• March 5, 2023, MP3

    During this practical and very helpful meeting Samuel discusses: creating and anchoring a “green space” in our minds in order to ground, balance and stabilize when an actual green space isn’t physically available; the power of anchoring the positive rather than negative experiences and memories; looking at the origins of  our values and the roles of our actual values play in our lives; why it’s valuable to notice what’s not working in our lives; the importance of going with the flow; and releasing the “pipe dream” part of our dreams. Samuel ends the meeting asking: Is there something special about being human? What makes earth so special? And, Why does humanity matter?

  • During Samuel’s fourth of five stand-alone Weekend Updates he discusses: two important things to remember in our day-to-day lives; how our compacts with others can change as our lives do; more about understanding communication with animals and other non-humans; what happens when we look outside of ourselves for answers to our questions; why it’s helpful to have a community of Love; how we each have a unique perspective of the world around us; two ways we respond when things no longer work satisfactorily for us; why we must “feed” the love-based rather than the fear-based functions in the world; and filling the holes in our lives with love.
  • During this insightful meeting Samuel discusses: why we are like clones; how our higher self and other energies communicate with us; a powerful service we can do every day; how abandonment, loss, betrayal, and grief impact us; how to support those facing grief and other issues; a simple way to raise our personal frequency; why learning to communicate with plants, animals, and insects can help us better download incoming energies with awareness; how the concept of masculine energy and feminine energy perpetuates the sense of dichotomy in the world; and learning to live without walls.
  • During this informative Weekend Update with Samuel he discusses changing our wall of resistance; how to alter our time line and move into a higher frequency; a way to send energy to and heal our pets; a good example of seeing and interpreting the symbols surrounding us; what our subconscious “remembers” of our life events; the magic of trust and the consequences of not trusting. And he ends saying: You are strong, you are powerful beyond anything you know, you are amazing, and you are ready. Don’t fear, trust.
  • During Samuel’s first Weekend Update he discusses how to use every-day symbology to understand what the Universe is communicating to us, shares a brief exercise to help us understand symbolic communication, and explains the power we gain by creating an internal communication system based on symbology; what loving oneself means in our practical, day-to-day lives; the fallacy of “earned” love; what stands in the way of recognizing our self-love; and signs of an ego that needs healing. NOTE: This recording begins after a period of time spent troubleshooting an echo on Zoom. The entire teaching is intact. We removed the back and forth about the audio troubles so anyone listening to the recording wouldn't need to listen to that portion.
  • February 5, 2023

    Answering questions is Samuel’s favorite method of teaching and during this information packed Q & A meeting he discusses: the meaning of Imbolc; the changing energy coming to the planet--its impact on the two Grids surrounding the earth, the Source Field, life force throughout the universe, and us; why we fear death, how to overcome the fear, and what it’s like when we die; whether vaccines are safe or a method of controlling us; staying safe while still being able to function in the world during this continuing time of Covid; thoughts on the amount of daily protein a woman’s body needs; what energy downloads are and what we can do with them; and the importance of laughter and its eternal nature.

  • January 1, 2023 MP3

    Samuel’s first meeting of the year is always a special occasion during which he highlights the coming year. During this meeting Samuel discusses why the best word to describe 2023 is “evolution”; what determines the kind of year, day, or moment we have; the origin of the “voices” in our heads, the roles they play, and how they will evolve during 2023; the types of energy transmissions we’ll experience this year; two ways we bring about change in the world; looking at the positive rather than the negative/scary ways massive change could come about; the types of changes we may experience in government, finance, religion, and other areas of our world; how our access to the pool of spiritual knowledge will change; and why it’s important to know the type of world we want to live in.

  • December 4, 2022 MP3

    Samuel uses the Christmas holiday as the backdrop for this month’s meeting as he discusses: actual ways to improve how we feel; three keys to finding emotional; how to know when we have successfully forgiven a person or situation; ways of raising our energy and resilience; the two gods of Christmas and the importance of recognizing and balancing our dual; the nature of an Elemental Gate; and, finally, why it’s imperative we find our balance.

  • November 13, 2022 MP3

    Samuel focuses on activating our personal power during this pre-Thanksgiving, meeting as he discusses: how the veil is affected by our personal frequency; seeing death as a starting point and the importance of releasing people, things, expectations, and beliefs; how we can transform the holiday of Thanksgiving from being solely a “food holiday”; a wonderful exercise to manifest what we need for our best possible experiences; the impact of the opening of the Hawaii Fire Gate—the time of the phoenix; why the government we get reflects the fears of the people; ways to use (and not use) the Daily Focus to direct fire force; and personally using the open Fire Gate.

  • October 2, 2022

    During this meeting Samuel discusses topics we can use at any time in our lives as he discusses: how we can discover our personal universe and its symbolism; how to “fatten up” our lives; ways to refresh and energize ourselves; the impact of the people moving from more of a physical awareness to more of one of emotional awareness; reweaving the “tapestry” of our lives; responding to the energetic and physical changes we’ve been seeing and experiencing; and ways to be resilient during this time of change.

  • September 16–18, 2022 During this amazing Retreat Samuel takes the participants on a transformative journey, exploring deep inner connections, healing from trauma, embracing authenticity, and envisioning a world of compassion and unity. Samuel's teachings provided a comprehensive guide for personal and spiritual growth. Here are further meeting-by-meeting descriptions: Friday Morning: Samuel teaches us how to: connect with our inner light; ground ourselves; activate our energy centers; navigate conflicts; make choices that open higher possibilities; view challenges as opportunities; embrace adaptability; strengthen prosperity; and understand the current state of the Source Field. He also shares a profound meditation to awaken our inner selves and activate our energy centers. Friday Afternoon: Samuel talks about the importance of unity amidst separation and challenges, and how to work through trauma for personal growth and re-creation. He teaches us how to: balance our emotions; understand Divine Neutrality; and let go of old ways that no longer work. Saturday Morning: Samuel discusses the need to remake ourselves due to the current energy shift and how to activate new aspects of ourselves that are more aligned with our truest selves. He teaches us how to: function in 5th Density living; embrace change and unity; heal from trauma; and consciously recreate ourselves. Saturday Afternoon: Samuel explores various topics related to personal growth, healing from trauma, and spiritual development. He emphasizes the importance of: recognizing our authentic self beyond our human experiences; releasing trauma and transforming it into healthier behaviors; understanding our place in the Universe; and spiritual evolution from awakening to mastery. Sunday Morning: Samuel reviews and elaborates on some of the topics covered in the earlier meetings such as: self-discovery; healing from trauma; spiritual awakening; embracing our authentic selves beyond external influences; practical distractions for healing; and he unveils the path of spiritual development. Sunday Afternoon: Samuel uses the metaphor of a squirrel’s acrobatics to reach a bird feeder to discuss the human condition, the power of energy, and the need for change in the current economic and social paradigms. He encourages us to manifest our desires through strong intent and emotional positivity while envisioning a world built on love and compassion.
  • September 4, 2022

    Join Samuel in this transformative meeting as he asks us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and change by honoring the interconnectedness of all beings and embracing the power within. During this meeting he further discusses: the power of self-value and the role of Guardians in shaping a new world based on love, not fear; the importance of reflecting on our life and the choices we make, and of being guided by the most love-filled outcomes for all; the essence of Labor Day and its relevance in today's changing society; the problems with capitalism and the value systems that results; and embracing our role as a Guardian and finding strength working in unity to bring Light and Love to the world.