• August 6, 2023 MP3

    During his transformative August Sunday-night meeting, Samuel emphasizes the theme of love and balance, encouraging personal growth and embracing new beginnings while practicing letting go of “stuff” in our lives that no longer represent who we are now, thereby uncovering hidden truths. The topics of discussion include: July's energetic and spiritual shifts continuing into August and September; opportunities for personal awakening; self-realization and mastery; lessons in love; balance and moderation; and upcoming societal division and manipulation, especially in government and business. Samuel stresses the importance of questioning old beliefs and recognizing the level of societal brainwashing we’ve adapted to, citing the recent government admissions regarding UAF and how little attention they were given. Finally, he uses an analogy to the Wizard of Oz to urge us to recognize our own magical powers. He provides actionable steps focused on self-realization, empathy, critical thinking, and seeing beyond distractions and illusions.

  • July 29, 2023

    Samuel’s final meeting in this three-part series includes his favorite method of teaching: Questions and Answers during which he discusses the concept of the Plan and The Greater Plan, including its purpose and creation; time jumping and manifesting in the future; the practical impact of his teachings that life is an illusion, we are not our bodies, and that though we are unlimited our perfected Spirit-self must use our human body to serve in this world and must be cared for and kept healthy; “the Lions Gate Portal”; the concept of portals and their activation; the power of collective thought and focused intent such as exemplified in the Daily Focus; the relationship between the Big Bang and Source; and how to experience group-like energy activation without an actual group trip.

  • July 22, 2023

    The Second of Samuel’s three-part series Navigating the Great Shift is a journey of self-reflection and growth as he helps us explore our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. He uses metaphors from the world of acting, riding on a glass-bottomed boat, and from a simple glass of water with Alka-Seltzer to explain how the world is going through major changes similar to what Guardians have already experienced. His discussions further include: the importance of finding and maintaining balance while embracing opportunities for service; the importance of recognizing our own mastery and power while he encouraging us to wield it responsibly, mindful of its impact on the world; he concludes by telling us we are beacons of love in this world, perpetually evolving and growing as he reminds us of our inherent capacity to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the grand scheme of things.

  • July 8, 2023

    During Samuel’s very helpful first meeting of his three-part Navigating the Great Shift series, he talks about the current wild and uncertain nature of our world as he discusses: the importance of releasing resistance, embracing acceptance, finding resilience, and allowing things to unfold naturally; the mental and emotional toll resistance creates and how to avoid that toll; the opportunities unfinished business can offer, as well as the need for completions and letting go of long-carried “baggage”; the gifts from seeing our strengths and recognizing the miracles in our lives; the importance of tapping into creativity and becoming aware of being the creators of our own lives; and the power of gratitude and finding gifts and celebrations amidst challenges.

  • July 2, 2023, MP3

    During his insightful July meeting Samuel encourages self-reflection, embracing change, seeking balance, and finding practices that promote a sense of harmony and well-being as he discusses ways to navigate chaotic and transitional periods; the importance of setting goals, being proactive, and finding balance in life. Samuel further discusses the significance of completing unfinished tasks and addressing karma; the nature and impact of the incoming energy; the importance of finding ways to relieve overwhelm, such as connecting with nature, practicing self-care, and finding humor; a simple exercise to help energetically balance and center ourselves and reset the peripheral nervous system; and, finally he talks about using quartz as a tool for exploration.

  • June 4, 2023 MP3

    Samuel begins this meeting talking about June holidays including Father's Day and the fathering role we embody, including how it impacts us and the work we do, as well as those we interact with. He then offers a follow up to his meeting a week earlier titled Evolve or Die, and answers questions including: his definition of a minority group; the power of an open heart; being with and helping others as they transition to a higher frequency; the importance of not letting fear be the way we see the world or live in it; why we experience people, animals and plants leaving our lives now; understanding the difference between “real dreams” and “dream school dreams”; and the energy and power of Kenya’s Mt. Kilimanjaro.

