what happens when we lose it; building spiritual muscle memory; the difference between feelings and symptoms/reactions; how to know if we have fear in our lives; the difference between experiencing fear and letting old habits guide us; moving fear into positive action; and the power of consciously working together in love.