  • May 28, 2023 MP3 Samuel begins this meeting asking us to do a self-inventory of how we are doing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Then, using planting a garden—from selecting seeds to the final harvest—as a metaphor, he talks about viewing our lives as a garden as he discusses: what to release and what to hold on to when everything we rely on, including beliefs we hold dear, become unreliable; the need to let go and be flexible and adaptable as the planet and mass consciousness undergoes a massive shift to living in higher consciousness; that sometimes as with a garden, sometimes we just need to start over; as constructs change, patching or remodeling won’t be enough and we’ll need to rebuild and reconstruct; and he ends with the warning to evolve or die.
  • April 2, 2023, MP3

    After asking the audience how they were feeling mentally and emotionally, Samuel discussed: brain fog’s relationship to gamma ray bursts, sun flares, and coronal mass ejections; accelerated neutrality; the importance of dreams and dreaming; having clear, honest, flexible, and adaptable boundaries. His discussion then shifted to: the energies coming now through November; how the “ancients” viewed the coming of spring; our need to not fall back on old ways of thinking and doing; the merged function of masculine and feminine energy.; the undeniably powerful feminine force; knowing when feminine force is not in balance, and the need for balance; being aware of changing relationships; and, eclipses and the unfiltered force of Source.

  • Friday morning: During Samuel’s first meeting of this life-changing Retreat he explores: the symbolic nature of life and its connection to the universe; preparing for times of change and transformation; the importance of recognizing the patterns in our lives; and the power of embracing our true selves beyond our external appearances.

    Friday afternoon: During his second meeting Samuel discusses: the need to bring balance to our lives and seven practices to achieve it; our need to love ourselves and fill our spiritual lives with high-frequency activities; giving without ego involvement and serving others from a place of love; the energy coming from Lyra and Andromeda; an explanation of light body activation; assessing whether our current path aligns with our true desires; and the world shifting into a time of the Warrior Goddess and of embracing personal power.

    Saturday morning: During his third meeting Samuel discusses: our individual experiences and realizations as exemplifying the importance of communicating with our bodies before invasive procedures; the significance of not overthinking it when we establish communication with the Universe; how our past actions and decisions impact our personal growth and spiritual fulfillment; global changes, including shifts in education, workers' rights, gender identity, the push for presenting a truer history, the changing financial world, the rise of cryptocurrency, and the movement towards free markets; and the importance of questioning governments and seeking positive alternatives to replace old constructs.

    Saturday afternoon: During his fourth session, Samuel discusses: stumbling blocks to honing our skills; being in contact with unseen help; the connection between past pandemics and societal changes; concerns about fear-based behavior in the current pandemic context.

    Sunday Morning: During his fifth session Samuel’s discussions include: the importance of being present, self-care, and giving ourselves high-frequency time; exercises and experiences related to serving others and the pitfalls that can hinder personal growth. Samuel then shifted and covered topics ranging from time management to the impact of events like January 6, and the protection provided by the Watchers and the Warriors.

    Sunday afternoon: And during his final meeting of the Retreat Samuel focuses on raising our energy frequencies and using rituals to connect with higher-dimensional beings; the importance of not limiting ourselves to old patterns and beliefs; stepping into our true power and moving beyond apprenticeship; Guardianship and the role of the Watchers; the idea of creating a special universe during high-frequency energy work; and, finally, an illustration of how our power and capabilities evolve and expand over time.

  • Samuel takes us on an exciting journey of self-change during his fifth Weekend Update as he discusses; our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes; insights into sensations experienced during visualization exercises; a fresh perspective on energy systems and connections; a poignant view of humanity's value and its harmonious role in nature; the power of embracing the constant process of death and transformation in life, and of patience and self-awareness during uncertain times; viewing death as a gateway to new beginnings; celebrating humanity's remarkable ability to constantly reinvent itself; and recognizing the profound interconnectedness of individual experiences that shape our collective consciousness.
  • March 5, 2023, MP3

    During this practical and very helpful meeting Samuel discusses: creating and anchoring a “green space” in our minds in order to ground, balance and stabilize when an actual green space isn’t physically available; the power of anchoring the positive rather than negative experiences and memories; looking at the origins of  our values and the roles of our actual values play in our lives; why it’s valuable to notice what’s not working in our lives; the importance of going with the flow; and releasing the “pipe dream” part of our dreams. Samuel ends the meeting asking: Is there something special about being human? What makes earth so special? And, Why does humanity matter?

  • During Samuel’s fourth of five stand-alone Weekend Updates he discusses: two important things to remember in our day-to-day lives; how our compacts with others can change as our lives do; more about understanding communication with animals and other non-humans; what happens when we look outside of ourselves for answers to our questions; why it’s helpful to have a community of Love; how we each have a unique perspective of the world around us; two ways we respond when things no longer work satisfactorily for us; why we must “feed” the love-based rather than the fear-based functions in the world; and filling the holes in our lives with love.


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